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Application for Resources for Classroom Instruction

(Designated use: Resources NOT approved as district curriculum or library materials)

(Approximately 30-60 day process)
Title of Resource:_ The Tree Is Older Than You Are by Naomi Shihab Nye
Type of Resource: Film Audio Book Novel Textbook Other 
   
Fiction Non-Fiction Memoir  Unit of
Genre: X  Study X
Collection of Mexican poems and art

Recommending Teacher:_Jesse School:_Helena Middle Date: July 15,

Franzen_______ School_____ 2008
I have checked
Grade curriculum. This resource Yes
Level:__8th_________ is not used at another
grade level.

One selection of literature circle unit

How does the resource contribute to the on Latin American culture, historical
curriculum? fiction, modern, first person narrative,
group discussion, group
Latin America, specifically Mexico,
How does the resource contribute to poems, are, and is engrained in the
breadth and depth of viewpoints? (eg. culture which is increasingly
controversial issues, multicultural becoming part of our modern life in
disability, gender-fair, etc). the United States_______________

It has multiple national awards and is

How is the resource age appropriate for recommended by the American
the social and emotional development of Library Association as
students at this level? developmentally

Please identify one or both (if applicable): _Not Rated

Lexile Score: Readability

Attach a favorable review from a reputable Review attached Yes No 

source. If no, please provide an explanation:
(Your building librarian would provide great _____________________________

Attach your rationale for using this Rationale attachedYes No 

material for this level (contact department If no, please provide an explanation:
chair for a blank rationale template).

Signature of recommending teacher: _____________________________________ Date:


Signature of supporting professional who has read, viewed, or listened to the

resource: ___________________________

Signature of Department Chair:


Signature of District Curriculum Administrator:


Statement of Explanation
The Recommending teacher is responsible for reading, viewing, or listening to the
resource, completing this application, writing the rationale, and securing
signatures required.

Application for Resources for Classroom Instruction

Learning resources shall be selected by professional staff to help meet
curricular, instructional, and assessment objectives.

Curriculum Connections (Consider the following.)

• Contribution that resource makes to the curriculum and to the interests
of the students, based on state and district standards

• Contribution the resource makes to the breadth and depth of

representative viewpoints on controversial issues

• Contribution of representative viewpoints, including, but not limited to,

multicultural, disability awareness, and gender-fair concepts

• Contribution the resource makes in developing critical thinking skills

• Appropriateness of the resource for the age of the students with whom
the resource is intended to be used
o Emotional development
o Readability
o Learning style
o Social development
o Lexile

• Appropriateness of the resource for the circumstances of use

Quality of Resource (Consider the following.)

• Favorable reviews found in reputable professionally prepared sources

• Favorable recommendations based on preview and/or examination of

materials by District certified staff.

• Reputation and significance of the author, producer, and/or publisher

• Potential user appeal

• Artistic quality and/or literary style

• Quality and variety in format, content and production

• Overall strengths