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people make the difference

RMD Kwikform is a powerful team comprising the skills, experience and energy of over 1,000 men and women in 16 countries. Totally diverse in nationality, culture, language and background. Totally united in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Client: Maeda/ Kumagai-Gumi/ Yokagawa/ Hitachi JV. Project: Ma Wan Viaduct, Hong Kong.

trust the ori gi nal supersl i m sol di er

The Superslim Soldier is the definitive formwork primary beam, with its unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio, versatility and range of accessories. Robust and easily assembled into beams of almost any length, the Superslim Soldier can be re-used on site after site, in numerous temporary works applications.

Its the result of over 60 years experience gained on major projects throughout the world. Whats more, our network of local branches means that when you deal with RMD Kwikform, you talk to people who understand the working environment, technical difficulties and the challenges you face.
Client: CNES SAN MARTIN. Project: C/Claudio Coello, Spain. Client: BNFL. Project: Sellafield, Nuclear Power Station, Cumbria, UK.

Client: SNSH/Bouygues. Project: Palais des Congres, Paris, France.

some of our appl i cati ons

Available in nine lengths, and with a comprehensive range of accessories, the Superslim Soldier can be assembled into: Wall Formwork Panels Bridge cantilever edge and deck supports. Composite bridge deck formwork. Travelling gantries. Vertical and Raking shores. Spanning beams and trusses. Support structures for temporary site buildings. Faade retention / Space frames. The Superslim Soldier is fully compatible with other RMD Kwikform products.
Client: BRICC. Project: Beirut to Siduh Highway, Lebanon. Client: Wallis Building. Project: Ca Doro Building Glasgow, UK.

Client: Moto Engil. Project: Casino de Lisboa, Protugal.

features and benefi ts

Nine standard lengths, from 10mm to 3600mm, give almost unlimited scope for assembling beams of virtually any length.

Client: BEC Industries. Project: Citroen Cars, Barcelona Fair, Spain.

Huge range of standard accessories is designed to reflect the diverse applications demanded by major projects. Gantries, shoring, spanning trusses and frames, as well as formwork panels.

Client: Dragados. Project: Plaza de Toros, Spain.

Standard fixtures and clamps make it fully compatible with other RMD Kwikform product ranges and, in many cases, with customers own equipment.
Client: Downer/Paul Y/ McAlpine JV. Project: Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong. Client: Fletcher Construction. Project: Museum of New Zealand.

Client: Argee Construction. Project: Govalle Lift Station, Austin, Texas, USA.

Client: Samsung. Project: Samsung Semiconductor Plant, Suwon, Korea.

Formwork ties and other components can be fixed virtually anywhere along the Superslim Soldiers length, you have complete freedom to create the optimum design, whatever the application.

Using close-tolerance jigs, the Superslim Soldier is precisely manufactured from high-yield steel, combining maximum durability and load capacity with reduced unit weight.

Robustness to cope with the demands of frequent re-use means easier assembly and consistently accurate fabrication on-site.

standard wall formwork panels

Client: Cosmos Construction Sdn. Bhd. 7.2m high x 6m long crane handled formwork panels assembled from RMD Kwikform Superslim Soldiers and Alform Beam walings being used for baggage handling tunnel construction on the Kuala Lumpur International Airport project, Malaysia.

faade retention
Client: Detecsa S.A.

appl i cati ons and features

RMD Kwikform is involved in as many as 2,000 live projects around the world at any given time - and Superslim Soldiers are a crucial element in many of the applications. This volume of use, and the incredible diversity of the projects concerned, allows us to refine and develop the product application based on real-world, on-site experience. bridge cantilever edge supports
Client: Road Management Group (RMG) Paraslim cantilever edge support used on the A417/419, Gloucester, UK.

Vertical cantilever frames assembled from RMD Kwikform Superslim Soldiers support the external faade of the Navy Building in Madrid, Spain, during demolition and reconstruction.

special formwork with superslims

Client: Chui Tai General Contracting. Balanced cantilever forms using Superslim Soldiers and structural steel enabling the construction of the 7m wide x 120m span, Chi Mei Bridge, Taiwan.

primary beams and trusses

Client: MacMahon (WA) Pty. Ltd. RMD Kwikform Superslim Soldiers assembled into a truss to provide support to concrete slab construction on the Ord River Hydro Project, Australia.

