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Spanish-English Law Glossary

Over 2,000 terms carefully compiled and researched by Reed D. James. Check back for updates.


Spanish: a cambio English: in exchange

Spanish: a costa de English: at the expense of

Spanish: a cuyo efecto English: to which end

Spanish: a efecto de English: with the object of, for the purpose of

Spanish: a efectos de English: for the purpose of

Spanish: a horcajadas English: straddling

Spanish: a instancia de English: at the request of

Spanish: a instancias de English: at the request of

Spanish: a la letra English: literal

Spanish: a la vez English: at the same time

Spanish: a la vista English: at sight

Spanish: a la vista de English: in light of

Spanish: a la vista del caso de epígrafe English: in the above styled case

Spanish: a mayor abundamiento

English: furthermore

Spanish: a mi juicio English: in my opinion

Spanish: a modo de ejemplo English: by way of illustration

Spanish: a nombre de English: in the name of

Spanish: a propuesta de English: on the motion of

Spanish: a prueba English: a prueba

Spanish: a prueba English: on approval

Spanish: a prueba English: on a trial basis

Spanish: a que hubiera lugar English: which may be proper

Spanish: a que se contrae English: referred to

Spanish: A quien corresponda:

English: To whom it may concern:

Spanish: a salvo English: safe

Spanish: a su cargo English: in you/his/her/its/their care

Spanish: a su costa English: at its expense

Spanish: a su costa English: at his expense

Spanish: a su digno cargo English: in your worthy care

Spanish: a sus antecedentes English: on the record

Spanish: a tal efecto English: to that end

Spanish: a tal fin English: for this purpose

Spanish: a tenor de English: pursuant to

Spanish: a título de English: by way of

Spanish: a título oneroso English: for value

Spanish: a un sólo efecto English: each equally binding

Spanish: abogado English: attorney

Spanish: abogado general English: general counsel

Spanish: absorbible English: absorbable

Spanish: abuso sexual English: sexual abuse

Spanish: acatamiento English: respect for the law

Spanish: acatamiento English: observance

Spanish: accessión English: accession

Spanish: accidental English: acting

Spanish: acción legal English: legal action

Spanish: accionante English: plaintiff

Spanish: acicatear English: provoke

Spanish: acoger English: admit

Spanish: acogerse English: have recourse to

Spanish: acogerse a English: take refuge in

Spanish: acogido a la ley English: protected by the law

Spanish: acompañado English: accompanied

Spanish: aconsejar English: advise, give advice to

Spanish: acordar English: agree to

Spanish: acordar English: decide

Spanish: acorde English: suitable

Spanish: acotamiento English: annotation

Spanish: acreditación English: accreditation

Spanish: acreditado English: accredited

Spanish: acreditar English: demonstrate

Spanish: acreditar English: prove

Spanish: acreedor English: creditor, debtee

Spanish: acreedor hipotecario English: encumbrancer

Spanish: acta de defunción English: death certificate

Spanish: acta de inicio English: opening record

Spanish: acta de presencia English: notarial certificate

Spanish: acta fuera de protocolo

English: record outside of official records

Spanish: acta notarial English: affidavit

Spanish: acto continuo English: immediately thereafter

Spanish: acto de conciliación English: conciliation act

Spanish: acto jurídico English: legal proceedings

Spanish: actuación notarial English: notarial certificate

Spanish: actuaciones English: proceedings

Spanish: actualización English: update

Spanish: actuar English: take action

Spanish: actuario English: clerk

Spanish: acudir

English: go

Spanish: acuerdo consorcial English: consortium agreement

Spanish: acuerdo de compras English: purchasing agreement

Spanish: acuerdo de venta English: sales agreement

Spanish: acumulable English: accumulable

Spanish: acumulativo English: accumulative

Spanish: acuse de recibo English: acknowledgement of receipt

Spanish: adelantar English: pay in advance

Spanish: adicional English: additional

Spanish: adjuntar English: attach

Spanish: Administración para el Sustento de Menores English: Administration for Child Support Enforcement

Spanish: administración pública English: public administration

Spanish: admisible English: admissible

Spanish: admisible English: acceptable

Spanish: admisible English: allowable

Spanish: admisible English: legitimate

Spanish: admitir a trámite English: allow

Spanish: adquirente English: buyer

Spanish: adquiriente English: purchaser

Spanish: advenimiento English: advent

Spanish: AENOR English: Spanish standards office

Spanish: afable English: affable, pleasant, cordial, friendly, kind, sociable, gentle, soft-spoken, sweet- tempered, amiable, good-tempered, warmhearted, good-humoured

Spanish: afectar English: affect

Spanish: afianzar English: strengthen

Spanish: afligirse English: worry, become worried, get worried

Spanish: afortunadamente

English: fortunately

Spanish: afrontar English: face

Spanish: afrontar English: confront

Spanish: Agencia Española del Medicamento English: Spanish Medicinal Evaluation Agency

