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0 Introduction

As computer technology changes at such fast phase, many businesses sectors try to cope up by upgrading computer system constantly in order to stay competitive. The multi-function ability of technology for its advance system is also an important factor for a company to use software. It makes efficient use of the advance technology and has ambition to discover more.

Computers have the great impact on the profession of accounting. With the rapid growth of technology today, there is no doubt that computer will become a common asset in all profession. The program also allows the monthly payroll schedule to be calculated accurately. Just by having all employees info like name, working hours, wages to enter in the database. Therefore, payroll can be done with the guide of the program. The system is good in for its specialty in the fields of accounting. It is easy to use, effective and efficient in organizing and calculating the payroll.

The accounting department usually gathers the time cards and processes the payroll by computing the employees salary through their time record.

In addition, this study aims to design, develop and implement a reliable and manageable computerized Payroll System for SANVIL Construction and Technical Services Company in Canlubang, Laguna for better management of the business. The Proposed Computerized Payroll System will give a big relief to the employees and employers as well.

______________________________________________________________________________ Sanvil Construction and Technical Services Co. Computerized Payroll System

1.1 Background of the Study

Santos Villegas Construction and Technical Services Company was established due to the partnership of Mr. GenerD. Santos and Mr. Santiago Villegas. The company was started on June 19, 2007. After retiring from their previous company which is Bayer Philippines, Mr. Santos and Mr. Villegas planned to gather all the skilled personnel in Canlubang, Laguna and establish the company.

The companys policies are separated in two parts namely; Customer Service and Technical Support Team. For Customer Service when it comes to developing constructions industry and building maintenance, SANTOS VILLEGAS Construction and Technical Services Co. professionally granted your needs immediate assistance and actions. The company gives advice through the use of telephone or mobile phone. The company estimates the cost effectively, and the company gives information on repair and maintenance. On Technical Support Team the clients can contact them 24 hours and can conduct investigation for trouble and cause and the team also provides individual assistance. The cut-off period of their salary is on the 10th and 25th of the month and their payday is on the 15th and 30th of the month. They have 100 number of employees and they are categorized by regular, casual and relievers.

______________________________________________________________________________ Sanvil Construction and Technical Services Co. Computerized Payroll System 1-2

Gener D. Santos
General Manager

Ruel J. Rabandaban

Santiago C. Villegas
Budget Manager

Engr. Ronaldo Tolentino


Rafael C. Cabungcal
Project ImplementationHead/Accountant

Engr. Rene Suyat

Project Engineer- Civil

Engr. Gilbert B. Arguilles

Project Engineer- Electrical

Engr. Rod L. Barastas

Project Engineer- Mechanical

Joel Vallejo
Project Coordinator

Noli Villegas
Purchasing Officer

Edwin G. Barena
Project Foreman - CIVIL Victor Valeros RoldanSevilla Rey Delos Santos Arnold Dela Cruz Erwin Armecin Anthony CAbungcal Joel De Leon Leo Gerio ArnelValeros Vincent Lopez

Charlie Banzon
Project Foreman - Electrical Rogelio Villegas Art Valdez Marcelo Rebadio Joel Villegas Glen Almaden Rodrigo Molina Jeffrey Barena

Ramon G. Navarro
Project Foreman - Mechanical Ernesto Dulay ArnaldoGerio Felipe Ortega Robert Espectacion JomariJuance Elwin Ablaza Nino Lawas

______________________________________________________________________________ Sanvil Construction and Technical Services Co. Computerized Payroll System 1-3

1.2 Statement of the Problem This phase tells the problem needed to be solved whether general or specific.

1.2.1. General Problem How to design, develop, and implement a computerized Payroll System for SANVIL Construction Company that will improve their current system?

1.2.2. Specific Problem How to develop a module that will lessen the time consumed in computation of salary for employees because the files are being shuffled while encoding it? o The accountant has to look for the employees records then retrieve the number of days an employee worked and he also needs to compute the payroll of all employees. The accountant manually computes the payroll of employees. Gathering data and encoding them is very hard for the accountant since the company have over 100 employees. How to develop a module that will calculate the payroll in an accurate way? o The accountant sometimes accidentally shuffles all the records of the employees then eventually start all over again just to check if he processed the files correctly and accurately.

How to develop a module that will easily generate the needed reports? o The accountant types all the necessary reports for the payroll of the employees and prints.

______________________________________________________________________________ Sanvil Construction and Technical Services Co. Computerized Payroll System 1-4

1.3 Objectives of the Study On this phase, the objectives that the proponents desired were being inculcated.

1.3.1 General Objectives The objective of the study is to access the present payroll system of SANVIL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, Canlubang, Calamba City, Laguna. This study would help the system analyst to know the prerogative and inconvenience of manual payroll system as well its effects on their business performances. Moreover, it would give them the idea on what possible instances they may encounter in the system software (payroll system).

1.3.2. Specific Objectives To develop a module that will lessen the time consume in computation of salary for employees. The proposed system will lessen the time consumption on computing the salary of the employees because the company will

be using a program. To develop a module that will calculate the payroll in an accurate way. The proposed system is very accurate on computing the salary because it contains mathematical solutions and formulas for computing the payroll. To develop a module that will easily generate the needed reports. The proposed system can generate report in just 1 click then the respondents can print it.

______________________________________________________________________________ Sanvil Construction and Technical Services Co. Computerized Payroll System 1-5

1.4 Scope and Limitations Scopes :

Log-in module The employees log in their time then the time keeper records this module. Accountants Module The system will automatically generate the hours, salaries and deductions or pay slips of all employees.

File Maintenance The system can add, update, search and retrieve records of the employees regarding their salary.

Employees Information The system can change and delete the employees information. Salary The system generates the net pay of the salary of the employees. Reports Generation In charge of all the reports including payroll and pay slip reports. o Pay Slip The accounting office will generate the pay slip then give to the respective employees. o Payroll Report The accounting office will print the report then put in the filing cabinet for future reference.

Utility Module The cut-off period of the pay period can be changed with the companies will.

______________________________________________________________________________ Sanvil Construction and Technical Services Co. Computerized Payroll System 1-6

Limitations of the Study: Hiring of employees Hiring of employees depend on the need of the company. Cash Management Only the management can do this because of its confidentiality. Employees still have to use bandy clock for log in and log out The bandy clock is not part of the system because it is still done manually by the time keeper.

Computation of back pay The system will not compute the back pay when the employees contract is done.

______________________________________________________________________________ Sanvil Construction and Technical Services Co. Computerized Payroll System 1-7

1.5 Significance of the Study

Owner The owner will benefit the owner because having this system is important to the

company to gain competence to other companies because nowadays most of the companies are using computerized system.

Accountant This will benefit the accountant because this will lessen the time consumption and

this will accurately compute the payroll of the employees.

Employees This will benefit the employees because the salary and the deductions generated

from this system are very accurate.

Proponents This will benefit us because this is our requirement to finish the course.

STI College Santa Rosa This will benefit our school because this will serve as reference to the library.

Future Researchers This will benefit them because if ever they need a reference to do their proposal,

they can read this and they will have an idea on how to make a good proposal.

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