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I am sending this note on the eve of my birthday 50 th and the 28 th Anniversary our Advising, Tutoring and Mentoring Program

m We had developed, since 1984 we have been occurring across the country and Latin America, as self management resources to our foundation and education network f or audiovisual literacies -and promotion scientific method, on child, young and junior managers- currently on worldwide, know how co-authoring by Cultural Cent er of Audio Visual Exchange, Nonprofit Foundation and Global Network. I then greet you, do us the great favor to read details about the 28th anniversa ry this July 8, 2012, is in the following document below, thank you very much fo r your time and solidarity, with our team and think tank. Yoe F. Santos/CEO Cultural Exchange Center Audio Visual, Inc. (CCIAV) Foundation & Global Socio-Cultural Network Human Person Talents, Criticism, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! 28 Anniversary 1984-2012 0. A short brief : Background and Motivation, B2B, Numeracy Membership, Progr am for CCIAV, CC4AVE , launched on May 1 th, 2012. BOREDOM, Functional Illiteracy, technophobia: Impoverishing factors, LOW qualit y standards and chain of value circulation contents, IDEAS on CULTURAL JOURNALISM ... Sooner rather than later BOREDOM Journalism-cultural-AND GIVE, emergent gifted c itizens (We all have culture, but WHO CAN develop it?, Garcia Canclini, 2005:3-7) Camilo Venegas, with his lecture on BOREDOM and cultural journalism .Neither mor e nor less truths of a fist, for those who want to be part of the solution -Of the disconnect between problems,- cultural topics and agendas, linked with CULT URAL communication and journalism, associated with cultural reception or cultura l consumption as REAL justification for invest on culture, cultural industries a nd creative industries, fields: the audiences, tastes educational, preferences, preference readings, tastes, ha bits and cultural consumption patterns, and so on The disagreements WITH THE HEARINGS, which in theory should be non-illustrated-elites , it has no case "Preach to converts" . .. BUT THE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, ordinary citizens in each country, who do not know that culture, micro cultures and subcultures COVERING ALL kind of symbolic or m eanful PRACTICES, without ANY EXCEPTION, everything could remarks or fade cultur al in heritages, because ALL human being is own or OWNERSHIP of his or her own c ulture ()TAKING pieces, and letting others, this is what, we names: appropriation of hi s or her culture(Davis, 2008, PAHO, UASD) NO-NO EXCEPTION, practice or person- SU RVIVAL team AND SPIRITUAL all people, ORGANIZATIONS, INSTITUTIONS, BUSINESS , C OOPERATIVE, Not just artists or teachers or writers ...from the cradle to the gr ave ... -IF THE PAST IS BORING, for present and emerging Generations, IS BECAUSE Modes of communicating are boring, not the CULTURE, the way for communicate tho se experiences: -Produce, -Store, -The distribution channels or networks -Resources such as books, chalk and eraser, All those written component or verbal and written bi-dimensional components on c ommunicative process: CAN NOT compete with the color, moving images and THE GLOC ALIZE, of electronic media, above all the radio, TV and THE INTERNET. TIME, TIMING ... truths ... they will have to adapt, not the elders of the trib

e, on their way to cemetery but the digital native and preferences by: Immediacy, FUN ubiquity and JOY. In this court is not can play Katz (2010) or functional illiterates, tied to te chnophobia and to the CULTURE ON paper support, for circulation on your CONTRIB UTING TO THE UNIT the diversity of culture, in a country of immigrants and emig rants, Ubiquitous Identity and hybrids and perpetually hybridizing more and more , by tourism and international migratory flows, and its results: the Dominican-X , ie, in the early twenty-first century. Few people in this is boring or out communicative tone standards, AND QUALITY pr edominantly supported in visual solutions, Discovery Channel, the Weather Channe l, Animal Planet; History Channel or Bio Channel ... BIO CHANNEL is a 100% anchored as media programming, on past tense and History Channel too oriented disclosure of PAST .. AS HISTORY CHANNEL ... but they have millions of viewers, around the world ...AND THESE PEOPLE producing such soluti ons, are also cultural journalists, not