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Hispanic Media Opportunities

Reach Millions More Readers, Listeners and Viewers

The best and brightest PR teams in the U.S. are tapping into an under-utilized resourceHispanic Media. You dont have to speak Spanish to appreciate the potential for reaching more Americans and getting a competitive advantage. Nearly all stories sent to English language media can be translated into Spanish and sent to all the U.S. Hispanic Media. This offers a potential to reach the 40 million U.S. Hispanic people who account for $428 billion of buying power and 13.4% of the U.S. population. There is a disproportionate amount of spending on Hispanic media relative to the market share of the Hispanic consumers, according to a recent survey by the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies. Spending on Hispanic media has recently doubled and is increasing as cost-conscious marketers seek better utilization of the growing Spanish-language audience opportunities. Editors and broadcasters at Hispanic media are hungry for good feature material which can be used to fill in between the increasing volume of ad space. Most newspapers are low on staff, struggling to meet deadlines and need NAPS stories that are quickly and easily adaptable to their formats. Here are some of the most successful NAPS Hispanic media distribution efforts for health, food, financial, and a variety of other topics. The reports for these stories achieved an incremental reach per story that adds significantly to results for the U.S. English language media distribution. The reach is growing as the number of media outlets is increasing.

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Send us your English language version of the story and our experts will suggest a format that will get the maximum coverage in Hispanic media. We have top notch translators who will transform your English language version into the generally accepted Castilian Spanish version for optimal pick-up.

Academy of General Dentistry offered tips to protect the teeth of children from the effects of sugar. A consumer information line was set up with the help of Dentsply International and Kodak Dental Products.

Sigma-Tau HealthScience offered helpful information on family planning and created awareness of Proxeed, for optimizing the conditions for conception.

MWW Group offered expert advice from the makers of d-Con for maintaining a house without rodents with the help of a Protected Bait Station.

Edelman PR Worldwide for Ortho Biotech Products/ Johnson & Johnson offered advice and information on the effects of anemia for AIDS patients. The article directs readers to a phone number and Web site for more information about anemia and Procrit.

Hill & Knowlton for Aciphex/EISAI put out a health bulletin about GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and this treatment for relieving the symptoms of acid indigestion and duodenal ulcers.

Edelman for Effexor XR/Wyeth got the word out about treating depression with a list of symptoms and a suggestion to readers to ask their doctors for more information.

Lewis & Neale for Mexican Avocados and the Florida Tomato Committee offered editors and readers these mouth-watering recipes and tantalizing color photos.

GCI for SlimFast educated the public on meal alternatives that can help dieters lead a healthier life.

Rowland Company for DuPont Packaging offers tips to consumers on maintaining fresh food with the SureLock Air Tight Seal.

Publicis Sanchez & Levitan for Nestl Carnation, in a series of releases, offers consumers various recipe releases including this one for a delicious Tamale Pie as shown in this attractive photo.

FDA offers tips on preventing salmonella poisoning by proper storage and preparation of eggs.

M. Silver & Associates for Coinstar creates an awareness of a technology for using piles of idle spare change at the supermarket to help pay for groceries.

Edelman Worldwide for Household International offers homeowners information and advice on understanding and using credit for home loans.

Federal Reserve Board suggests the best ways to find information on how to obtain the proper mortgage loans to fit ones needs.

The Pampered Chef offers information about professional opportunities for those who seek independent employment selling cooking supplies from their own homes.

Dunwoodie Communications for Heineken as a public service offers students job opportunities encouraging students to study journalism and offering those qualified a chance to go to Miami for an audition. The article helps to build brand identification and loyalty by showing the good deeds the company is doing.

Ruder Finn for National Roofing Contractors Association offers high-paying jobs and training to readers across the U.S.

Spectrum Science PR for WomanCanDo! gets the word out about womens health issues and provides more information on a Web site and a phone line for recognizing symptoms and finding available methods for treatment.

ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) offers some recommendations, as a public service, for preventing injuries in the home and keeping a supply of items in a first aid kit. ACEP offers child safety tips for the home to prevent accidental poisoning, electrical shock, choking, burns, etc. ACEP recommends procedures to prepare for school emergencies such as fire, natural disasters and bomb threats. For school safety, it offers tips on preventing school yard violence, alcohol and drug use.

Fleishman-Hillard for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation points out the trend that the incidence of breast cancer is on the rise and encourages people to see their doctors for early diagnoses and prompt treatment to save lives. The article indicates Hispanic women are more susceptible to breast cancer and should be checked by age 40 with a mammogram.

Lions Clubs International describes the symptoms of diabetes and encourages people to see their doctors for a checkup. It offers, through an eye health program called SightFirst, an address for more helpful information.

Ketchum for Glaucoma Caucus Foundation creates an awareness that Medicaid now covers eye exams and indicates who is at risk and that treatment is available if detected at an early stage.

Upholstered Furniture Action Council offers fire safety tips to help consumers on choosing furniture such as bunk beds, wall units, cribs, storage bins and bookshelves.

NIH/National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) encourages parents to take their children for a test for detecting hearing loss and offers a contact address for more information.

Eagle Design for NIH National Eye Institute did a series of articles encouraging people to get eye exams for detecting glaucoma and to help people to improve their vision.

Vanguard CommunicationsU.S. Department of Health & Human Services Mental Health Division, for kids having problems in school and misbehaving, offers parents expert advice on how to speak to their children and get them the help they may need to fit in at school and in their neighborhoods. This article creates an awareness of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for children and families.

NOAA creates an awareness of its efforts to preserve marine life, describing the marvelous underwater creatures that need protection and offering those concerned a resource for more information to help.

Ogilvy for NHLBI (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute) with Garfield as celebrity star sleeper, offers expert child safety and health tips on nutrition, and on appropriate sleep habits for better performance in school and at play.

CDC diabetes divisioncreates an awareness of the importance of the flu shot for those who suffer from diabetes. This article educates the public that the flu can be life-threatening to those with diabetes.

Glaucoma Caucus Foundation created an awareness of the high incidence of glaucoma with diabetics and those with hypertension. This is especially prevalent in the Hispanic community. This medium helps spread the word to those most in need of assistance.

Blinded Veterans Association honors those who have helped defend our country and offers more information about its programs on its Web site and helpline.

Edelman Worldwide for Household Financial offered helpful tips to homeowners and helped generate hits in their Web site.

Department of Labor (DOL) through the International Initiative to End Child Labor, did a multimedia release in Spanish including these radio and TV scripts. The release offered contact information for concerned readers.