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PRIMARY FUNCTION: Develop client relationships; programme direction and delivery SECONDARY FUNCTION: Professional relationships - medical; payor and industry; growing account business, team management


Account Direction: Responsibility for developing strategic programme and finalising programme activity and budget with client. Direct account team activity to ensure appropriate tactical programme is developed and implemented according to O4D quality standards and achieves objectives. Ensure staff ownership and responsibility for projects for all members of the team. Maintain strategic overview of account, and proactively advise client on new issues/external environment and contribute to strategic planning meetings with client. Keep abreast of outside issues and events and regularly review impact on programme and client objectives. Instigate brainstorms to develop the strategic, creative direction of accounts. In-depth understanding of financial status of account at all times. Ensure resourcing within the account is appropriate at all times. Responsibility for account/project profitability and maintaining agreed fee income. Responsibility for negotiating and establishing financial arrangements with client. Responsibility for ensuring team adhere to O4D job bagging system.

Client Liaison: Contribute to client marketing strategy and thinking. Monitor external environment and highlight key issues/crises and work with the Managing Director to inform the client of implications and potential actions required. Maintain social contact with client personnel and regular contact about account direction, staffing, issues etc. Establish and maintain a role as consultant/adviser to client. Responsibility for highlighting issue management procedures to the client for implementation by the account team. Organise annual internal review of account and work with Managing Director to implement outcomes. Organise client appraisal and support/work with Director of Programmes to implement outcomes.

Job Description: Account Director, Ogilvy 4D

Growing Existing Business: Create and develop opportunities for growing existing business within the confines of the programme.

New Business: Responsibility for helping to develop and present new business pitches.

Professional Relations: Responsibility for building and maintaining key relationships with opinion leaders (clinical, industry, NHS). Ensure each client team members have agreed role clarity and team SOPs. Knowledge of client opinion leader profiles. Demonstrate innovation and creativity beyond client ideas. Identify opportunities to build opinion leader base and develop additional activity. Monitor and investigate 'market intelligence' using the views of opinion leader regarding pertinent issues (external/ product/competition).

General: Ensure understanding and implementation of all O4D procedures and quality standards. Keep work area tidy.

Management Team: Lead and motivate team to fulfil their potential and assume responsibility appropriate to their position. Ensure all client team members have agreed role clarity and team SOPs. Make recommendations to the Management Team on staffing and personal development. Ensure team understanding of client personalities profiles. Participate in interviewing high calibre new personnel.


Measurement of Individual success in achieving the accountabilities of this role will include consideration of information from the following:

Annual Client survey Annual staff survey Contact and status reports Performance Appraisals Quality control spot checks

Job Description: Account Director, Ogilvy 4D


1. People Management 2. Team working 3. Self Development 4. Client Management 5. Financial Management and its application 6. Commercial/Business Awareness 7. Communication Skills 8. Professional Capabilities/Creativity 9. Corporate Being/Standard Bearer

1. People Management

Development of staff and career planning Motivating Counselling and Coaching Empathy Approachability Appraisal and Regular Reviews

2. Team working

Setting direction Role clarification Encouraging participation and contribution Shared leadership Diversity and disagreement valued Consensus decision making Delegation Planning and co-ordination Follow up and ongoing evaluation

3. Self Development

Accountability Flexibility Commitment Integrity Development of Self Job Description: Account Director, Ogilvy 4D 3

4. Client Management

Understanding business and applications Relationship building Strategic input/consulting and advising Maintaining existing client business

5. Financial Management and its application

Process Budgetary Control Forecasting Resources allocation Understanding profitability

6. Commercial/Business Awareness

New business opportunities Strategic input Maintaining existing client business Use of 3rd party/professional relationships Media/tools available Communicating strategy to staff Understanding and use of IT

7. Communication Skills

Active Listening Writing Presentation Influencing Negotiating Honesty and openness Giving and receiving feedback Conflict management Confidentiality Personable

Job Description: Account Director, Ogilvy 4D

8. Professional Capabilities/Creativity

Core knowledge (industry, environment, economics and company) Visionary Quality assurance Presence Creativity/innovation Selling skills Consultancy skills Project management

9. Corporate Being/Standard Bearer

Change catalyst/manager Ambassador

Job Description: Account Director, Ogilvy 4D