just persons on the entertainment indust ry, and We have not doubs Punset is another member on cultural glocalized journalism tea m, BUT visuality tends bridges, in the dissemination and extension-And socio-cul tural- for COMPLEX ISSUES And theoretical depth PROCESSES Hypercomplicated or p luriverses issues On visual universes of meaning, those complicated subjects, can be followed (And enjoyed) FOR A CHILD, motivating his or her ATTENTION and his or her curiosity ... for pay attention, stay and most active participati on, in practically unlimited patterns as attitudinal paths on reception process AS CONSUMER FRONT A PRESENTATION of the same, in a communication s media or mas s media, documentary or program ...In or around Communication our current days NOT all are words, that's what we have taught, HYPERTEXT eg and more recently the Internet, Web 2.0 or 2.0 ... (Think about: Yolanda Martinez and her concept of "TIME AFTER") is about the past, but WITH SUPPORT AND TECHNOLOGYTHIS , coming from here and now.. no excuses, No mediocrities: QUALITY, unadorned ... Technophobia does not help build value, or positioning, or quality, or differentiation on world class no connection from the unity on diversity, wit h younger citizens and ...as simple as that, for the same right skills or recyc ling or we will die ... as we learn from Al Ries and Jack Trout. HOOKED THE TIME, Improvisations, IS ENDING IN A WORLD Interdependent ... or new literacies, is something that sooner or later -And all over the world PUTTING ENDING UPSIDE DOWN TEXT books throwing it the trash can the majority of them to be ....Rethought or rewritten, FROM THE LOGIC THE EDUTAINMENT, nothing new, after read Khun (1954. 1962) on eme rgent or new paradigms Or listen well expressed by Prensky (WISE, 2012): "Surrender ... children learn ALONE, the future world, is not going be manage, for the adults of today ... " Do You remember "Conversation in the Cathedral"? Well if it was a Dominican nat ional TV program, -But thinking and manufactured by a philosopher and poet ... -guests were different, production was different BUT despite the glocalize ... -On subjects, issues, guests, approaches- the author insist on claim "THE ISLAND ". And it was an authentic cultural JOURNALISM AND SOCIO-CULTURAL TV program... If you had invested more than 30 years, thinking, making proposals and collectin g evidence, on one or few focus as reference, you are not feeling comfortable w ith generalities, or maybes, if and so on, we have over 30 years, saying that ... The Prenskinians(2001,2012) and Gardnersnians (1985. 2006) speeches, represent for our generation, a worldwide victory, worldwide: the critical position of P rensky ( 2012), it si not a local issue, on the long path for understand who is the kid, the child, INSIDE on the mind, around learning patterns and the black bo x or unknown needs (or neglected needs) in each culture or context, on the Earth, remarks details, factors in common, with other children, in the same way: THE AG

ENT of local development is the individual, ()one child knows very well, what kin d of world he or she prefers, and what kind of world they dont like to exist with in, exactly, as they know about engagements with the relations and the building possibility for a new world, friendly with other children around the world (UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF (2003): The decentralization of human development: The city as a place for re-encounter. World Summit Child Friendly Cities, San Fernando, S pain)So, those are just positions ovationed by minorities but not any minority any, but only a minority SUCH STUDY those concrete process... I remember an nice anecdote on the "general public" or general audiences, Odali s Perez Nina (1996) in a National Congress of Dominican Writers, where to list en him, reading his paper attended only 10 or 15 authors, hahaha, he said: - "NO, no problem, WE ARE ONLY THE GREAT PUBLIC. " and then, began to read his w ork. Period. So it is always advisable to Know: - HOW TO SPEAK? - What IS THE CONTEXT, -worldwide state of the art: WORLD, the matterbecause THERE NOW not exists, any more something like the "national culture" except into the mind of fascists: an autarkic, Ethnocentric, isolationist, is what he calls Lozano (2008) the "cultural provincialism." Now everything is comparative, if you create a horizontal dialogue, EVIDENCE BA SED on the problems we have O WE Affecting everyone in