As well as providing the backbone for the RMD Kwikform product range, the Superslim Soldier is frequently combined with other equipment or proprietary materials to create unique on-site solutions.

travelling gantries
Client: Tarmac Bachy JV. RMD Kwikform Superslim Soldiers used to assemble the cantilever gantry supporting 11.5m high x 20m long double faced wall formwork panels to the perimeter of the Canary Wharf Underground Station, Jubilee Line, London, UK.

vertical shoring
Client: China Water and Electric Taking full advantage of the range of accessories the Slimshor System has been used to satisfy the clients support requirements to construct the Pak Phanang Dam, Thailand.

raking shoring
Client: Fletcher Construction. Large area wall forms being stabilised by raking RMD Kwikform Superslim Soldier push pull props during construction of the Museum of New Zealand.

When using a plywood form face together with one of RMD Kwikforms Aluminium secondary beams or timber beams, Superslim Soldiers can be used to construct straight, curved, conical or other complex formwork configurations: RMD Kwikform supplies brackets for attaching access walkways on formwork panels. single faced wall formwork
Client: Argee Construction Crane handled circular formwork system designed for 4m high concrete pours on the Govalle Lift Station, Austin, Texas, USA.

temporary office gantries

Client: Bouygues. RMD Kwikform Superslim Soldiers used to support multiple levels of temporary site offices during a renovation project in Paris, France.

film sets, staging and exhibitions

Client: BEC Industries Exhibition Structures assembled from RMD Kwikform Superslim Soldiers for Citroen Cars at the Barcelona Fair, Spain.

Superslim Soldiers are ideal as primary beams on shoring or scaffolding to support reinforced concrete slab construction.

Because they can be assembled into practically any length, Superslim Soldiers are frequently used as raking push-pull props, as well as vertical shoring.

Using system clamps, scaffold tube and other accessories, Superslim Soldiers can be assembled with ease into frames and trusses for faade retentions, multi -level supports to temporary site offices, cantilever supports, exhibition stands and film sets.

curved wall forms and hoppers

Client: SNSH/Bouygues The full Superslim soldier range, with plywood form face was used to construct this complex geometric inverted elliptical cone shape at the centre of the Palais des Congres project, Paris, France.


techni cal speci fi cati on

Superslim Soldier Beams
Code Description Wt. (Kg) 72.18 55.38 38.80 22.00 18.74 15.24 11.98 7.32 11.69 2.91 SSX13600 Superslim Soldier 3600mm SSX12700 Superslim Soldier 2700mm SSX11800 Superslim Soldier 1800mm SSX10900 Superslim Soldier 900mm SSX10720 Superslim Soldier 720mm SSX10540 Superslim Soldier 540mm SSX10360 Superslim Soldier 360mm SSX10090 Superslim Soldier 90mm SSU10035 Superslim Soldier - Open End 360mm SSX10040 End Plate 10mm


Typical Section through Soldier





100mm dia


Typical Plan on End Plate

125mm 18mm dia


720mm 540mm



360mm 180mm

27mm dia 180mm


90mm 10mm 137mm

21mm dia

Vertical members in compression- xx axis


140 130

m 10m

25m m

Allowable Compressive Working Load / kN

120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Effective Length / m

Vertical members in compression- yy axis

150 140

m 38 m

100 kN max for jack release








mm e = 10

Allowable Compressive Working Load / kN

desi gn and l oadi ng data

Section Properties
Soldier characteristics Area: Gross Area: Nett l xx l yy r xx r yy Z xx Z yy El xx El yy GAxx M max x M max y Mean compressive yield stress Bending Moment on joint using 6 No. Bolts 26.06 cm 2 19.64 cm 2 1916 cm 658 cm
4 4

130 120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50

e= 38 m

e= m 25m

100 kN max for jack release


40 30 20 10 0

9.69 cm 5.70 cm 161 cm 3 61 cm 3 4020 kNm2 300 kNm 40 kNm 6.24 kNm 370 N/mm2 18 kNm




Effective Length / m

Horizontal members in compression - xx axis

150 140

17350 kN
Allowable Compressive Working Load / kN


m 10m

120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

25m m
e= 38m

100 kN max for jack release

Please contact your local technical office for full technical data when using the load graphs.








