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Higher Education
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Greetings from the Director

This year, we were thrilled to welcome 12 new doctoral and 29 new
master’s students. These are larger cohorts than we’ve had in a
few years and we’re proud of the interest that our programs have
generated. New programs include the dual degree MBA/MA in Higher
Education and the concentration in Philanthropy and Advancement
in Higher Education, for which we are admitting students for the fall
2009 cohort.

I was glad to see many of you at the festivities around Marv Peterson’s retirement last March.
The events honored Marv’s career as a scholar, faculty member, mentor, and peer. Michael
McLendon from Vanderbilt University, David Dill from the University of North Carolina at Chapel
Hill, and Michael Bastedo from CSHPE were featured in the symposium in which they presented
perspectives on higher education and Marv’s contribution to the field. The symposium was
the genesis of a book, Organizing Higher Education, which will be released in 2010 from Johns
Hopkins University Press and is edited by Michael Bastedo.

Many of you have contributed to the center by way of the fund in Marv Peterson’s name, a fund
for public policy issues in higher education, funds to support graduate students, and the general
fund for CSHPE. We very much appreciate your support and will use your contributions to assist
students with summer tuition fees, dissertation-related research expenses, and conference-
related travel expenses.

BOLOGNA AND BEYOND: Finally, we are continuing our search for a new CSHPE faculty member. Our search focuses on
FEDERALISM & EUROPEAN INTEGRATION organization administration and/or community colleges and we are looking for an assistant or
associate-level professor. If you know of individuals who might be interested in applying for the
March 6-7, 2009 position, please email cshpe.faculty.search@umich.edu for more information.

A conference on developing the European Union’s It is important to us to maintain connections with our alumni and friends and we plan to bring
higher education sector. Co-Sponsored by CSHPE you news of CSHPE events via our website and other means throughout the year. I welcome
& the Center for European Studies-European Union your comments and thoughts—feel free to contact me via email (dfcarter@umich.edu) or by
Center. For conference information contact:
telephone (734-647-1981).
Deborah Faye Carter
CSHPE Celebrates Marvin Peterson Development Committee Activities

Fa l l 2 0 0 8
o tell the story of Marv’s career is Michigan Union ballroom. Marv’s family was early everyone who has spent Anonymous (1), Roger G. Baldwin, Jr., Robert If you are interested in contributing or would
in some ways a tale of the center on hand as he was celebrated by Dean Deborah time at the Center for the Study B. Barr, T. Gregory Barrett, A. Paul Bradley, Jr., like more information on the Marvin W.
itself. Marv was one of the first to Loewenberg Ball, CSHPE Director Deborah of Higher and Postsecondary Sharon A. Campell, Julie M. Carnahan, Gregory Peterson Endowed Fellowship Fund or other
earn a doctoral degree in the study Faye Carter, long-time faculty colleague Janet Education has his or her L. Cascione, Michael G. Crow, David Dorsch funds at the center, please contact
of higher education, receiving Lawrence, and current student Brett Alpert. favorite story about Marv Dill, Harold C. Doster, A. Lawrence Fincher,
his PhD in 1966 from a then-young center led Brett, a member of the planning committee for Peterson. Perhaps you were part of the “Dirty Antonio R. Flores, Zelda F. Gamson, Carroll Kathryn Taylor at 734-936-5321
by Also Henderson. Upon graduation, Marv the day, had been busy in the months leading Dozen” with Marv. Or, as a student, you received Altz Gardner, Jr., Judith I. Gill, Joseph E. or taylorkt@umich.edu.
accepted the position of assistant professor with up to the event soliciting letters and notes from one of his famous packets of photocopied charts Gilmour, Jr., Vincent A. Guarna, Gerald Gurin,
the center and later became its director— past students and colleagues. In all, nearly 100 and graphs. Maybe you benefited from his Eugene B. Habecker, Heather J. Haberaecker,
a position he held for 20 years. Under Marv’s people wrote notes of appreciation or sent cards often challenging guidance on your dissertation. Richard B. Heydinger, Jr., John B. Julia, Sirkka
leadership the center expanded its research foci of congratulations to Marv. He was presented Or Marvin W. Peterson Endowed Fellowship A. Kauffman, David B. Laird, Jr., William

and attainment of grants, as well as refined with a “treasure chest” of these memories—a Fund was created. This effort was particularly F. Lasher, Paul E. Lingenfelter, Theodore J.
and strengthened its approach to doctoral splendid collection of mementos from friends timely. In September 2007, the president of the Marchese, Jerry A. May, Marilyn McCoy, Lisa A.
training. His illustrious career has spanned an unable to attend in person. University of Michigan, Mary Sue Coleman, Mets, Sue Mims, Donald Merritt Norris, Nick L.

