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PBL: Math Review Games Journal Entries Name _____________________________________ Journal Entry 1 You are now in your group

and have come up with your game idea, group roles, and assignments. In a paragraph, explain your project, your role, and your assigned tasks. In a second paragraph, write about how decisions were made in your group. What did you contribute to the group discussions? What can you do to make your group discussions more effective? Date ____________________ Teacher ___________________

Journal Entry 2 You have now specified the rules of the game and come up with the design plan for your game. In a paragraph, briefly describe your games objective and basic rules of play. Also, include some of the design aspects of your game. In a second paragraph, write about your contributions to the written rules and the design process. If your group experienced problems or disagreements, write about how your group resolved these issues, and how you contributed to the problem-solving process.

Journal Entry 3 You have written at least 25 math questions for your game. Choose 4 questions from the game that show you have learned more about that math concept. Write the problem, the solution, the justification, and how your thinking about that math concept has changed.

Journal Entry 4 How did the first test of your game go? Its okay if you found areas that need to be improved. As a matter of fact, it is expected! Great job identifying those trouble spots! Now, write a paragraph about your groups first test of the game. What went well? What were some areas that needed revision? Write another paragraph telling how you are going to make the changes and who is responsible for making the needed changes.

Journal Entry 5 You have just had your first peer evaluation. How did it go? What was their feedback? How is your group going to incorporate their feedback? Are you going to make revisions? Write a paragraph discussing your thoughts on your project and the peer evaluation.

Journal Entry 6 You have just completed a long, difficult task. You had to work as a group and be responsible for completing your own assignments. You had to be creative and original; you had to research to learn more about games. You also had to use math knowledge, strategies, and justifications. What did you like about doing this project? What were some changes you would make if you could do it over again? How has this project prepared you for future group work? How has this project strengthened your understanding of 7th grade math? Write a final reflection, giving specific examples, answering these questions.