a neighborhood in a municipality, in a region, in a language, in a sector of the economy as CULTURE OR CREATIVE CLASS (Florida, 2002) -IN A CONTINENT, or from the global citizenship cultural and communicative as consumers of culture- CULTURE AS Or any other stuff ... WHERE WE WANT "GIVE LESSONS ..." -TO a "culture" coming from Memins comics or pre-audio-visual and pre-technological, surrounds or reference contexts Now from cyberspace, the distance between a brilliant exposition, dialogue based on evidence and be ridiculous, under illiteracy opinions, defending ridicule ca uses without facts for prove it, are just a slip. That's one more reason to rush in the B2B, they reach such conclusions, not com e as a gift, FREE FALLEN FROM HEAVEN ANY, MUCH LESS EFFORT-but hard work, hours , looking decades, on silent ...just observing showing and vanishing trends on t he communicational markets and tools for support innovation or creativity on aud io-visual languages or rhetoric patterns, expecting the humble opportunity one d ay SAY something new and helpful for the cultural exchange process, ONE DAY MOR E THAN OTHERS. ALWAYS aware about the concrete scenario on the Earth thinking on benchmarking t erms: 90% people working in this and connected agendas, issues, topics are onli ne and the pontifications ARE USELESS, on cyberspace. The other element is one opinion coming out on interview by ex leader on newspap ers as EL PAIS, Spain: 80% contents on the internet and cyberspace is trash, 10% is not journalism and just the other 10% is authentic journalism ARISE WHERE 1.5 MILLIONS OF NEW WEB-every 24 hours with new proposals, questions and answers about life and culture, BE HUMBLE AND LISTEN TO KNOW MORE AND BETTER WHAT IS ADVISED-PRUDENCE- WHEN NOT WANT TO DO THE RIDICULOUS, worldwide ... ALWAYS GIVE HUMBLE AND PROVISIONAL OPINION, trying to be aware, in an original mix up -state of the art of the subject, -Technologies, - Neurosciences and - Theories on and reception studies, - Micro-marketing and WAYS TO COMMUNICATE-in relation not with the language as a significant system co

mputer and reinterpretante, but also WITH THE TERMS AND Methodologies under STUD Y Meanful or Signifying systems, from semiology, ie ... and the impact of the ab ove IN THE LIFE OF ordinary PEOPLE, on THE ECONOMY (old and new economics) AND EDUCATION,NOT ONLY on the leisure or PLEASURE playfulness ...in, across or for each individual IF EVER CONNECTING THE symbolic PRACTICE WITH the economy, then be impossible P rofessionalization of the work, or connect expertise with wealth and life qualit y of agents on cultural system AS MANAGERS, innovators, technicians and workers, as a complex dimension, for each individual on different roles, moments, expert ise and career plans, under possibilities of specialization as member on creativ e class, based on personal talents, multiple intelligences, and RELATIONS WITH m icro marketing, niches and concrete audiences on emergent glocalized trends. creative, innovative or management of cultural and creative industries, or partnerships, THE CO-PRODUCTIONS, nor exports ... FOLLOW THE DEPLETION GRADUAL sector and the loss of competitiveness of the count ry ... the municipality or the region that the case ... ratings, the failure or success of a initiative, program or part communication, ESPECIALLY PUBLIC ... municipal or state COMMUNITY ... in the early twenty-first century. IF THESE contributions over time may improve exportability, disclosure, visibil ity of cultures, diversity, linguistic-cultural, BECAUSE THERE IS NOT a miracle, but because A GROUP OF PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE TIME AND PLACE, (In a country, in a municipality, a university, in a continent, in a language, a culture ...) He began to look BEYOND the shell of the problems ... instrumentalist PERSPECTIV E instrumental or not a citizen on the street, their interest and their unmet ne eds for: -Ownership and uses meaningful COMMUNICATIONS as a right in ICTs, from the dialogue -Between producers, consumers, animators, analysts, developers, all kinds of expertise ... aspiring beginners amateur, professional, technicians, teachers, on just in time (JIT) or real time exchange NO REST, FOR GENERATIONS ... The juice or summon all those sweats, laughter, tears and hopes, we call this cultural-historical memory of humanity ... WORTH AS to market prices, these contributions to kayzen IN AREAS, Subject or discipline, Dunlop