Effective Length / m

Horizontal members in compression - yy axis

150 140

mm e = 10

Allowable Compressive Working Load / kN

Bending Moment Envelope

50 Factors of safety for RMD Mk. 2 Soldier designs using this load envelope are not less than 1.8 (Derived from testing)

130 120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10

e= 38 m

e= 25m m

100 kN max for jack release

Working bending moment kNm


30 Performance curve when not using Hi-load Water plates 20 Use Hi-load Waler plate 10


0 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160

0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Tie load (kN)

Effective L ength / m


Anchor Plate
Secures the end of a soldier to a floor or wall Code Description Wt. (Kg) 7.40 SSU10036 Anchor Plate AWL: = 70 kN Tension / 90 kN Shear

Access Bracket
Supports boards where access is required Code Description Wt. (Kg) 6.65 SSU10031 Bracket - Access AWL = 3.2 kN UDL

Spreader Beam Adaptor

Used to attach and spread chains in lifting applications Code Description Wt. (Kg) 9.35 1.81 SSX10052 Spreader Beam Adaptor SSU10004 Tube - Prop Pivot AWL = 30 kN per unit AWL of Spreader Beam = 60 kN (see technical data sheets)

Dual Purpose Jack and Adapter Tube

Used to adjust level in wall form applications and to adjust plumb in climbing formwork Code Description Wt. (Kg) 5.5 1.24 SSX90043 Universal Soldier Jack SSU10009 Tube - Jack Adaptor

Support Plate
Supports plywood and backing members in formwork applications Code Description Wt. (Kg) 0.03 0.10 5.29 BNU16001 Nut - Hexagonal M16 Plated BNX16002 Set Pin - M16 x 40 HT SSX10042 Support Plate - Superslim AWL = 10 kN Uniformily distributed

Adjustable Range = 105-170mm AWL = 10 kN Level / 40 kN Plumb

Lifting Plate
Used in pairs with spreader beams to lift forms Code SSU10032 SSX10046 Description Lifting Plate Superslim 19mm pic&clip Wt. (Kg) 3.19 0.219

AWL = 30 kN / pair


Waler Plate 15mm Rapid Bar Tie system

Transfers and spreads the load from tie bars Code Description Wt. (Kg) 1.76 1.35 1.13 BTX10004 Waler Plate - Heavy Duty 90 kN BTX10021 Waler Plate - Standard 75 kN BTX10014 Waler Plate - Light 55 kN

High-load Waler Plate 20mm Rapid Bar Tie system

Used where higher loads are required Code Description Wt. (Kg) 6.84 BTX10029 Waler Plate - Hi Load 160 kN

Slimshor Porthole Bearing

Connects a diagonal tie into the porthole of a soldier Code Description Wt. (Kg) 2.00 0.16 SSX10039 Porthole Bearing BTX10017 Nut - Hexagon 50mm AWL = 65 kN in Tension

SuperSlim Turnbuckle and Plumbing Foot

Used to support single sided formwork for bases Code Description Wt. (Kg) 8.42 11.51 0.219 SSU10016 Turnbuckle 914-1160 SSU10033 Plumbing Foot SSX10046 Superslim 19mm pin & clip AWL = 45 kN / Turnbuckle

Prop Jacks LH and RH

Converts soldiers into heavy duty push-pull props Code Description Wt. (Kg) 14.48 14.48 SSU10007 Prop Jack (L) - Adjustable SSU10008 Prop Jack (R) - Adjustable Adj Range = 405-635mm / AWL = 100 kN*

the length * AWL can be restricted by on page 9. of the push-pull prop. See relevant graph

Tilt Plate
Connects heavy duty push-pull props to a surface Code Description Wt. (Kg) 4.81 SSU10034 Tilt Plate AWL = 100 kN*

Prop Spade End Link & Prop Pivot Tube

Connects a heavy duty push-pull prop to the porthole of another soldier Code SSU10012 SSU10004 Description Spade End Link - Prop Tube - Prop Pivot Wt. (Kg) 3.09 1.81

Prop Tube End Link

Connects heavy duty push-pull props to Megashor Code Description Wt. (Kg) 2.88 SSU10013 Tube End Link - Prop AWL = 100 kN*

