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Yookoso! Most families experience painfully that the current economic situation is unbalanced, funny, and foggy.

And however national governments pretend to fight the chaos dark forces had brought upon society; their efforts are at best late, populist, disguise as capitalism, and without clear consideration for the main asset of the state: its people. The dark forces national governments fight with sarcasm and phony bullets are also on their lists of segments to protect at all cost it seems. They cant determine the enemy, that is. Is it recent Japanese nuclear upheaval ? Is it China-ism ? Is it climate change ? Or is it democracy ? Or maybe it is the usual enemy, socialism. But if the enemy is socialism then current governments should be able to spot it easy because we all know its symptoms: central governments vast control over peoples life; power to own companies, usufruct national assets, lend money to full segments of society, intervene on any private-sector management decision, impose equality, etc. All of them bad ideas. But arent those actions what western, capitalist, and democratic states are taking now to help families out of the economic crisis ? Indeed. If you think about it, the western economic crisis is the heir of a capitalist socio-economic system that has failed to fulfil human needs. But far from labelling the system as a failure, we must accept that the political class with the power to apply the system is what makes it worthless because the truth is that no matter what socio-economic system we adopt, always the political animal will find its way to benefit from it regardless of the people. And what the political cartel in turn want us to believe is that what they do now by bailing banks, and other big-name industries is a way to keep capital investors confidence, but the cartel forgets that the people is the investor of the state. Western governments with their socialist manoeuvres inject currently tons of money into the system, but why do governments have money, if not for all those citizens that work hard to provide for their families ? And why, if they have the funds, not invest them on fulfil their campaign promises such as fix streets, build bridges, promote better education, etc.? Do they ignore where their pay checks come from ? Or they do not care ? At the end the investors of the state, the people, can clearly see that Capitalism is not the better economic system, nor Socialism, nor Soviet-ism, nor China-ism. The better economic system that will take us out of recession is the one that works for families.