says that if each successful new product on the world market have trouble LIFE of 2.5 engineers in the room of design ... in their industries ? The contribution each human being in this UNIVERSAL poem I speak universal peace ? I do not know ... but synergies, team play and the values democratic and humani stic is really what matters ... AS EVIDENCE IN ANY DIALOGUE. Thanks again ... to put the concerns IMPORTANT what, beyond the talk and irresponsible, politicki ng. "A day I learned that science Was NOT true ... THEY defend their ERRORS AND mistakes, with the same intolerant pomp of a religious sect ... " Bart Kosco (1996: 30-36) "The Fuzzy logic" "If science does not contribute to improve LIFE OF THE PEOPLE: are just a perversion Nikola Tesla We honestly preferred CLOSE THE CHANNEL TO GENERAL AUDIENCE migrating to B2B, g radually and now after may, 1th, 2012, open the Numeracy Membership, after: all noise, ignorance and stupidities

we needed to listen from technophobes writers, citizens, prejudice persons, hate rs groups or sectarian and fundamentalists groups, on 2010 ad 2011, something we never had experiment on the internet, since 1996, first time we started to shar e INFORMATION, NOT SHIT on cyberspace This is WHY we had closed our channel on Facebook.com account for CCIAV, CC4AVE, BEST we currently, stick with the 10% FROM OUR READERS after july 8th, 2012 as clear and simple way for celebrates our 28th anniversary. WE PREFER PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS, CONCERNED Proposing, investigating, OR WORKING -FINDING SOLUTIONS- CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE, FOR WELFARE,THE HUMAN PERSON, YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LEISURE ... and enjoyment from the cultural consumption, LIVE heritage, tangible and intangible glocalize human ity ... "There is NOT free lunch", but is something beyond money, anybody pays for be hi t or bite on the process, after nearly a lifetime betting Otherwise, FROM THE INF ORMATION WELL AS PRODUCT OR PUBLIC -TO DECISIONS OR THE PRODUCTION OF KNOWLEDGE-we were forced by the reality- to migrate B2B so we - Very much against our w ill and our way of taking these tasks, from 1976 to present dayDesign the Numeracy Memberships, to remarks 28 th anniversary this in CCIAV ... NO MORE TOURISTS, no more noise, not more waste time

No more uninformed/ illiteracy comments or Illiterate comments on WHAT WE CARE ABOUT ... -Human Person -Talents, Criticism, Friendship! -Salut, Polis et Ecumene! "... We are all ignorant, BUT not all ignorant, the same things ...Not everythi ng you see, counts, and not counts all that is possible to see it... "(Albert Ei nstein) "One day I Realized, science is not the TRUTH ...They Have the Same arrogant way for defend Their errors and mistakes than a religious sect ...the science, the God of Twentieth century HAD died (...)I cannot remember Exactly Which day WAS When I Realized science was not truth ..." Bart Kosko (1996:30-36) "The Fuzzy logic" -Give it (our applause) functional illiteracy, to technophobia and Katz (2010) Hey. On 8 July,2012 I am 50 years old, if you want something has sensitized our work, from the internet, on cyberspace, the socio-cultural and research in the human sciences, administrative and communication, disciplines over the years, jo in us our team, in 28 th anniversary on Cultural Center Audio Visual Exchange, Inc. (CCIAV, CC4AVE) network as a foundation and socio-cultural inclusion for ch ildren and young talented or gifted persons, as world-class strategies managemen t and marketing, in parallel with the digitized content on human scientific and cultural interests, sharing freely and openly by virtual space or cyberspace. We do not want a gift endorsement or personally, on this day doubly special-Afte r more than half life for these paths of solidarity- but to invite you to person al or institutional Support us to continue, in this work, acquiring a tenured Nu meracy Membership (We launched the program on May, 1th, 2012) for our organizat ion, on the grounds that since the death my father, Dr. Dimas de Js. Santos Cast illo in 2007 -our main donor, have been taking a personal capacity despite my he alth and economic constraints, alone, these tasks to continue in promoting, fina ncing and CCIAV operating in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and all the N ON industrialized world; REASON why keep, free-to-public of these countries from accessing or reading the

