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INTRODUGTION ,li While we are able to create a good image of ourselves, rarely do we have time to be more aware of the options to improve the appearance of our environment. At ASC, we stand for a principle that a healthy environment is essential for the common future of humanity, with particular stress on the quality of life our children will inherit. Definitely, the right foundation. It is time to re-establish our commitment to the environment as we count down to wards vision 2020. To enhance the overall image of our surroundings and create a conducive environm ent for living, we have embarked on the latest paving technology with our well designed paver blocks carried out to the highest standard of quality. APPLICATION ASC paver blocks are so versatile that you can use them anywhere and its applica tion is practically unlimited. This range of application varies widely which include both light to medium and h eavy duty pavement surfaces. . Walkways, pedestrian malls, driveways, bicycle paths, patios, pool decks, eros in control, temporary paving. . Public parking, bus stop, service roads, maintenance areas, residential street s. . City streets, intersections, gas stations, loading decks, loading ramps. . Container terminals, aircraft parking aprons, etc. ASC paver blocks with its attractive designer shapes and wide range of colours m ake them extraordinarily versatile and structurally strong with such advantages; . . . . . . Durability and minimal maintenance Resistance to weather and fungal attacks I nterlocking characteristic Architectural beautification Flexibility and easy access to underground utility services Low unit cost and easy installation

Thickness (mm) 60 80 100 Thickness (mm) 60 80

QUINPAVE Weight (kg) PCS/m2 2.6s 50 3.45 50 4.40 50 QUINPAVE'E' Weight (kg) PCS/m2 2.65 50 3.4s 50 Packing/pallet 756pcs 648pcs 486pcs Packing/pallet 756pcs 648pcs

i.. I S,PECI.FIGATIONS ASC Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) PC5/m2 Packing/pallet 60 3.30 39.s 640pcs 80 4.25 39.s 480pcs ROSENBERG GRA55 PAVERffi** Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) PCS/m2 Packing/pallet 80 5.6 19.2 240pcs ffin* Thickness (mm) 80 Thickness (mm) 60 Thickness (mm) 60 Thickness (mm) 80 ASC GRASS PAVER Weight (k9) PC5/m2 9.8 13.2 BOOMERANG Weight (kg) PCS/m2 3.5 37.3 FLORA Weight (kg) PC5/m2 3.70 34J ROSENBERG HALF Weight (k9) PC5/m2 2.2 76.8 Packing/pallet 144pcs Packing/pallet 480pcs Packing/pallet 576pcs Packing/pallet

960pcs RHOMBUS Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) PCS/m2 Packing/pallet .i. i 60 2.4 53 686pcs

INSTALLATION STEP 1 Taking into consideration the existing subgrade condition, traffic estimation an d drainage investigation, a well compactedbasecourse of adequate thickness is pr ovided in preparing for a good base. (ln cases of pooisubgradeTsoil conditions a layer of subbase may be required). STEP2 Edge restraints in the form of precast concrete kerbs, vertical edges of existin g structures or other design features shall then be provided to prevent lateral movement of the paver blocks. STEP 3 At this stage, a well graded sand should be spread loose and screeded to make a level sand bed of 40mm (allowing l0mm for compacting).This layer must be loosely laid and remained undisturbed. STEP 4 Lay the ASC paver blocks, placing each closely with the adjoining blocks on the uncompacted sand bed. STEP 5 After laying, compact the block pavement with a hand vibrator. When all the ASC paver blocks have been vibrated in place, sweep dry fine sand over the gaps in between the paver blocks. Hand vibrate the area again to give a strong and stabilized block pavement. Sweep off excess sand and the block pavement is ready for use. &,Basecourse (Thickness Depending on 5ub-Grade and Traffc Condition) (Where Required in Case of Poor Soil Conditions) Note : Specification and details shown in brochure subject to change without pri or notice due to product development, changing customer and industry requirement s. ASC TILES SDN. BHD. (2e0584-w) (A member of the MTD Group) Head Office: 1, Jalan Batu Caves,6810O Batu Caves, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Mataysi a Tel :+603 -6195 1111 Fax: +603 -6187 3055 Website: www.mtdgrp.com Factory: Lot 9023, Km 8, Jalan Jelebu, Mukim Ampangan, 70400 Seremban, Negeri Se

mbilan Tel : +606 -761 9364n642634 Fax: +606 -76T 0479