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Notes PIPE FITTERS MANUAL Tube Turns, Inc. Loursyit ae 40202 PeLepwowet oe) 950822 FOREWORD “ube Turns is pleased to provide this Pipe Fit tors Manual as an expression of our mutual interest in improving the parfarmance, ‘ependabilty and quality of American indus. taliing, For mote than 50 years Tube Turns has worked esznestiy to merit aur tust by maintaining the highest quality standards and by continually developing new and beter piping products that make your work easier and more satistying “eday, the Tube Turns line of Engineered Prod cts isthe broadest in the word... all popular sizes end materials... stocked and gold in all, Principal ces. We welcome your continued suopart of our effons to promote the use of only high-quality “Tube Tums products... made in America by American Craftemen, Tube Turns, Inc. Qe oe zi Z TABLE OF CONTENTS. Decimal Eilat of Freon 2 Hardows Conveion Nutter 8 agleh Metre Comercio Fast 19 ‘Welding Fiting Dimensions 2 Bak Trqué Pocedareon Flanged dons 24 Pipe Alig. a Sige Smal Diamar pig a Pipe angers as How Cut Od Ange Eon 46