content and information that we serve, produce and promote, constitutes a valua ble contribution,-management, creative and educational research and audio-visual - from the perspective of the role of communication processes, semiotic, recepti on and consumption of intangibles audiovisual-in: creation, promotion, internalization democratic and humanistic VALUES culture of peace, from the cradle to the grave, from, by and for the VULNERABLE citizen celebration of diversity and richness of tale nt of the other and the other from the cradle to the grave; the fight against po verty, social inclusion, ethno-linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as hum an development, and from the demystification of knowledge, in poor countries or in developing worldwide. The tenured Membership for, from and for CCIAV, has been the use synergistic and supportive adopted for the first time in 28 years, to proceed with the deepenin g self-management of the reflection on new literacies, learning by doing collec tive, on collaborative emergent tools and paths, as community involvement action on B2B, of this initiative CCIAV, CC4AVE,support following priorities: creative classes, the projection of talent, education, innovation and creativity, such as undertaking world-class management, based on curatorial standards, quality and worldaccepted and promoted -In the logic of the information as a public service or public goodproviding cohesion social, from the unity in diversity, this in the forums an d istances, specialized globally, since 2003, when the supportive and synergistic impact of our work in Latin American cybercultures, caught the attention of UNES CO and ECLAC, in their respective World Year Book and Directories, by a join ven ture named Alojo.com project-from-whose contents, strategy communication and rel ationship marketing, we had design on 1998-2003,an alliance between CCIAV and Mu ltidom.com, See: Palacios, Palacios (2003): "Social and Cultural Uses of ICTs in Latin America and Caribbean " See Handout New Society magazine, Caracas, Yoe F. Santos - Dominican Republic | LinkedIn do.linkedin.com / in / yoefsantos The uses of Internet communication and society www.flacso.org.ec / docs / usosinternet.pdf CCIAV-CC4AVE-Foundation-Net - Member Profiles - TakingITGlobal profiles.tigweb.org/CCIAV-CC4AVE - Translate this page UNESCO Yearbook ECLAC Rolando Palacios (2003): "Social and Cultural use of ICTs in Latin America and Caribbean. ... New Society Magazine, Caracas. OTHER RELATING INFO FOR UNDERSTAND OUR EMIGRATION TO B2B AND CLOSE-CHANNEL FACEBOOK (2011): profiles of authors, citizens, partners, volu nteers and allies, for our OUR editorial digitized products online ... PROBLEMS OF SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE. from iisuabjo.edu.mx Looks and messages to the Human Rights Education A Magendzo - 2004 - books.google.com Multipolar world

from enlaceacademico.org M MULTIPOLAR - mc.enlaceacademico.org The future look back from the publisher from scielo.org.ve Thematic Index S - The World Wide Web: (..., 2005 - scielo.org.ve Thirty-five editions define fields of an academic publication scriptural university from scielo.org.ve P Rivas - Educere, 2006 - scielo.org.ve ::::::::::::: Call TODAY if you are interested in the details, your participation personal or institutional, Membership in the tenured, as symbolic input able to help us move forward to the next stage lifecycle -On activities, agendas, priorities, philos ophy, goals and values for CCIAV- or request information detailed e-mail, aroun d the Membership tenured and 28 th anniversary of CCIAV, this July 8, 2012. Office 809 508 2036 Mobile 809 299 2036 On twitter @ cciav www.twitter.com / cciav cciav.hq @ gmail.com www.scribd.com / yoefsantos www.facebook.com / yoefsantos www.academia.edu / yoefsantos www.linkedin.com / yoefsantos www.authorsden.com / yoefsantos Yoe F. Santos Senior Writer & Management Consultant CEO Cultural Exchange Center Audio-Visual, Inc (CCIAV) Human Person Talents, Criticality, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! 28 th. Anniversary 1984-2012 CCIAV Headquarters. Tiradentes Ave, No. 14 Alfonso Commercial Bldg, Suite 401. (Opposite National Supermarket) Ens. Naco, Santo Domingo, D.N. CEOs office, CCIAV, CC4AVE Helios Ave, Bldg Rosamar, Apartment E-41, Bella Vista, Santo Domingo, D.N. _____ Appendix One: Specific concept, costs and benefits tenured Membership Annuities BY CCIAV.