AWL = 65 kN*


Superslim Rocking Head

Supports header beams where length adjustment is unnecessary Code SSU10023 BNX10005 SSU10029 Description Rocking Head 36mm M10 x 20 Set Pin Gr 8.8 BZP Washer - Rocking Head Wt. (Kg) 4.31 0.03 0.02

Superslim Adjustable Rocking Head

Supports header beams where length adjustment is required Code SSU10026 Description Rocking Head Assembly Wt. (Kg) 24.57

Superslim Adjustable Base

Spreads and transfers loads from Superslim props where length adjustment is necessary Code SSU10025 Description Adjustable Base Assembly Wt. (Kg) 18.97

Adjustable Range = 440-590mm AWL = 150 kN (100 kN when load is released via the jack handle)

Adjustable Range = 365-515mm AWL = 150 kN (100 kN when load is released via the jack handle)

Maximum angle of tilt = 28 degrees AWL = 150 kN

90 Deg Corner
Allows connection of two soldiers at right angles, and/or the connection of a heavy duty push-pull prop Code SSU10003 Description Angle - Corner - Push/Pull Wt. (Kg) 8.66

Pivot Cleat Set

Connects two articulating soldiers Code SSU10028 Description Pivot Cleat Set Wt. (Kg) 8.75

Range = 55 degrees min / 220 degrees max

Superslim Corner Pivot

Connects soldiers and allows 15 degrees of rotation Code SSU10019 Description Corner Pivot Wt. (Kg) 7.29

Superslim 6-Way Double Connector

Used to connect eight soldiers where heavier loads are to be carried Code SSU20066 Description Connector - SS 6 Way Double Wt. (Kg) 37.68

SWL = 65 kN / Pivot


6-Way Connector
A node to connect six soldiers at right angles Code SSU20006 Description Connector - 6 Way Wt. (Kg) 25.00

Joint Stiffeners
Increase the tension and bending capabilities of a joint between Superslim Soldiers Code SSU10010 BNU16013 BNU16001 Description Joint Stiffener Bolt - M16 x110 Gd 8.8 Plated Nut - M16 Hexagon Plated Wt. (Kg) 1.44 0.2 0.03

AWL = 20 kNm bending / 150 kN tension

B Clamp
Connects scaffold tube to the soldier Code RPX10005 Description B Clamp - Tube to Panel Wt. (Kg) 0.7

G Clamp
Connects scaffold tube to the soldier (does not project above the tube surface) Code RPX10008 Description G Clamp - Tube Type M16 Wt. (Kg) 0.60

AWL = 3.25 kN / pair

Slimshor Tube Clamp

Connects scaffold lacing tubes to soldiers, rotation Code SSU10024 Description Tube Clamp allowing Wt. (Kg) 1.30

AWL = 6.25 kN in slip / each

Alform to Superslim Soldier Clamp Assembly

Connects Alform beams to Superslim Soldiers Code AFX20012 Description Clamp Assembly - Superslim Wt. (Kg) 0.21

Bolts, Nuts and Pins

Connects components together Code BNX16002 BNX20030 BNX24002 Description Set Pin - M16 x 40 HT M20 x 90 Bolt GR 8.8 BZP M24 x 110 Bolt GR 8.8 BZP Wt. (Kg) 0.09 0.28 0.48 0.03 0.06 0.01 0.29 0.01 0.27 0.32

Timber Waling Clamp Assembly

Connects soldiers to timber walings Code Description Wt. (Kg) 0.30 0.42 0.40 0.12 0.03 BNU10054 Bolt Metric Waling 117 x 117 BNU10055 Bolt Metric Waling 176 x 127 SSU 10017 Clamp Plate - Waling BNX20014 Washer - Plate 50 x 50 x 6 x 18mm BNU16001 Nut - M16 Hexagon Plated

BNU16001 Nut - M16 Hexagon Plated BNU20001 Nut - M20 Hexagon BNU24001 Nut - Hexagon M24 SSX10046 Superslim 19mm Pin & R-Clip SSX10045 Superslim 3mm R Clip SSX10044 Superslim 19mm Pin MSX10042 Megashor Connector Pin


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