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In our project we are getting the requirements in the form of usecase documents and business rule documents.

Once we receive the usecase documents we identify the the testable requirements in excel sheet. Testable requirement is the requirement which we need to test in current release. After completion of testable requirements we conducted review. After completion of client review client has signed up the requirements that means these testable requirements are the final requirements.Then we experted these requirements to requirement tab in Quality Center from excel sheet. Based on these requirements we are designing the testcases in excelsheet. After completion of designing the testcase in excel sheet we are conducting reviews and after completion of client review we consolidated all the testcases in excel sheet and experted this consolited testcase into test plan tab in Quality center. Now all the requirements are available in requirement tab and all the testcases are available in testplan tab in quality center.Then we need to mapping the testcases that is on wcich requirement we have designed which testcase. After completion of mapping we prepare tracebility matrix report to find out wheather every requirement has covered in the form of testcase or not. When the tracebility matrix report is 100% that means every requirements has covered in the form of testcases and client will sign up the testcase. Then we prepare testdata. After completion of testdata preparation we have started executing the testcases from the testlab tab but all the testcases are available in the testplan tabSo before executing all the testcases we pooled all the testcases from testplan tab to testlab tab in sequential executable order because in test plan tab all the test cases are available in alphabetical order.Then we are waiting for application. Once the application has deployed in to the testing environment we are performing testing on the application by executing the testcases. During testcase execution we are comparing the executed result with the actual result of the application. If the expected result is matching with the actual result then we give the status as Pass. If the expected rerult is mismatching with actual result then we give the status as Failed and we are reporting this as a Defect to the development team from the testlab tab and giving the status as New. Once development team has accepted the defect they give the status as open and then they Fixed the defect. After fixing the defect we tested the fixed defect once again wheather the fixed defect is working fine or not? If the fixed defect is working fine then we give the status as UAT Migrated-In .Then the application is deployed in UAT Migrated-In environment by the development team. Once the application is deployed in to the UAT Migrated in environment again we are performing testing on the application by executing the testcases from testlab tab and also whatever the defects are fixed in testing

environment we need to conduct retesting. If every defects are working fine then need to Close close the defect.Otherwise we need to Reopen the defect. After completing these we are performing Regression testing wheather all the defects failed in testing environments are now working fine or not. After that we signup the application to the client (before sign up the application we have to checked all the testcases should be executed and all the defects should be fixed. If some defects are in open status and we sign up the application then we need to check these defects are not urgent severity as well as very high severity defects. These defects are not effect on other functionality of the application. Then only we sign up the client).