Join Us ... Cultural Center 4 Audio Visual Exchange. Global Network http://cciav-global-networks.hi5.com/ YFS. Relative links. Personal Info http://www.yoesantos.com/ http://www.linkedin.com/profile?viewProfile&key=11404356 https://www.xing.com/profile/YoeF_SantosGraciano2 Our favorites tastes on music http://tunein.finetune.com/listen.php?id=109128 Hello I pointed out to invite me to the tenured Membership of our Foundation & Cultura l Exchange Center Audio-Visual, Inc., now celebrating its 28 th in 2012 annivers ary. Since 1984, we have been pushing this project for socio-cultural and media liter acy, related to the promotion of child and adolescent talent in the industrializ ed world, ie, Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately for us, since the death of my father, Dr. Dimas de Js. Santos Cast illo, in 2007, we have been facing financial constraints, to keep open our insti tution from cyberspace, reaching a space designed as reflective, creative and in novative world with over 5 million readers from 159 countries, sharing content, ideas and proposals in 11 languages. Grateful if you helped us acquire a tenured Membership, with a contribution of $ 100 prepaid, annual, annual contribution: symbolic contribution, equivalent to the value one hour of research and socio-cultural, at market prices, at present ;how we ever supportive your hand, to locate other people or institutions in you r city that are motivated by the rights issue of young children and their indiv idual freedoms, including the right to education and edutainment. Best regards, Yoe F. Santos/CEO CCIAV, Dominican Republic cciav.hq @ gmail.com 809 508 2036 809 299 2036

Annex Two: Hold twice: my 50 years of age and 28 years of CCIAV ... two miracles in our personal lives, in this July, 2012.

Next Sunday after 6.00 PM RSVP 809 508-2036 ______ "For the villagers of the interior, EVERY DAY is a miracle of life " Pastor Moya (1994) Keep walking, singing and playing ... SEEKING Increasingly away from ignorance a nd prejudice, of misogynist instincts, and the stupidity, budded- With veneer of erudition to celebrate, HORIZONTAL DIALOGUE OPTIONS, free, informed available t o everyone-from the cradle to the grave-emerging from alfabetidades-And also fro m the traditional-to: innovation, creativity, equality, freedom Diversity and THE INTERROGATION-endlesslyof what each person looks, lives, feels, or sounds .... as everyday life in ever y corner of the world, from active citizenship, communication, cultural and ente rtainment, because as Luis Dias said, "THE GOAL IS FREEDOM" ..... BUT FOR THE JO Y FOR PEACE, INCLUDING, THE HAPPINESS ... the other or the otherness ... WHAT else, NOT IN OUR DREAMS ... OR boredom, OR MEDIOCRITY, AND BANALITY .... This is how let 50 years and 28 th CCIAV anniversary, both anniversaries, childr en's miracle and the solidarity of many hands, readings, songs, touching, smiles and dreams pooled from the heterogony and heterodoxy., in the paradoxes of bein g a person walking by way of heterogeneous, between paradigms, centuries, betwee n centuries, bridges when all points of certainty seem collapse, in their own perplexities, going to the unprecedented .. .If you are interested in these VERY SPECIFIC agenda and issues ways, and have ov er 14 years of age, join to our team, Literacy communication, production, exchange, feedback preferred readings, hypertext and socio-cultural. Write TODAY: cciav.hq @ gmail or call for one customized/ personal appointment : 809 508 2036 809 299 2036 If you still have other FAQ, visit www.twitter.com / cciav www.scribd.com / yoefsantos or ... https://www.facebook.com/CCIAVAudioVisual.G.Net.Foundation No noise to keep walking ... for life ... Apart of everything that cannot add peace -Inspiration, wellness, quality information in order the construction of the and inclusion of vulnerable- of FRONT AGAINST NARCISISISMS, VIOLENCE, THE Messianis m and mediocrity, the same as the banality, the genuflexive attitude, alienated leisure, stupidity and ignorance ... as criteria of truth or quality ... "With the reins taut, to restrain my flight,/Not that important, get alone or fi rst,/ BUT ALL TOGETHER AND on TIME ... " Leon Felipe The solidarity, exists for is for other solidary peoples and organizations, on t ime, across the timesvalues matters, HERE but you can used as Ok. E-translations

