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Ramadan and Some Questions and Answers Related to It


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He entered ihram for umrah at the end of Shabaan and performed it in 141234 Ramadan; will he have the reward of Umrah in Ramadaan?. Dividing Qiyaam al-layl into two parts during the last ten days of 109768 Ramadan. Is paying zakaat al-fitr obligatory for someone who only prayed on 146245 the last day of Ramadan and did not fast?. He told his wife to make food for him during the day in Ramadan!. 130828 He died owing expiation for having intercourse during the day in 131660 Ramadan. What should his children do?. Is it permissible for a woman to deliberately get her period in 156110 Ramadan?. Is the expiation for having intercourse during the day in Ramadan 106533 waived in the case of one who is unable to do it?. He cannot find time to read the Holy Qur'aan in Ramadan. 108455 Having an ultrasound to examine the ovaries during the day in 123493 Ramadan. He died owing two days of Ramadan because he was sick; what 130283 should his children do?. Ruling on offering food to non-Muslim workers during the day in 149174 Ramadan. Expiation for one who had intercourse with his wife during the day 1672 in Ramadan. When should a person make the intention to fast, and what if he 26863 finds out during the day that Ramadan has begun?. Fasting During Short Days In Ramadan. 833 He is going to travel and will remain abroad for three months; does 105443 he have to fast Ramadan?. He did not fast Ramadan because of sickness 25 years ago and 108759 he has not made it up until now. Was our breaking the fast wrong and do we have to make up the 110757 30th day of Ramadan?. Will the person who dies in Ramadan enter Paradise without 112089 being brought to account?. There is nothing wrong with giving food and drink to a mentally 130290 impaired person during the day in Ramadan. He wants to delay making up Ramadan fasts until winter because 132421 the days are shorter. Ruling on taking the Ramadan tablet, which reduces the effect of 139126 hunger, at sahoor during the month of fasting. He suffers from narcolepsy and wants to take medicine during the 154044 day in Ramadan. He vowed to take his mother for Umrah on the day of Eid; can he 109297 take her for umrah in Ramadan?.

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Pilgrim doing umrah in Ramadan not fasting if he has come from 128673 far away. Is saying Ramadan Mubarak be bidah . 12616 She has days to make up from Ramadan but she cannot 118281 remember how many they are. Eating out of forgetfulness in Ramadan does not matter. 22833 Ruling on the Ramadan soccer league . 50112 Does he have to make up what he missed of Ramadan before he 112104 became Muslim?. His mother died owing the fasts of two Ramadans. 130647 He is afraid that he may become sick because of being 142274 underweight; is he allowed not to fast during Ramadan?. Prisoner having intercourse with Wife during the day in Ramadan. 1051 Deputation in Paying Zakatul Fitr (Charity at End of Ramadan). 1153 Praying Isha (Nightfall Prayer) Behind Someone Praying 1159 Taraweeh (Ramadan Night Prayer). He prays but he does not fast in Ramadan does that make him a 12654 kaafir?. They found out during the day that Ramadan had begun, so they 26813 fasted . Prohibition on anticipating Ramadan by fasting one or two days 26850 before it begins. When she got her period in Ramadan, she broke her fast and did 37991 not make up the missed fasts . He committed zina during one of the nights of Ramadan and he 95754 wants to repent. Ruling on one who has not made up fasts that she owes from two 101100 years ago and is still unable to make them up. Questions about zakaah on jewellery and how it should be paid 159371 and who should pay it. Ruling on using smokeless tobacco; does it break the fast?. 152586 The virtues of Ramadaan. 13480 It is not permissible for you not to fast because of work. 128398 He has a kidney disease and the doctor advised him not to fast. 153679 Emission of maniy without desire does not invalidate the fast. 93769 If he starts fasting with a country that uses calculations, should he 107943 break the fast with them?. Are people who live in extremely hot regions obliged to fast even 129831 though it is difficult for them?. How can we help children to get used to fasting?. 139252 It is not permissible to swallow blood coming from the lip or gum 147126 because it is naajis (impure). If a person prays some of Taraweeh with the imam then prays Witr and leaves, will it be recorded for him 153247 as having prayed qiyaam al-layl?. Is it permissible to use a nasal spray that contains a percentage of alcohol? Does it break the fast for one 156278 who is fasting?.

