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Sylphon seal


Corrugated metal tubing used to hold seal ring and provide leakproof connection between seal ring and compressor body or shaft. Symmetrical tread is the most common tread design.Both halves of the tread face are the same design. It does not matter which side faces out. See

Asymmetrical Tread Directional tire

Symmetric rim Synchromesh

A rim type in which the rim well is located symmetrically on the wheel centerline. Opposite toAsymmetric rim

Click image to supersize Synchromesh transmission

A device in a manual transmission that allows two gears to mesh more smoothly. When a Synchronizer gear matches the speed of the transmission main shaft to the speed of the gear being selected, they mesh smoothly and prevent grinding and clashing of gears. It was first introduced by Cadillac in 1928. See

Locking synchromesh Porsche-type synchromesh

Synchromesh transmission

A transmission using a device (Synchromesh) that synchronizes the speeds of gears that are being shifted together. This prevents gear grinding. Some transmissions use a synchromesh on all shifts while others synchronize second and high Gearshifts.


To bring about a timing that will cause two or more events to occur simultaneously; plug firing when thepiston is in the correct position, the speed of two shafts being the same, a valve opening when the piston is in the correct position, etc. See


Synchronized Transmission

A transmission with built-in mechanisms to automatically equalize the speed of its gears to allow smooth shifting without the need to DoubleA Cone or sleeve that slides to and fro on the transmission main shaft and makes the gears rotate at the same speed to prevent clash when the gears are about to mesh. Whenever a vehicle is rolling, the transmission main shaft is turning and the clutch gear is spinning. Even though the clutch is disengaged, the clutch gear continues to spin until friction slows it down or stops it. Thus when the driver shifts into another gear he is trying to mesh gears that may be moving at different speeds. By using synchronizers, the possibility of broken or damaged teeth is reduced and shifting effort is lowered. A transmission using synchronizers is called a Synchromesh transmission. See


Automatic Synchronizer

Synchronous motor

Synchronous speed

An alternating-current motor that runs at a speed that is equal to or is a multiple of the frequency of the supply (e.g., the drive motor of electric powered vehicles) The speed of the rotating magnetic field set up by an energized stator winding. In synchronous electric motors, the rotor locks into synchronism with the field, and is said to run at synchronous speed A protective effect occurring as a result of the combination of a metallic and an additional organic coating

Synergetic effect

Synergistic effect


A protective effect occurring as a result of the combination of a metallic and an additional organic coating A device which generates quartz-controlled frequency steps in a PLL circuit. See

Speech synthesizer

Synthetic dust weight arrestance Synthetic engine oil

Measurement of filter's ability to remove synthetic dust from test air. A non-petroleum based oil; more expensive than mineral oil but more resistant to breakdown at high temperatures and less viscous at low temperatures Non-asbestos, non-metallic brake linings reinforced with fiberglass and/or aramid fiber. (SNG) (Also referred to as substitute natural gas) A manufactured product, chemically similar in most respects to natural gas, resulting from the conversion or reforming of hydrocarbons that may easily be substituted for or interchanged with pipeline-quality natural gas. A non-petroleum based oil. 1. A man-made elastomer. The raw materials are generally derived from oil by-products. Produced by the polymerization or copolymerization of petroleum-derived olefins or other unsaturated compounds. 2. Any rubber which is manufactured by a chemical process as distinguished from natural rubber obtained from trees. Typical examples of chemical rubbers are GR-S, butyl, neoprene, nitrile, and polysulfide rubbers. See

Synthetic lining

Synthetic natural gas

Synthetic oil

Synthetic rubber

Natural rubber Neoprene Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber, neoprene System

Soft resilient material made of a synthetic chemical compound. An orderly, interconnected, complex arrangement of parts. See
Active Noise Control System Air-assisted Hydraulic Brake System Airbag Restraint System Air Filtration System Air Gulp System Air Injection Reaction System Air Injection System American Industrial Classification System Anti-spin Regulation Traction Control System Automated Guided Vehicle System Automatic Air-recirculation System Automatic Flight Control System Integrated System Just-in-time System KeylessEntry System

System Actuation Distance


Brake System Actuation Distance

System Actuation Time


Brake System Actuation Time

System cleaner

Brake system cleaner

System High-side Float


Flooded System High-side Float

System Intake Configuration


Variable Volume Induction System Intake Configuration

System Low-side Float


Flooded System Low-side Float

System Oiling

Splash System Oiling

System pressure

System pressure regulator

Fuel pressure in the CIS fuel distributor controlled by the pressure regulator A pressure relief valve located on the fuel distributor. In a continuous injection system, it holds system fuel pressure constant. See


System scanner

A multifunctional display of a diagnostic system. A typical messages are NORMAL, DOOR AJAR, TAILGATE OPEN, LAMP OUT, WASHER FLUID LOW, etc. See

Message center

System thermo-switch

Oxygen sensor system thermo-switch



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