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Memo No.CGM(HRD&Trg)/DS(P)/AS(S)/PO.Reg.(T&NT)/ 38/11, Dt. 29 -11-11

Sub:- Estt. A.P Transco Engg. Service Final seniority list of Asst. Engineers/Elecl Orders - Issued. Ref:- 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) B.P (P&G-Per) Ms.No.354, dt. 12-12-1994. T.O.O (Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.35, dt. 13-5-2005. T.O.O (CGM-HRD&Trg) Ms.No.34, dt. 16-5-2007. T.O.O (CGM-HRD&Trg) Rt.No.221, dt. 5-11-2008. T.O.O (Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.231, dt. 23-12-2008. Memo No.CGM(HRD&Trg)/DS(P)/AS(P)/PO(Rec.&Dep)/ JPO-I/939/09, dt. 23-9-2009. 7) Memo No.CGM(HRD&Trg)/DS(P)/AS(S)/PO.Reg.(T&NT)/38/10, Dt. 6-2-2010. 8) Memo No.CGM(HRD&Trg)/DS(P)/AS(S)/PO.Reg.(T&NT)/248/10, Dt. 16-4-2011. 9) Memo No.CGM(HRD&Trg)/DS(P)/AS(S)/PO.Reg.T&NT/ 38/10, dt. 6-6-2011 & 16-8-2011. 10) Common Judgement dt. 18-10-11 of Honble High Court of A.P in W.P Nos.29418/10 & 14 other W.Ps filed on seniority of A.Es. 11) Interim orders of Honble High Court of A.P dt. 9-11-11 in W.P M.P No.36372/11 in W.P No.24321/11. .. .. ..

In the references 3rd & 4th cited, commencement of probation orders were issued to certain Asst. Engneers/Elecl appointed by direct recruitment and appointment by transfer. 2) In the reference 5th cited, orders were issued to count the services rendered under contract appointments in the cadres of Asst. Engineer, SubEngineer, JAO and LDC-Cum Computer Operator as regular service for the purpose of seniority only, without any monetary benefits such as increments, notional pay fixation, leave benefits etc. 3) In the reference 6th cited, the following clarification has been issued to B.P the word Junior most Asst.Engineer / Trainee referred to at clause-(ii) (3) of B.P.Ms.No.354, dated 12.12.94 means Junior most Asst. Engineer / Asst Engineer (Trainee) / Asst. Engineer (Contract). 4) In terms of the above clarification, proposed revised seniority of AEs/Elecl was communicated duly calling for objections from the affected Asst. Engineers/ Elecl appointed by transfer, vide reference 7th cited. 5) In response to proceedings issued in the reference 7th cited, certain Asst. Engineers/Elecl appointed by transfer during 2005 & 2006 raised objections and requested to fix their seniority above the AEs appointed by direct recruitment during 2005 on contract and subsequently regularized during 2007. The said seniority could not be finalized in view of the interim suspension orders of clarification Memo dt. 23-9-09 on 25-3-10 in W.P M.P No.30362/09 in W.P No.23380/09 filed by the AEs appointed by transfer challenging the clarification Memo dt. 23-9-09. Contd..2..

(P&G-Per) Ms.No.354, dt. 12-12-94.

:: 2 :: 6) The said objection is not being taken into consideration now in view of the orders of Honble High Court of A.P in W.P No.29418/2010 and batch among which W.P No.23380/09 was dismissed by the Honble High Court. 7) Further, in compliance with the direction of Honble High Court of A.P dt. 6-7-2010 in W.P No.1264/2009, dt. 8-7-2010 in W.P No.2189/2009 and in W.P No.12788/2011, dt. 30-4-2011, in Memo dt. 6-6-2011, another provisional seniority of AEs/Elecl was communicated to all AEs/Elecl duly calling for objections for finalizing the seniority list. Objections have been filed by AEs/Elecl appointed on contract to place them above the AEs appointed by transfer. 8) The Honble High Court of A.P in its common Judgement dt. 18-10-2011, dismissed the W.P Nos.29418/10 & 14 other W.Ps including the W.P No.23380/09 filed by Sri K.Janardhan, AE/Elecl and others (appointed by transfer) challenging the validity of the clarification issued vide Memo dt. 23-9-09, and held that, a) Where the appointment to a particular post in a service is partly through direct recruitment and partly by appointment by transfer /promotion from in-service candidates, appointment by transfer/promotion cannot take place in isolation, and the steps therefore must be taken simultaneously with those, for direct recruitment. Under the Regulations framed by the Board, it is permissible to treat an employee appointed on contractual basis, as a regular member of the service. The Board is conferred with the power and discretion to treat the contractual service rendered by the employees as regular service, if i) ii) iii) The appointments were made in accordance with the prescribed procedure. Appointments were made on a consideration of the cases of all eligible candidates, and Such employees are in continuous service.



9) In the light of the orders of the Honble High Court of A.P dt. 18-10-2011 in W.P No.29418/2010 and batch, the seniority of AEs/Elecl appointed on contract basis during 2005 is fixed duly taking their service on contract in accordance with T.O.O (Addl.Secy.-Per) Ms.No.231, dt. 23-12-2008 and clarification Memo dt. 23-9-2009. Contd..3..

:: 3 :: 10) Accordingly, the seniority of AEs/Elecl recruited during the year 2005 is finalized in terms of para-9 above and final seniority list of AEs/Elecl is hereby communicated in the annexure appended to this order. Encl: Seniority list of AEs/Elecl

-SdK.RANGANATHAM Joint Managing Director (HRD & Distribution)

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