impressive four decades (so far!), and while announced Phase II of her Donor Challenge. Poulton, Homer Cameron Rose, Jr., Joseph G.
his leadership has helped to shape the field of In the evening, a “small” gathering of some of This Challenge makes a one-to-two match of Rossmeier, Simone Himbeault Taylor, Robert A.
higher education research as we know it today, Marv’s 100-plus dissertation advisees, past and any size gift, up to $1 million, toward graduate Wallhaus, David Liles Warren, Richard F. Wilson,
it is those associated with the center who have present CSHPE faculty and staff, and guests and professional student support. By adding one and G. Richard Wynn.
Alumni Ambassador
benefited the most from his lifelong passion filled the Campus Inn’s Regency Ballroom for a matching dollar to every two dollars that were
for graduate preparation. It was thus fitting good ol’ fashioned roast, academic style. Stories given in honor of Marv, the challenge leveraged We would also like to thank the members of
D r . M a r v P e t e r s o n o ff i c i a l l y that so many center alumni, past and present were shared, jokes were told, poems were read, alumni philanthropy for its greatest impact on the 50th Anniversary Development Committee.
r e t i r e d f r o m t h e Un i v e r s i t y colleagues, and current students helped to Powerpoints were shown. There were raucous graduate education at the Center. They are: Richard L. Alfred, John C. Austin, John features biographies of CSHPE alumni and
celebrate Marv’s career on a beautifully brisk moments of great jubilation and bittersweet C. Burkhardt, Sr., Samantha J. Carney, T. Jaime provides prospective students with a thumbnail
of Michigan School of Michigan day last March. The tributes took moments of quiet joy. The surprise of the Today, the Marvin W. Peterson Endowed Chahin, John A. DiBiaggio, Harold C. Doster, sketch of career paths our graduates have fol-
E d u c at i o n i n D e c e m b e r , 2 0 0 7 several forms. Over 200 attendees participated in night came when John Burkhardt announced Fellowship Fund, which will support Kenneth C. Fischer, Antonio R. Flores, Edward lowed after earning a degree in higher education.
If you are interested in becoming a CSHPE Alumni
Ambassador, please contact Melinda Richardson

S u p p o r t i n g CSHPE

Your support to the CSHPE Gift Fund directly

affects our students. Last year we were able to
provide several students with summer tuition
support and cover travel expenses of CSHPE
students in leadership positions with professional
organizations to attend conferences thanks to your
generous donations. Please consider a contribu-
tion to the CSHPE Gift Fund or visit this URL for
other options.

