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I want to work in a field where I have direct positive impact on someones life.

I want to be able to assist others so they have the support and skills they need to be able to work through their disadvantages. I want to be the one who gives them hope while coaching them through their issues and concerns. I will use what I have learned from facing my own obstacles to assist others through their difficulties and help empower themselves to change their lives. I will reach this goal by getting an Associate of Arts transfer degree at Lane community College, then transfer to the University of Oregon for my Bachelors Degree in Sociology with a minor in psychology. I will continue to volunteer in my community, getting more hands on experience for furthering my skills for future employment. 141 At 22 years old I found myself in deep addiction How did I let this happen? I asked my self. With self-loathing at the pit of my stomach, I faced the fact that I would be spending the next two years of my life in prison. With my mother, father, and grandmother all having been sent to prison themselves for the same addiction, I had to ask myself why I had to always choose to learn the hard way. I was always making my own mistakes instead of borrowing and drawing off their experiences. What I learned most about my self is that I want more out of life than drugs and addiction. I want to stop the cycle. My life is going to become what I decide to put into it and my life is worth putting my 100% I am the one in control, creating my own future. 151 My biggest accomplishment is that I have been able to change my perspective. I now think about how my actions will affect other people. I now recognize the need for giving back to the community instead of just taking from it. I have found that I am more productive now that I am clean and sober. I am going to college and working towards a degree that is of service to others and is rewarding and fulfilling. Three years ago I never thought it was possible. I wake up every day with a goal and a mission to continue my school and education. I make it possible by keeping my goal in mind every minute of the day and with every new doubt that passes through my mind, I overcome it by taking small and reasonable steps and reaching out to my support. 144 I have made my community a better place to live by being a role model of some one who is fighting my addiction successfully and succeeding in staying clean. Im putting in the work and working the steps to better my life. Its important for other addicts and recovering addicts to see success, especially at a time when they feel they have no hope. Ive worked as a peer counselor and aided in emotional support to members in my community. I have volunteered in community agencies such as HIV Alliance and Chrysalis drug treatment. I have also held service positions in my local Narcotics anonymous (N.A.) and Alcoholics anonymous (A.A) support groups. Also I am currently holding a position as a Student Service Associate in which I help my community members look for jobs, register for college and do scholarship research. 142