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120531 Comparative Literature 2DW Bread and Roses - Attempt to come together to form a union can get them

fired - Too happy an ending - Deportation of Maya due to discovery of fingerprints in the convenience store o Heavy price to pay - Most emotionally charged part of the film: Rosas confessions of her sacrifice o Maya repeatedly claims that she didnt know o Discrepancy of experience of a migrant worker o The structure of exploitation that migrant workers are subjected to Sexual exploitation of Perez for doing favors for the workers Multinational corporations and owners of the building *** Global capitalism is represented (migrant worker, powerful supervisor, and various levels of power and health above that) Global class structure *** The knowledge of where you belong in the class structure is a danger in the eyes of capitalism (the management/employers) - Why is the union organizer (Sam) an outsider, and a Jew, at that? o Explicit connection to this migrant worker struggle and a previous struggle (Jewish textile workers in 1912) - The film is claiming that immigrants become Americans through fight for rights o i.e. Henrys father and the values that he adopts all about success Men in the Sun - Written in 1961; set in 1958 - One of the most powerful/first works that discusses statelessness in refugees (stateless refugees), such as Toba Tek Singh by Manto - Not just numerical, but also symbolic meaning of what it means to have a homeland and what it means to not have one - Palestinian refugees - The transition of the conditions of statelessness from Jewish to - PFLP: _____ not a soldier or writer but edited for the organization - Political desire to Pan-Arabism o Continues today - Fatah movement recognized as the peoples representation - Key question: What comes first? The liberation of Palestine (in terms of this book) or an Arab revolution? - Reflections to the time when the Asian countries achieved liberation from European nations - Is it the job of literature of culture to urge the people (as an activist)? - What styles of writing are appropriate? o Propaganda? And then cease to be - From the perspective of Palestinian refugees (statelessness): victims

Moment that is coming into being: coming to an end of the perennial homelessness of the Jewish people o From the Palestinian perspective: destruction of Palestine How is the right to retell the story distributed Story: o Aspects of short story halfway thing between short story and novel = novella o Action in Iraq in the city of Basra (on the way to Kuwait) o New generation of writer/writing in Palestinian views o How to you depict man in a life that does not exist? o The three men die in a no-mans land (passed Basra but not yet at Kuwait) Did not successfully entered Kuwait (like in Toba Tek Singh, but more subtle) What is the metaphor? Why did they die there and not somewhere else? No identity; belongs to no one (unlike in TTS, where no mans land belongs to everyone who does not belong to anywhere else) The motif of no-mans land No official existence o Location of action: full of historical resonances (Gulf War) Britain and France carved out the Arab lands Sykes-Picot Accord: B and F will divide the Arab lands and essentially create colonies/protectorates