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Cream Anyone ForTennis . Badge .. Crossroads .. | Feel Free, Spoonful . Steppin’ Out. Strange Brew, Sunshine Of Your Love. Tales Of Brave Ulysees . White Room. Wrapping Paper .. ‘Tablature nsructions Explained S Tablature & Instructions Explained OPEN c cHORD SCALE OF E MAJOR High € (1st) String B (ana) Sting G (ae Swing (ath String A (Sth) Sti Cow (6th) 8: —— — HALF TONEBEND FULLTONEBEND THTONEGEND —ZTONEBEND QUARTENTONE BEND wd RELEASE Barivees ine BEND sonsees tenia ae re ater er sere et, Rea) mst ena i oY Zz X Full 2 PREBEND ond RELEASE UNISON BEND VIBRATO ‘SCRAPE or RAKE GLISSANDO or SLIDE GLISSANDO or SLIDE Bend string full tone, Strike both sings Strom the notesin Up ordown roma Uper down toa keting ih yout srry en sheimanos ot note ‘ote plectrum and then release immediatly ‘pel. ‘he bend as indiested. ed ring up a ful tone on Ne. 05 PALM MUTE PERCUSSIVE TONE 2 ROGHORD For te purpons of is cor rh Socal ts stunned down seeks i "nae An. = ‘OPEN HARMONIC PURE ARTIF ‘ARTIFICIAL HARMONIC HAMMER ON PULLOFF HARMONIC (Qctave) {With lectrum) sounding (Where applicable) (hore appicable) ‘vertona of Bt Hammer a finger down on Pull your finger off the sting ‘he next note without” with a plucking motion to striking the string agin. sound the next note without String the sting sgn with "Your pct,