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How to offer kafaarah (expiation) . He wants to start fasting on the fourth day. Should he do Umrah or spend the money on Jihad and propagating knowledge and on the poor?. She is not sure whether she became pure before Fajr; should she pray and fast?. She is not sure whether she became pure before Fajr; should she pray and fast?. It is not permissible to expiate for a broken oath by fasting unless you are unable to feed or clothe needy people or to free a slave. What counts with regard to the beginning and end of the month is sighting of the moon. Ruling on staying overnight in the mosque and teaching children and feeding them there. Fasting of the driver who is always travelling. Is it obligatory to feed sixty poor persons in one go? Can he feed his family with what he offers as expiation (kafaarah)?. Hajj does not waive obligatory duties such as expiations and debts. If he follows the moon sighting from another country, is it acceptable to delay the Eid prayer so that he can pray with the people in his country?. Singling out some nights for prayer that were not narrated from the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). She has recently become Muslim and is concealing her Islam from her domineering kaafir father. She fasted even though she was not sure about her ghusl following menses. Does she have to make up the fast?. Fasting makes her lazy and causes her to lose weight; can she not fast?. Numbers of rakahs in Taraaweeh prayer . The Muslim in Ramadaan. His vacation is in Ramadaan what is the solution?. A surgeon loses concentration because of fasting; is it permissible for him to break the fast?. Shaykh al-Islams comment that the word hilaal refers to that which began and people saw it. What are the Scriptures of Ibraaheem (peace be upon him)?. He prayed Taraweeh with the imam before praying Isha. Women in nifaas fasting if the bleeding stops before forty days. Repentance (tawbah) - on compensating for acts of worship deliberately neglected in the past.

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Where does Waswaas( bad thoughts) come from in Ramadaan. He says that he is the biggest sinner in the world.

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Why are the Muslims not united in their fasting?. 50487 Paying zakaah on a fund collected by a group of 95880 employees. If the imam forgets some verses, how can he recite 130865 them so that he will have completed the Qur'aan?. Her period was longer than usual on several occasions. What should she do with regard to 131541 fasting?. Is it permissible to eat food offered by actors and riba157663 based banks?. Is it better for men and women who come to do umrah to pray Taraweeh in Makkah and Madinah in the hotel 161102 or in the Haram?. Starting-point for one who wants to enter Islam . 1402 Disaster for a family because of a father who does not 3089 fear Allaah. How to pray and fast in countries where the day or 5842 night is continuous . Is it better to pay zakaah in Ramadaan?. 8400 It is not permissible to waive a debt and count that as 13901 zakaah. Wet dream during the day in Ramadaan, and the meaning of the hadeeth Bad dreams come from the 14014 Shaytaan. Breaking ones fast in Ramadaan deliberately, with no 26866 excuse. He suffers from stomach pain . 37921 His wife does not want to fast. 38282 The punishment for breaking the fast in Ramadaan 38747 with no excuse. She drinks wine in front of him and he is afraid that if he divorces her, she will take the children, and she is 65683 a kaafir. He wants to get married during the month of 65736 Ramadaan. She bled after having a coil inserted after her nifaas 65903 ended. They lived under Communist rule and did not know anything about praying and fasting; do they have to 97501 make it up?. Dividing Muslims into practising and non-practising. 107289 He did the marriage contract with her and was intimate with her without intercourse in Ramadaan, and he had 111165 intercourse with her before announcing the marriage!. He drank something after Fajr during a voluntary fast. 112015 Does he have to offer expiation?.

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She passed blood that was brown in colour and then in the form of a black thread. How should a businessman pay zakaah on goods that are en route to him? Should he subtract debts that he owes from the wealth on which he is going to pay zakaah?. She used to do the secret habit and did not do ghusl but she fasted and prayed. Which is the middle prayer?. Spotting after the period ends is not regarded as menses. She bled after having an injection for temporary contraception; what should she do?. Will the baby be harmed because of some names? Should they take him to a shaykh in order to avoid that?. He wants to enter Islam but he cannot give up coffee when fasting!. Not doing ghusl for five months because of sickness. She used not to fast during Ramadaan when she first reached puberty; should she make them up now that she has grown up?. Ruling on fasting for one who is forced to masturbate. How should he pay zakaah on his savings from his monthly salary?. Minimum distance to allow shortening prayer. Sunnah (Prophet's Example) in Performing Night Prayer. References to propagational issues. Ruling of non-Muslim Fasting. Who gave the Quraan this name?. Ruling of non-Muslim Fasting. Does Islam regard men and women as equal?. Ruling on reading from the Mus-haf during prayer. Ruling on fasting for one who is diabetic, and when is it permissible for him not to fast? . A Muslim must perform hajj for himself first. The physical characteristics of the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), and seeing him in a dream. Fasting al-Ayyaam al-Beed is done according to the lunar calendar, not the solar. Masturbating when fasting. Is there any other way to compensate for missed fasts due to pregnancy and breastfeeding apart from fasting those days at a later time?. Is it better for a pregnant woman to fast or not to fast? . Does thumb-sucking affect the fast?. Is it permissible for one person to give the Jumuah khutbah and another to lead the prayers?.

