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Communications Instructions


MSG Instruction Error Codes

Error Code 02H 03H 04H 05H 06H 07H 08H 09H 0BH 0CH 0FH 10H 12H 13H 15H 16H 17H 18H 20H 21H 30H 37H 39H 3AH 40H 45H 50H 60H 70H 80H 81H 82H 83H 84H 85H 86H 87H 88H 89H 90H B0H

When the processor detects an error during the transfer of message data, the processor sets the ER bit and enters an error code that you can monitor from your programming software.

Description of Error Condition Target node is busy. NAK No Memory retries by link layer exhausted. Target node cannot respond because message is too large. Target node cannot respond because it does not understand the command parameters OR the control block may have been inadvertently modified. Local processor is off-line (possible duplicate node situation). Target node cannot respond because requested function is not available. Target node does not respond. Target node cannot respond. Local modem connection has been lost. Target node does not accept this type of MSG instruction. Received a master link reset (one possible source is from the DF1 master). DCOMM button was activated while an ASCII instruction was waiting to execute. Target node cannot respond because of incorrect command parameters or unsupported command. Local channel configuration protocol error exists. Local MSG configuration error in the Remote MSG parameters. Local channel configuration parameter error exists. Target or Local Bridge address is higher than the maximum node address. Local service is not supported. Broadcast is not supported. PCCC Description: Host has a problem and will not communicate. Bad MSG file parameter for building message. PCCC Description: Remote station host is not there, disconnected, or shutdown. Message timed out in local processor. Local communication channel reconfigured while MSG active. STS in the reply from target is invalid. PCCC Description: Host could not complete function due to hardware fault. MSG reply cannot be processed. Either Insufficient data in MSG read reply or bad network address parameter. Target node is out of memory. Target node cannot respond because file is protected. PCCC Description: Processor is in Program Mode. PCCC Description: Compatibility mode file missing or communication zone problem. Modbus Error 1: Illegal Function Modbus Error 2: Illegal Data Address Modbus Error 3: Illegal Data Value Modbus Error 4: Slave Device Failure Modbus Error 5: Acknowledge Modbus Error 6: Slave Device Busy Modbus Error 7: Negative Acknowledge Modbus Error 8: Memory Parity Error Modbus Error: Non-standard reply. Actual code returned can be found in the upper byte of sub-element 22. PCCC Description: Remote station cannot buffer command. PCCC Description: Remote station problem due to download.

Publication 1762-RM001E-EN-P - October 2003