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Symbolism in the Indigenous Tradition of Borike is directly related to perception. To perceive we have only to feel. When we feel we awaken.

To awaken is to know and to experience through our senses; TOUCH, SIGHT, HEAR, SMELL, TASTE. A most significant gift given by CREATOR is the gift TO FEEL. When we feel we enter into the World of Creation. When we confide in CREATOR ( The Internal Voice from your space of wholeness ) we open ourselves to WISDOM and a miracle of LOVE occurs. Symbols in our tradition ( as in other traditions of Indigenous Peoples ) are revealed when we enter with Purpose. Respect, Honor and Humbleness. The struggle and the mission of the Controllers to keep the people A SLEEP and

dependent , unaware of their natural talents and abilities continues to dissipate and is loosing its hold. In this AWAKENING , humanity is developing abilities and talents, that are in natural connection with the World of Silence. This World is within ourselves and around us. It is through FEELING that we connect with Spiritual Truths occurring within and about us. When we go with the flow our senses activate and things are revealed. Each person perceives according to his/her gifts and talents within their rhythm and in their space. Our Ancestors FELT and FEEL a part of everything through us, as we feel a part of everything through them. This is one way in which they help us. Remember we carry all of our Ancestors and the present and the future generations are also within us. The Ancestors learned the Language of Nature, as should we. When we Flow ( without judgment ) we can feel and perceive that we are part of everything around us and know and understand what is occurring in the moment. Observation through perceptive VISION allows you to see through the apparent. When we HEAR we learn to listen to the sounds of CREATION. To TOUCH is to sense the vibration of a Stone; a Tree; a Flower. To SMELL is to perceive Aroma and to T ASTE is to perceive the Essence of what is ingested. These abilities are innate in human beings, though not always apparent.

To Re-Member ( to join ) is to re-construct our ANCESTRAL MEMORY, a responsibility that is accompanied by Purpose . When we desire to do this, the reasons that motivate us and the responsibility that this entails go hand in hand. It is within you to desire with your heart and your soul this wakening. Your Heritage and Legacy also comes with a purpose and a commitment that will reveal itself in the Flow . In the awakening we know how to apply our abilities and gifts for personal growth and for the wellbeing of all Creation. Our Symbolism is conceptual and can represent an idea, an achievement, a story, an event, a lesson or an experience. Our Ancestors imprinted on the CIBA ( Stone) , leaving their M ARK for the future generations of Borike. These Marks were left in CODE . The M ARKS also known as Petroglifs and Pictographs will reveal themselves when the children of this land are ready to receive, respect, honor, care take and apply them. The Ancestors have enriched our lives with these ancient symbols that have been with us for much more than 500 years. They embody feeling, connection, beauty, presence and more. We, some artists and others have applied these symbols on textiles, ceramics, architecture, leather , stone etc. Today , the Ancestors take us a step beyond, helping us to know and up to a certain point comprehend something about the meaning of some of these symbols through F EELING . The Intuitive energy and the purpose or reason for application ( use ) , will express how to best apply these symbols and how to best honor our Heritage. We have compiled a series of symbols of Borike accompanied by concepts, ideas, a story, an event, a lesson and/or an experience. They may serve as a guide for application. We trust that by way of feeling the awakening will bring forth more information on how to apply these ancient symbols responsibly and respectfully. Jan Jan Katu.

Borike, Taino Symbolism of Borike is a Guide for the Application of Some Taino Symbols for Cultural and Traditional Expressions of Art. This is a first Edition in the English Language. It is a translation and a transcription of a revised Original Edition in the Puerto Rican Language. It also includes the translation and the transcription of a Revised Second Part of Simbolismos Tanos II, also in the Puerto Rican Language. This 1st English Edition is dedicated to the Children, descendents of the Taino Stronghold who are living in the Diaspora. Our Ancestors have inspired me to present this work, in the hope that it may guide you in your Awakening . They are alive within us. We carry them. They carry us. We carry each other and those yet to be born. As Descendents of the Tano Stronghold it is our task to apply these ancient Symbols responsibly and in harmony with Indigenous Thought which undoubtedly is for the wellbeing of All Creation. The Symbols represented here can be applied to all things that are harmonious and that contribute to planetary wellbeing. These symbols can be applied for artistic, cultural and traditional purposes.

We are not responsible for the inappropriate use of these symbols. AS YOU SOW...SO WILL YOU REAP.

To design is to project. It is a plan to help you to achieve Harmony with all that it surrounds and to achieve a placid visual acceptance in all those that come into contact with it. A Design is a symbol or Motif that represents a quality or an idea. It is the application of a repeated ornamental drawing that is created to bring forth beauty in a form as it co-exists in relation to its purpose and function. The Indigenous Art of Borike is intimately related to the Earth Mother. Our Ancestral Artisans were deeply involved in the Concience of Nature. They identified with the peculiar environment of our earth and as such they expressed their perception of it.. The decorative designs presented by our ancestral artists initiated all of their works from a starting point, which to our understanding was expressed as a Dot ( . ) that created an ornamental repetition that transformed itself into a line and expanded into the multiple forms and shapes of artistic spiritual expressions. These Designs show uniformity with regard to its position and size. The Ancestral Works show Balance, Rhythm and Proportion, which is what is sought after in a well planned design. Today, it is our turn, as descendents and inheritors of this ancient wisdom, to bring forth and practice our tradition and to create with purpose and responsibly. If we want to make use of the Ancestral Symbols, it may interest us to also know something about its meaning and purpose. In applying these symbols with purpose and meaning, we are conscious participants and co-creators of our lives and Creation.

Illustratin : El Misterio de Borinquen-de Presencia Tana, Antologia de Lecturas, publicado marzo 1979, USA

A Gude to the Application of Indigenous Symbols to enhance Cultural and Traditional Art
Authors 1st English Edition (Revised) Margarita Nogueras Vidal Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved Jayuya, Puerto Rico !st. EBOOK EDITION Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved

Serpentine Energy Lunar Energy (Katira) with phases: cresent and waning.
Union of 2 Serpents Formation of the Square of creation.

Symbol of unity Friendship, Family. Vitality of Fire Energy. Protection of the Earth mother. Spiral of continuity (4) Directions

Femenine Portal
(4) points (stars) in the Universe.

A Star in the Universe Crown and 2 moons of Venus.

Square in Equilibrium

The Taino Ancestors live within us. We are their Descendents and as such, we become the voices of our Ancestors. We are evolving as a Nation that is living and making visible our tradition. Margie, the author has dedicated her life to the study of he Taino Native Culture, She lives her life in harmony with that tradition, practicing native spirituality with other members of the indigenous community of Jayuya and Puerto Rico, other Nations and with people in general. She is a Traditional Potterer in the Indigenous and Criolla Pottery Arts,. She has written several books which include: Manual Alfarero El Cemi, The Meaning of Indigenous Medicine ( Bi-Lingual ) , Mini Guia de Alfareria Traditional, The Ku of the Cemi ( B i-Lingual ) , Simbolismos Tanos among others. She offers workshops in Traditional Taino Pottery Arts, Taino Tradition-Spirituality, Practice and Responsibility. Thank you for having taken an interest in Taino Symbolisms. We hope that it may have assisted you along your path. May the Eternal Flame of Love of the White Cemi ( YukaHu ) bless and enlighten you along your chosen Path. Jan, Jan Katu ( It is so ) .