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Qadianiyyah in the light of Islam. Should a woman start with making up missed fasts from Ramadaan or with the six days of Shawwaal?. Muslim holidays & symbol. asking what is our religion. Ruling on skin patches in Ramadaan. Fasting person having an injection . It is difficult for him to pray because his work is hard. Fasting on Saturdays. Holding the Mus-haf for one who is following an imaam is contrary to the Sunnah . The Quraan was revealed by Allaah, not created . Making up Ramadaan fasts missed because of childbirth. Ruling on observing a naafil fast with the intention of making up a missed fast . How To Become a Muslim ?. He wants to benefit his deceased father.

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11819 12652 Married to a Christian woman what should he do next? . 13253 Islamic Holy Days and Special Occasions. 13497 Exams are not an excuse for not fasting in Ramadaan . 13643 Having dental treatment whilst fasting . 13767 Marriage of a convert: must he marry someone of the 13780 same race?. Those who used to fast will be called from the gate of al13934 Rayyaan . Good deeds done before saying Shahaadah are not valid . 13986 A man embracing his wife whilst fasting . 14315 What is the punishment for one who drinks alcohol, and are 20037 his prayer and fasting valid?. Suhoor is not a condition for fasting to be valid . 20135 Making up missed obligatory fasts during the days of 21049 Tashreeq is not valid. Praying Qiyaam al-Layl in congregation at times other than in 21210 the month of Ramadaan. Days on which it is prescribed to observe naafil 21979 (supererogatory) fasts . How should the Muslim intend to fast? . 22909 Intercourse during Ramadaan. 23339 How to control urges through fasting. 26811 Making Witr resemble Maghrib . 26844 He bought land with the intention of selling it. How should he 32715 pay zakaah on it?. A traveler knows that he will come back tomorrow is it 36721 permissible for him not to fast? . Itikaaf of women in the mosque. 37698 How should a cabin crew member fast? . 37717

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Does a pregnant woman have to fast? . Treating toothache during the day in Ramadaan . A sick person who cannot fast . Working on Saturdays and Sundays in Ramadaan . He cannot pray Taraaweeh in the mosque because he is busy looking after his daughter . Uttering the intention out loud for salaat al-Taraaweeh and other prayers is bidah. She did not eat suhoor and did not wake up for Fajr. Should she carry on fasting or break her fast?. How can sins happen in Ramadaan when the devils are chained up? . Does her husband have the right not to break the fast with her so he can break his fast in the mosque? . Her father tries to hit her and prevent her from fasting . He ate after dawn by mistake. If countries differ with regard to when Ramadaan begins and when the day of Arafah is, with whom should I fast? . Her husband does not do any of his duties, he sleeps a lot and he neglect prayers. He said to his wife: You are divorced when we go back to our country. She did not make up the Ramadaan fasts that she owed for nine years . Ruling on swallowing ones own saliva or that of someone else . He is asking about dying in the month of Ramadaan . Consoling a parent for the loss of a daughter. If a man has intercourse with his wife during the day in Ramadaan whilst traveling, there is nothing wrong with that . If a pregnant woman feels a bit tired can she break her fast?. Is it essential to recite the Quraan in sequence for one who wants to complete it?. Does shaving the beard invalidate the fast?. Should Taraweeh prayer be offered individually or in congregation? Is completing the Quraan in Ramadaan bidah?. Is there a duaa which a menstruating woman can recite that brings a reward equivalent to Hajj or Umrah?. He is going to travel from one city to another and come back on the same day; can he break his fast?. Righteous deeds do not expiate transgressions against the rights of others. Should she stop her prayer because her family does not know that she is Muslim?. Engaged couple exchanging affectionate words and actions, and the effect that has on fasting. Should he observe itikaaf during the last ten days of

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Ramadaan by himself and not go back to his family and worship with them?. Is it better to memorize Qur'aan or to read it during Ramadaan?. He intended not to fast because he was going to travel the next day, then he did not travel. Ruling on building a mosque or addition to a mosque with haraam wealth. He was told that having an injection breaks the fast so he broke his fast and made it up later on. What should he do?. Does vaginal bleeding due to surgery mean that one cannot fast?.

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