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Basics of Carrom Play Techniques (By Sh.

US Somanchi National Level Carrom Expert) Though Carrom is an easiest indoor game to play for recreational purposes, it is not so easy to be champion / extra-ordinary carom player in level street level, company level, State Level, National level. As said -Rome was not built in a day, to be a champion in personal, official, business life as well as in Sports, one must imbibe the following qualities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Dedication Concentration Accuracy Strategy Positive / Sportsman Spirit

Ultimately, it depends on How passionate you are for any game / goal. There is always scope for improvement from the present level of excellence and outstanding performance in any field. Now, in the present case, an interaction with a carom expert of national/international level was arranged in EIL on 27.07.11 on the basics of Carrom, which is a ladder/foundation for any carom player. An attempt is being made to summarize those basics explained by him during the session and written in his book Carrom Play Techniques as following: 1. Sitting Position Following three points are to be taken care: (a) GRAINS: Playing surface (plywood) has natural grains on it. Player should sit for the grains instead of against the grains. It is easier for the movement of striker in running on the surface For the grains. (b) SITTING POSITION AT PLAYERS BASE: Right Hand Player should preferably sit to the left side from the centre of the Carrom Board and a left had player towards the right side from the center of the board. (c) The distance between the Play Base and Body: The comfortable distance should be a forearms length from the players base lines to his chest or body. 2. Packing Carrom men If player is able to do better packing of all carom men in centre circle of the Board, he can do good opening with pocketing of 3-5 c/men with queen.

3. Opening or Break : There are 3-4 ways for opening or break. Practically, one can develop and choose through coach or through practice. 4. Grip : Best grip is the Pointing finger should be locked between the thumb and little (last) finger of the hand for releasing striker. Grip for under-hand coins should be made as per convenience, a player can use both the hand fingers for grip. 5. Pocketing or Potting Accurate pocketing is an important technique/art and consistent pocketing mainly depends on concentration. For accurate/perfect pocketing of any C/men at any place on the board, an imaginary view of a point of centre of the coin from pocket should be concentrated and hit on that point for pocketing. Cuts are the back-bone of the carom game Normal cuts, straight cuts, negative or minus cuts and cut back are important to learn. 6. Target with schedule Your determined decision to achieve any target/level within scheduled period shall give you passion and courage to do regular practice. Regular practice shall make you competitive and extra confident. Playing tournaments regularly of different levels shall make your temperament of tournament better. HOW SPORTY ARE YOU (Relevant to every Game, carom also) 1. 2. Aptitude for Sports: Timing Accuracy Co-ordination Practice, Psychological Traits: Consistence Persistence Emotional Stability Positive Attitude Harmonious Internal State Self Confidence etc. are key Requisites for competitive / Successful player. 3. Emotional Intelligence: Researches have shown that IQ Intelligence of academic variety contributes about 20 percent to factors that determine Success. The rest 80 percent is contributed by Emotional Intelligence (EQ) or simply Emotional Competence. This is also true even in the case of athletes and Sports-man. Emotional Intelligence is a

resource that promotes a mental and physical state in which the individual is poised, has internal harmony, the ability to make quick and efficient decisions, respond (Reaction Time) and control and co-ordinate body movements. All these are extremely important for a successful player. Emotional Intelligence thus represents the ability to motivate oneself, persist in the face of frustration, control impulses, delay gratification for achievement of set goals, not to be easily swayed by moods or feelings, be empathetic, caring, kind and, above all, possess a positive attitude towards life. It does not mean absence of emotions, but rather an ability to handle and manage emotions. 4. Anxiety and Performance: Apart from having High Aptitude for Sports and being

Emotionally Intelligent, it is imperative that the prospective candidate for a Successful Athletics/Sports Career should have the optimum level of anxiety. Extensive research indicates that individual falling at the extremes of an anxiety scale will not perform well. Optimum anxiety quickens reaction time, sharpens our senses and increases our strength. On the contrary, excessive anxiety is detrimental to competitive performance. Psychologists identify two types of anxiety: Trait and State. Where trait anxiety refers to the stable personality characteristics, the state anxiety is the transitory emotional state related to more immediate factors. Both types play an influential role in competitive sports performance.

To a Good Sportsman, Killer Instinct means: 1. 2. You dont put in 100%, but you put in 200%, To win we must cash in to our opponents mistakes.

Precision, Instinct and Tempo are all necessary to become extra-ordinary The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well. Winners live & work every day as if it were the last day.
(Durga Dass) Sports Co-ordinator