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Fairy (Pixie, Sprite)

Life: 4 +1d4 [Really Lesser Demon] Attributes: INT: 8, WIS: 4, WILL: 4, AGI: 13, STR: 4, SPD: 12, END: 4 Skills: Charm +8, Elude Pursuit +6, HP Hearing +8, Sneak +10 Combat Skills: ADV: +8, DAM: +0, DOD: +8, DEF: +0 Weapon Skills: WS Missiles: ATT: +4, SPC: +0, CRI: +0, AtR: 2 Weapons [DAM]: Claw/Bite [1/1d2] Fairy Knife [1d3] Fairy Short Bow [1d3 + Poison*] Armor: None tDEF: 4 [ nDEF: 4 (from size and speed)] Magic: See the Unseen, Teleport, Shape Change Saving Throws: vs. Holy Items: +1 Ht: 3 tall , Wt: 2 lbs Spoken Language: Local, Mauthren (demonic language) Weakness: Holy Weapons cause double damage. Cold Iron touch causes double damage, Avoids Holy Water Immunity: Disease Value: 260 EXP Fairies are generally loners and rarely if ever are encountered in the open. The only time more than one will willingly gather with its fellows will be as described below. Fairies may be encountered as a charmed familiar/slave to a Witch or Sorcerer, but also as a companion to a Druid. *Fairy Poison: Those hit by a Fairy arrow must save vs Poison or fall asleep for 1d4 days. While asleep the Evil One will attempt to entice the person by showing them great wealth, love or whatever their heart desires. The person must save vs Sin or they believe totally what they have been shown and will pick up the sin of greed/gluttony or what ever sin was appropriate. If the target is a Christian, and he cannot draw them with gifts, he will turn to fear, of failure, death, loss, whatever will cause the person to begin to doubt the true love of the Lord. A save vs Fright will allow the person to disbelieve the threats and awaken. A failed save will cause the person to develop a new phobia pertaining to their dream. The Fairy is a mischievous and entirely evil little race. They have attempted to corrupt mankind for ages, starting with the children of Adam all the way to modern day. The Fairy are small, but what they lack in size they make up for in trouble.

Fairies rarely ever engage in combat, they know their weaknesses, but they will shoot arrows from a hidden distance if threatened. The Fairy mainly spends its time causing the common man to fear the dark, to continue to worship the old gods, and to practice the old ways in an attempt to ward off the evil that assails them. Curdling milk, causing still born livestock, house fires, travelers to miss their way on foggy trails are the trademarks of the Fairy. Those who find themselves harassed by the Fairy, can provide bowls of milk and honey, or sweets to placate them, leaving them on the doorstep at night. This method will keep the Fairy content for some time, but as they are evil they will break their pact with the homeowner on a whim. The Church frowns on this practice and recommends those who think they have a Fairy problem should contact their nearest clergy to handle the problem permanently. Every once in a while, and the reason is known only to the Fairies, they will steal a human baby and replace it with a Shape Changed Fairy. It is not known where the real child is taken and the deception can last for years as the parents of the child will see their baby as perfect and just misunderstood, never believing them to do the wrongs that others see. Most are discovered before the child reaches their seventh year of age, by superstitious neighbors or relatives because the Fairy Child is so bad, and causes such mischief and pain to his parents that they are found out. But even to the end the Fairy Child will profess its innocence and cry to its parents for rescue. The Fairy retains all of its skills and abilities in Fairy Child form except Shape Change, of which they are locked into the form of the True Child until they are killed or one of the following methods are attempted. It is known to the common folk that if the Fairy Child is caught, encircled in an iron chain and thrown into a deep body of water to drown, the True Child will return and replace the Fairy. The true child must then be rescued from drowning of course and most are not rescued in time. The True Child is returned unaged, even though seven years may have gone by for the parents. A simpler and safer way to get the True Child returned is to have a clergy perform an exorcism on the Fairy Child, which will cause it to disappear and the True Child to appear in its place unharmed. Contrary to popular belief, baptism of an infant does nothing to protect them other than the Fairy must wait at least 48 hrs for the Holy Water to dissipate before approaching or touching the child. There is also an old tale (true or not the Rac may decide) that when several hundred of the little buggers get together as they do once a year the day after the holiday known to man as Halloween to celebrate and tell tales of their tricks, that they can cause any human who observes their feast, partakes in the food and drink or takes from their illusionary treasure piles to sleep for 1d6 years + 1 year for every Fairy present (2d100). They love to observe the confusion when the man returns to his life much older but unchanged and with no recollection of having slept. They take great joy in seeing their victim lose his way with the Lord from fear, hate, pain and depression.