a symposium titled “A Tribute to Marv Peterson” that center alumnae Heather Haberaecker and graduate student research in higher education A. Gallagher, Judith I. Gill, Eugene B. Habecker,
in which speakers Michael McLendon, director
of higher education policy and leadership at
Marilyn McCoy had spearheaded a campaign
to create the Marvin W. Peterson Endowed
administration and leadership, is worth more
than $205,000 and continues to grow! It is part
Heather J. Haberaecker, Lori A. Hendricks,
Richard B. Heydinger, Jr., Preston W. Hicks, STAYI N G
Vanderbilt University, David Dill, director of the Fellowship Fund, the efforts of which raised of a larger fundraising effort in honor of the Russell H. Johnson, David B. Laird, Jr., William
Public Policy For Academic Quality Research over $200,000 toward graduate student research center’s 50th Anniversary. That effort, lead by 38 F. Lasher, Randi S. Levitz, Paul E. Lingenfelter,
Program at the University of North Carolina in higher education administration and alumni, students, and faculty of the Center has Donald M. Loppnow, Robert C. Ludolph,
Chapel Hill, (both center alumni) and Michael leadership. What a fitting celebration of a career, raised over $780,000 in gifts, pledges, planned Theodore J. Marchese, Jerry A. May, Marilyn
If you have news or information to share
Bastedo, assistant professor in CSHPE, discussed surrounded by family and friends, and honored gifts, and the presidential match! McCoy, Jerry L. Miller, Jr., R. Sue Mims, James
with CSHPE, please submit it to
Marv’s influence on their own research and by an endowment which will commemorate R. Mingle, Lucretia P. Murphy, Betty Overton,
on the field at large. Next, the afternoon took Marv’s contributions to the center for years We would like to recognize the following alumni Marvin W. Peterson, Larry L. Rowley, Shelley
on a festive feel with a lovely reception in the to come. and friends of the center for making leadership Strickland, Quinton Walker, Heather
gifts or pledges of at least $1,000 to the Marvin D. Wathington, Richard F. Wilson, and
W. Peterson Endowed Fellowship Fund: G. Richard Wynn.
CSHPE Faculty/Staff Roll Call, 2008-09 D e pa r t u r e
Dr. William Cave, Professor Emeritus
Faculty Janet Lawrence Patricia Mullan, Associate Professor of Medical Yang Xi, Institute of Education, Tsinghua ( D e c e m b e r 2 2 , 1 9 2 2 – M ay 1 1 , 2 0 0 8 )
Brian McCall Education, Medical School University
Richard Alfred Larry Rowley, CSHPE and Center Casey White, Assistant Dean, Medical School Hu Qinxiao, Higher Education Research Emeritus professor, Dr. William Cave, passed away following an extended battle with
Michael Bastedo for Afroamerican and African Studies Administration, and Director, Learning Institute, Qufu Normal University Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Cave was a faculty member in the center and retired from
Phillip Bowman, Director, National Center Edward St. John Resource Center the university in 1990 after 33 years of service. His research interests included
for Institutional Diversity Staff the sociology of higher education, community organization and development,
John Burkhardt, Director, National Forum Adjunct Faculty Visiting Scholars urban education, and strategies for lifelong learning. His research and teaching
on Higher Education for the Public Good Nancy Abinojar, National Center for also included an international focus. He was a Fulbright Scholar at the University
Kim Cameron, CSHPE and the School Jack Bernard, Assistant General Counsel, Shao Liangshan, Vice President & Professor, Institutional Diversity of Baroda, visiting professor at Edinburgh, and served as a consultant to UNESCO and the Organization for Economic
of Business Office of the General Counsel Liaoning Technical University Ekko Byrne, National Forum and Cultural Development. His lecturing appointments included engagements in Denmark, Belgium, Kenya, the United
Deborah Faye Carter, Director, CSHPE Larry Gruppen, Professor and Chair, Bai Yongquan, Vice President, Shihua University Eliza Marroni, National Forum Kingdom, and the former Soviet Union.
Constance Cook, Director, Center for Research Department of Medical Education Mao Yaqing, Beijing Normal University Jenny Mosseri, National Forum
on Learning and Teaching Simone Himbeault Taylor, Associate Vice Li Zijing, Beijing Normal University Linda Rayle, CSHPE Former students may remember Dr. Cave for his mentorship and intimate teaching style. Dr. Cave was born in
Stephen DesJardins President for Student Affairs and Director, Rong Liying, Institute of Education, Melinda Richardson, CSHPE Nebraska and was married to Ann Crego in 1946. He served in the United States Army Air Corps as a navigator during
Eric Dey The Career Center Renmin University Phyllis Stillman, St. John Project WWII and later in military intelligence during the Korean War. Dr. Cave received his doctoral degree from Michigan
Patricia King Malinda Matney, Senior Research Associate, State University in 1957. He is survived by his son and two daughters, as well as a stepbrother.
Division of Student Affairs

