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Project Overview
The Parkside Pedestrian Bridge will provide safe, well-
lit, disabilities-accessible pedestrian travel between
neighborhoods and a local Metrorail station now
separated by DC 295 and two sets of railroad tracks
just north of the Benning Road interchange.
Specifically, the bridge will more directly and safely
connect the Mayfair neighborhood and proposed
Parkside development to the west with the Minnesota
Avenue Metrorail and Bus Transfer Stations,
Downtown Ward 7, and the Deanwood Community to
the east.
The final design of the project has been completed and
advertising for construction bids is currently on hold
pending project funding resolution. Once completed,
the bridge will be 400-feet-long with three spans and
arches at each end. The sides of the bridge will be
enclosed with a mesh screen.
In addition, to reduce long-term bridge maintenance,
repair and cost, the bridge will include sustainable
design features, such as weathering-steel trusses with
a natural brown patina that will never need to be
painted, a metal roof, and a low maintenance deck.



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Bridge Access
On the west, or Kenilworth Terrace side, the bridge will
touch down on public property but travel through the
private property of the Parkside development with
stairs and a nearly 350-foot-long disabilities-accessible

On the east, or Minnesota Avenue side, it will touch
down and travel through both public and Washington
Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA)
property with stairs and a nearly 350-foot long
disabilities-accessible ramp.

In an aerial view of the new pedestrian bridge, the access ramps and stairs on the left are to Kenilworth Terrace and on the right are to
Minnesota Avenue and the WMATA Metrorail and Bus Transfer Station

The project is being conducted in partnership with real

estate developer City Interests, which is funding up to
$3 million of the cost of the bridge and providing a 45-
foot-wide property easement for west-side stairs and

More Information
The Parkside Pedestrian Bridge project is one of a
series of transportation, environmental, economic,
community and recreation projects included in the
District of Columbias larger Anacostia Waterfront
Initiative, or AWI Program. From the Tidal Basin to the
citys northeast border with Maryland, the 30-year, $10
billion AWI Program is transforming the shores of the
Anacostia River into a world-class waterfront.

On the east side of DC 295, the access ramp and stairs between
the pedestrian bridge and Minnesota Avenue will be adjacent to
the WMATA Bus Station.

For more information and to follow this projects

progress, please visit anacostiawaterfront.org/
ParksidePedestrianBridge. To join the projects
community contact list or ask questions, please email
ddot.awi@dc.gov or call 202-741-8528.

On the west side of DC 295, a ramp and stairs will provide access
between the pedestrian bridge and Kenilworth Terrace.

Updated: 8/25/2015