hahhafor everything else, use Your credit card or wear, contact your bank ... WRITING and literacies, maxim scientific writing, have been changing their ways to account for the amount of "impurities", influences from intertexts the dialo gue across on disciplines ...emergent -subdomains subreigns subtopic or subspeci alities- as doctors, specialized on eyes, nails, and so on but about mass media, e-media, emergent audiences and so on GENERALISTS are not useful in some topics experiences countsBUT EXPERIENCES ON CUR RENT ACTIVITIES AND CURRENT WORLD, on cyberspace or digital natives, for example or on new poverty or proletarized middle class and impacts on culture and leisur e patterns or cultural consumption habits, CONCRETE things WHO is to blame THAT FAILURE CLARITY, as read, preferent reading, today (1945-p resent) on philosophy, marketing, aesthetics, psychology or anthropology, and t he difference of these books, essays, projects or documents of the manner in whi ch you wrote and read, during the past, in the 1800s and before? NO ONE is to blame for that the days pass, that the earth rotates, that new pro blems are discovered or make new questions, that precisely scientific writing is made ...NOW PRETEND called author and essayist, for any actually issue of -O f culture, economics, society, WANTING placed outside the didascalics, standard s of the notes or scholarly footnotes, is: LIVE unrealistic, that people who read and buy book and magazines have rights ... Deserve respect Inside and outside the humanities ... NOBODY in medicine and in economics, would come to accept mediocrity as QUALITY STANDARD as the text on the "post modernity" by Steve Katz (2010), translated an d published by Replicantes, e-zine, Mexico. Saddened that humor, be the excuse for such a defense fascist ideology disguised , misogynist-And against all minorities, land- in an funny essay , because in the early 1800s, THERE Everything WAS so clear, for readers, because during those ancient times, did not exist constituted the corpus current existing on: anthropology or socio logy, neurosciences, all areas that as a discipline second grade, heterogeneous , between health sciences and humanities, as contemporary Psychology ....Passin g on prejudices to this author postmodernists are PRECISELY incorporate writing scientific reports, management, non-fiction or journalistic notes-To publication s, scientific and cultural journalism- discoveries in the human sciences or hum anities, in combination or SYNERGY WITH HEALTH sciences, new speeches or discou rses, coming from the second half of the nineteenth century to the present day: THESE TRUTHS, "have obscured" the value and mean or sense as read PREFERRED REA DING, or process of reception and consumption ... CONTENT of the research and wr iting that calls itself scientific, by authors such as Katz (2010). IF YOU HAVE BEEN following up NOTES our will KNOW that we are flexible, accept each person as ... BUT DO NOT KNOW Read or write properly -Respecting the audience ... -The rights of the people who wrote or documented any phenomenon or process prior to the authorship of the text ... -BY humility, intellectual -FOR RESPECT TO THE PAST, RESPECT FOR THE EFFORT made for other human being or institution, not for plagiary author That is the ONLY FALENCIA, unacceptable In our OPEN AND FRIENDLY exchangeswhich i s to exchange information in B2B, for decision makers or stakeholders or people who are using these inputs of information to produce NEW knowledge. BUT these skills to read and write properly are Skills for a chi ld 12 to 14 years old, ie 6th grade or eleventh grade, THAT IS THE MINIMUM ...wi th the human rights of people and their democratic and humanistic organizations, All I ask, really, is that you considered or respectful of others in your dialog ues in the channel, and the content or messages you exchange ...under your autho ring or rights holding rights, WE PERSONALLY AND WITHING CCIAV, CC4AVE, operate