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Student News & Publications

Fa l l 2 0 0 8 STUDE N T PUBLICATIO N S 2007-08 Master’s

Christopher Baldwin received a John S. Geisce Ly is the new dean at the College of the
Brubacher Award for the best essay on the Redwoods, Mendocino Coast campus. Downing, K. (2008). The Relationship of Social Identity Smerek, R. E. (Forthcoming). Perspectives on »» Maria Noel Blanchet
history and philosophy of postsecondary on the Role Performance of Academic Librarians. Administrative and Faculty Culture in Colleges and
»» Michelle Huai Mei Chiang
education for his work titled “The Morrill Act of Danielle Molina and Shelley Strickland were American Library Association Annual Conference. Universities. In: J. C. Smart (ed.), Higher Education:
»» Jeffrey Chun
1862: A Historical Example of Competing Policy named Center for the Education of Women Anaheim, CA. Handbook of Theory and Research, Vol. 24 (Spring
2009) or Vol. 25 (Spring 2010). »» John Paul Dreier
Rationales,” which he presented at the ASHE Margaret Dow Towsley Scholars for 2008-09.
annual conference last November. Dwyer, B. (2007). Framing the Effect of Multiculturalism »» Brighid Meghan Dwyer
Pelema Morrice was elected to serve as the on Diversity Outcomes among Students at Historically Sutkus, J., Carpenter, D., Finelli, C., & Harding, T. Work »» Natalia Vladimirovna Forrat
Brian Burt received the Lillian & Samuel Sutton graduate student representative for division J of Black Colleges and Universities. In: Harper, S. R. (Ed.), in progress: Building the Survey of Engineering Ethical
»» Marcia Violeta Fuentes
Education Scholarship for Graduate Students AERA for 2008-2010. Creating inclusive campuses for cross-cultural learning Development (SEED) instrument. Frontiers in Education
and student engagement. Washington DC: National Conference. Saratoga Springs, NY, October, 2008 (MA Education/MPP Public Policy)
from the NAACP for 2008-09.
Association of Student Personnel Administrators. »» Susanne Marie Garvey
Julie Posselt received a John S. Brubacher Award
Nate Daun-Barnett accepted an assistant for the best essay on the history and philosophy Finelli, C., Sutkus, J., Carpenter, D., & Harding, T. »» Cecil Patrick Hernandez
professor position at the University of Buffalo of postsecondary education for her work titled Locks, A. M., Hurtado, S., Bowman, N. A., & Oseguera, A longitudinal study of the ethical development of »» Christopher D. Jensen
in Buffalo, NY. “The rise and fall of need-based grants: A critical L. (2008). Extending notions of campus climate and engineering and non-engineering students at a national
»» Amanda C. Johnson
review of presidential discourses on higher diversity to students’ transition to college. Review of research university. Research in Engineering Education
Higher Education, 31(3), 257-285. Symposium. Davos, Switzerland, July, 2008 »» Laura Jean Johnson
Julie DeGraw is the new Dean of Counseling, education, 1964-1984,” which will become part
»» Akosua Frimpomaa Kanvkam
Advising and the Transfer Center at the College of an edited manuscript.
Locks, A. M., & Gregerman, S. R. (2008). Undergraduate Smith C., Sutkus J., & Coughlin A. Relationship between »» Lara Kristine Kovacheff-Badke
of Lake County in Chicago.
Research as an Institutional Retention Strategy. In: physiological profiles and on-court performance of »» Anna Julia Kroth
Janel Sutkus accepted the position of director
R. Taraban & R. L. Blanton, (Eds.), Creating effective NCAA Division III women’s and men’s basketball
Karen Downing was one of three researchers of institutional research and analysis at Carnegie »» Kapiolani Alyce Laronal
undergraduate research programs in science: The teams. Michigan American College of Sports Medicine
nationally awarded an American Library Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. »» Andrea Suzanne Lofquist
transformation from student to scientist. New York: Conference. Gaylord, Michigan, February, 2008
Association’s Diversity Research Grant in 2007.
A”maize”ing CSHPE alumnus. Teachers College Press, 11-32. »» Claire Mitchell
Ethan Stephenson is now a residence hall
Left to right: Teri Rosenberg, Geni Harclerode, India Arnett M., Sutkus J., & Coughlin A. Relationship »» Irah John Modry-Caron
Angela Locks became assistant professor of director at Cornell University.
McHale, Dan Merson, and Geisce Ly Moje, E., & Martinez, M. (2007). The Role of Peers, between physiological profiles and on-ice performance »» Wataru Moriwaki
student deployment in higher education at
Families, and Ethnic Identity Enactments in Educational of NCAA Division III women’s and men’s ice hockey
California State University, Long Beach. »» Charles Edward Murphy
Persistence and Achievement of Latino/a Youth. In: teams. Michigan American College of Sports Medicine
A. Fuligni (Ed.), Educational persistence and Conference. Gaylord, Michigan, February, 2008 »» Anna A. Nikolaeva-Olson

CSHPE A l u m n i – M o v i n g a n d S h a k i n g achievement of Latino/a youth. New York: Russell Sage. »»

