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Giusti Giuseppe Birth date: 07/30/1982 Address: 34, G. Tomasi di Lampedusa Telephone: +39 0934597960 / +39 3282833722 E-mail: seppe82@tiscali.it


From 2008 to 03/29/2012 I attended the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences at the University of Catania, in a Specialized course of Computer Science. During the training I was involved in the design of software applications: one written in PERL for a bio-informatics laboratory in order to compare portions of human DNA with DNA of other species, to find similarities, another software written in Java, specifically JAspect (AOP), it is a support-program for Java developers that follow the methodologies of programming patterns (proxy, observer, etc ...), my software aids the developers in the design process. I Have also developed applications, for educational and commercial purposes, whit java and PHP reaching good results: for example an opensource CMS written in PHP (Joomla style) and a Java application for managing stores of small and medium size. I finally passed the discussion degree with a thesis on Pattern Recognition called "Overview of Bayesian networks". From 2003 to 11/13/2008 I attended in Computer Science course at the University of Pisa and then Catania. During the training I was Involved in designing software applications for private and public sectors, such as an English-Italian dictionary with the Jcup and Jlex (Java) methodology another one is a retro-style games like Froggy (Java-mobile) and more. I finally passed the degree with a thesis discussion on Software Design and Programming the methodology of programming with MVC (model-viewcontrol) entitled "The Framework Code Igniter.


From 02/09/2011 to 04/18/2011 I have done a training course held at the Center for Computer Systems and Scientific and Educational Applications (CEA) of the University of Catania. The CEA needed a solution for remote digital signature of documents produced during the various sessions of the University Council, integrated with the flow of documents. I have collaborated to develop a web based application with Dr. Sergio Columba written in VISUAL BASIC .NET. Business Tutor: Dr. Di Bella Agatino, Columba Dr. Sergio

From 01/03/2008 to 07/08/2008 I attended a training course at the Arthos Web Agency Soc. coop. from Taormina(ME) with the role of application developer for the web. From 2008 to 17/11/2009 then the stage above I was asked me to become a member of the Arthos with the tasks of developer of Web-oriented applications and managing the websites of ours customers. Even now I work for various projects of the company. Employer: Mauro Curcuruto .


Since i was young I practiced various sports at various levels always with good results, from athletics to football, to volleyball, but my real passion is basketball that I practiced at competitive level until the series c1. I was and Im very curious and inclined to the news, in fact at 18 years old I embarked alone on a train-trip for a period of 30 days around the northern Europe, this trip has made me even more independent, mature and I could compare myself with other cultures. In 2003 I followed a full immersion course of English language for 30 days at Glendon College at the University of Toronto (Canada), thus achieving a good knowledge of written and spoken English.


I think that I have good organizational skills, I'm curious and I put always enthusiasm in what I do. I have a particular propensity for teamwork and work to goals. I have a natural aptitude for learning new technologies and new programming languages. Good knowledge of the following programming languages: Java (AOP, OOP, J2ME, Jcup, Jlex),C ++, Javascript, Ajax, HTML, Perl, Php, Mysql, XML, XSL and more. B license.