under Creative Commons, OERs Commons, Dev Commons, Scientific Commons, the same licenses: -Attribution -NON commercial uses -Share Alike -Non Derivated Works for all materials we sign personally or by CCIAV, CC4AVE, in cluding logotype as virtual identity 3 RULES will help you live happily and peace in our company ... SAME AS A CONSTRUCTION Of cultural citizenship, democratic communicative and civic 24/7 as active citizenship ... Community Standards on Facebook Community Standards - Facebook www.facebook.com/communitystandards/ To balance the needs and interests of a global population, Facebook protects expression that meets the community standards outlined on this page. Ad Community Standards - Facebook Help Center | Facebook www.facebook.com/help/?page=249771195050317 In all cases, Facebook reserves the right in ITS SOLE DISCRETION to determine whether particular content is in violation of our community standards. Illegal Activity ... Community Standards on Twitter Community Standards on Linkedin Social Media Community Standards - Ontario S... www.ontarioshores.ca/cms/One.aspx?portalId=169&pageId... Modify these Social Media Community Standards at any time. ... Our social media sites, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, are intended for ... And you know a a little read, Rules or Citizenship Letter, on MYSTIC, Project an d Virtual Community (1999-2007) ideal for collaborative cross cultural and cross disciplinary collaborative web or virtual communities, under human development and communications, as cohesive philosophy. Citizenship in this context Citizenship or Letter of MISTICA(1999-2007) MISTICA | Virtual Community | Charter and rules ... - Funredes www.funredes.org / mystical / Castilian / ... / reglas.html July 10, 2004 - RULES OF MODERATION IN ITS CONTEXT MISTICA ... virtual (see http ://funredes.org/mistica/castellano/evaluaciones/). MISTICA | Virtual Community | Charter and rules ... - Funredes www.funredes.org / mystical / cas / ... / procedimiento.ht ... - Translate this page Jump to Annex 3: Rules for good use of lists: http://funredes.org/mistica/castel lano/emec/metodo/procedimiento.index. Last modified: ... MISTICA | Cyberlibrary | Documents l @ s participants ... July 10, 1999 - Mystic, COMMUNITIES AS A GUIDING THE VIRTUAL ... government to establish rules group membership and the rules ..... http://funredes.org/mistica/castellano/cibe roteca/participantes/ ...

At the boundaries of ethics and culture funredes.org / mystical / cas / cyberlibrary / thematic / ici MISTICA list: MISTICA: Liberty, Equality, Respect and Clear Rules ... funredes.org/mistica/comunidad/mail/.../0002.html February 19, 1999 - http://funredes.org/mistica/comunidad/condiciones.html. MISTICA | Virtual Community | Charter and rules: philosophy - Funredes www.funredes.org / mystical / cas / emek / ... / filosofia.h 17 Apr 2000 - Charter MISTICA virtual community project: the project's philosoph y and process. ... VC Rules http://funredes.org/mistica/castellano/emec/metodo/filosofia.html ... IF YOU live under those little netiquette rules and values in your decisions, we also help to facilitate dialogue multicultural, interdisciplinary and transdis ciplinary ... A DIALOGUE ON THE BASIS OF EVIDENCE not Biases (And less on prejudice against the citizen or group or more impoverished, invisible, vulnerable or subordinate), in the case of children, adolescents young citizens, people with some degree o r level disability, elderly or other stigmatized or discriminated collectives as migrants, minorities, and so on STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF THERE Digital Natives a s object -for observation and studies on cultural consumption-or the Google gene ration, in our exchanges ... WELCOME :) within that framework: coexistence, and the culture of peace, Yoe F. Santos Cyberspace June 29, 2012