Caitlin Elizabeth Rogers
Jeffrey Alan Rohrlick
»» Nathaniel Smith-Tyge
Leah Beasley (2004) will pursue a doctoral degree Rong Chen (2007) received the U-M School Joe Gutowski (1998) and his wife welcomed their and Critical Policy Analysis. Luis also received a 2008 Marisa (Bond) Smith (1995) started her own »» Veronica Michele Vergoth
in higher education administration full time starting of Education’s Stanley E. and Ruth B. Dimond Best first child, Adam Richard Gutowski, into the world on Faculty Award for Scholarship of Engagement from the consulting company, DataSmith Consulting, in 2001
»» Katherine Nicole Walsh
fall 2008 at Michigan State University. On a personal Dissertation Award in 2007. July 17, 2008. University of Florida College of Education, where he is an and last year merged with a partner to create The
note, she is recently engaged and plans to marry next assistant professor. Whole Brain Group, LLC, which develops technology- (MA Education/ MPP Public Policy)
Bill Connellan (1981) retired from Oakland Ziehyun Huh (2005) is now program manager
summer in New York. based solutions for higher-education clientele. She and
University in August after 38 years. He finished his OU in the Office of Global Activities for the U-M School of In June 2008 , along with Jeri Childers, director
her husband have a five-year-old daughter and are 2007-08 Doctoral
Jeff Bouman (PhD, 2004) taught a three-week career as a journalism faculty member after 30 years Social Work. of outreach program development, alumnus Ted
week course for Calvin College students in Lupeni, in administration; he is working on a history of the first Settle (1978) launched the inaugural session of
expecting their second child in November. Graduates
Lyonel Milton (2004) became director of
Romania, exploring connections between adventure 50 years of Oakland University and plans to expand his the Engagement Academy for University Leaders. The Jennifer A. Spielvogel (1992) accepted the
student affairs for the U-M School of Education. »» Britany Lee Affolter-Caine
education, service-learning, community organizing, and consulting practice in retirement. Academy is an intensive educational experience for role of vice president of institutional planning and
eastern orthodoxy. Students participated in a variety of Mary Kennedy Minter (1995) recently presented those leading the development and/or implementation effectiveness at Cuyahoga Community College in »» Nicholas Bowman
Natalia Forrat (2007) is the winner of the article
experiential learning activities, traveled to Bucharest papers at the Clute Institute for Teaching, recommending of engagement strategies at universities across the January 2007. One of her first initiatives, a data (IIDP PhD in Education & Psychology)
competition for young scholars in the journal Voprosy
and other regions of Romania, and learned about the required teacher-training for doctoral students who are country. NASGULC, AASCU, and CUMU endorsed the enrollment management system called One Institutional
obrazovaniya (Educational issues), published by State »» Marie Kendall Brown
realities of post-communist Eastern Europe, Romania’s teaching in colleges/universities. She and her husband program. Intelligence, received a Campus Technology Innovation
University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow, »» Nathan James Daun Barnett
entry into the European Union, and what the work of are moving back to MI, where she hopes to continue her Award.
Russia. Jack Shay (1966), retiree from Marygrove College »» Mark Donald Garrett
social entrepreneurs looks and feels like. Students engagement in higher-education administration.
in 1997, recently “re” retired from Macomb Community Trista Wdziekonski (2007) is now associate
posted blog reflections at www.viatacalvin.blogspot.com. Marlene Francis (1984) has written a »» Shirley R. Greene
Charles Murphy (2008) accepted a position in the College, where he served for ten years in a part-time director for the Master of Science in Information
comprehensive history of Kalamazoo College: »» James Fuller Hamrick
Janine Leah Capsouras (1998) married Admissions Office at the University of Illinois. capacity as special assistant to the president. Jack’s Technology Program at Northwestern University.
A Fellowship in Learning: Kalamazoo College 1833-
Suzanne Nicole Bunin on June 22, 2008 in Point advice is “a part-time position is a good way to keep »» Christine Nicole Navia
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Foundation’s Institute on Equity Research Methods University Housing. »» Jenny L Small
Ann Arbor, MI.
»» Yinmei Wan
Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education (CSHPE)
University of Michigan School of Education,
610 East University Avenue, Room 2117
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1259

w w w. s o e . u m i c h . e d u / c s h p e
Higher Education
The Regents of the The University of Michigan, as an equal opportunity/
affirmative action employer, complies with all applicable
university of michigan
federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination
Julia Donovan Darlow and affirmative action, including Title IX of the
Laurence B. Deitch Education Amendments of 1972 and Section 504 of the
Olivia P.Maynard Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The University of Michigan
Rebecca McGowan is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal
Andrea Fischer Newman opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color,
Andrew C. Richner religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital
S. Martin Taylor status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender
Katherine E. White
expression, disability, or Vietnam-era veteran status in
Mary Sue Coleman, ex officio
employment, educational programs and activities, and
admissions. Inquiries or complaints may be addressed
Produced by the Communications and Outreach Unit
to the Senior Director for Institutional Equity and Title
Laura Roop, Outreach & Communications Director
IX/Section 504 Coordinator, Office of Institutional
Kathryn Taylor, Associate Director of Development
Equity, 2072 Administrative Services Building, Ann
Yvonne Pappas, Art Director
Arbor, Michigan 48109-1432, 734-763-0235, TTY 734-
Melinda Richardson, Information Officer (CSHPE)
647-1388. For other University of Michigan information
Bob Brustman, writer
call 734-764-1817.
Elena Godina, Graphic Designer

*Includes discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.