Spanish: agente English: agent

Spanish: agente English: representative

Spanish: agente comercial English: commercial agent, business agent

Spanish: agente judicial English: bailiff’s clerk

Spanish: agradecer English: thank

Spanish: agravado English: aggravated

Spanish: agredir English: attack

Spanish: agregar English: add

Spanish: agresor English: attacker

Spanish: agricultor English: farmer, farm worker

Spanish: aguas territoriales English: territorial waters, maritime waters

Spanish: ahora bien English: now

Spanish: ajustado a derecho English: proper by law

Spanish: ajustarse a English: adhere to

Spanish: al amparo de English: under the protection of

Spanish: al azar English: at random

Spanish: al calce English: at the foot

Spanish: al corriente English: up to date

Spanish: al final English: ultimately

Spanish: al presente English: at present

Spanish: al principio English: at first, in the beginning, at the beginning, at the start, initially, originally, at the outset

Spanish: alargar English: prolong

Spanish: albacea English: executor

Spanish: aleatorio English: random

Spanish: alegación English: plea

Spanish: alegar

English: claim

Spanish: alguacil English: bailiff

Spanish: alguacil English: bailiff

Spanish: alguna vez English: occasionally

Spanish: aliciente English: incentive

Spanish: aliciente English: lure

Spanish: aliciente

English: temptation

Spanish: allanamiento English: submission to a legal decision

Spanish: allanarse English: accept

Spanish: almacén English: warehouse

Spanish: ama de casa English: housewife

Spanish: amenaza English: threat

Spanish: amianto English: asbestos

Spanish: amparar English: cover

Spanish: amparo English: protection

Spanish: ampliación English: expansion

Spanish: ampliamente English: largely

Spanish: and Access to Governmental Public Information English:

Spanish: anécdota English: anecdote

Spanish: anomalía English: anomaly

Spanish: anotación English: annotation

Spanish: ante el cual English: in which

Spanish: antefirma English: title of signatory

Spanish: anteproyecto de ley English: draft bill

Spanish: anteriormente English: previously

Spanish: anticipado English: in advance

Spanish: anuencia English: consent

Spanish: anuencia English: approval

Spanish: anverso English: recto

Spanish: aparente English: apparent

Spanish: apartarse English: depart

Spanish: aparte de English: aside from

Spanish: apego English: adherence

Spanish: apelación English: appeal

Spanish: apelación en ambos efectos English: suspensive appeal

Spanish: apellido English: surname

Spanish: apercibimiento English: warning

Spanish: apersonarse English: appear in person

Spanish: aplicable English: applicable

Spanish: apoderado judicial English: attorney

Spanish: apoderar English: authorize

Spanish: apostilla English: apostille

Spanish: apud acta English: among the recorded proceedings

Spanish: aquí

English: here

Spanish: Archivo General English: State General Civil Registry Records

Spanish: area marítima English: sea area

Spanish: argentino English: Argentinean

Spanish: arrendador English: lessor

Spanish: arrendamiento English: lease

Spanish: arrendatario English: lessee

Spanish: artículo English: article

Spanish: asambleístas English: assemblypeople

Spanish: ascender a English: amount to, add up to

Spanish: ascendiente English: ancestor

Spanish: asegurar English: guarantee

Spanish: asentado English: recorded

Spanish: asesor jurídico English: legal adviser

Spanish: asesor legal English: legal adviser

Spanish: asesorar English: advise

Spanish: aseverar

English: affirm

Spanish: así que English: so

Spanish: así y todo English: nevertheless

Spanish: asistencia pública English: welfare

Spanish: aspecto English: aspect

Spanish: asunto English: matter

Spanish: asunto laboral English: work related issue

Spanish: Asunto. - El que se indica English: Re: As follows


Spanish: atenerse a English: abide by, go by, keep to, stick to

Spanish: atento English: considering

Spanish: atento a que English: in view of the fact that

Spanish: atestado English: certificate

Spanish: atribución English: authority

Spanish: atribución English: power

Spanish: atribuible English: attributable

Spanish: aún así English: even so

Spanish: ausencia English: lack

Spanish: autenticar English: authenticate, validate, legalize

Spanish: auténtico English: genuine

Spanish: auto

English: writ

Spanish: auto admisorio de la demanda English: admission decree

Spanish: auto de radicación English: order of establishment

Spanish: autoestima English: self-esteem

Spanish: autoría English: responsibility

Spanish: autoridades competentes English: enforcing authorities

Spanish: avalar English: warrant

Spanish: averiguar English: find out

Spanish: aviso

English: notice

Spanish: ayuda

English: aid

Spanish: ayuntamiento English: town council, city council

Spanish: bajo apercibimiento English: under penalty

Spanish: bajo ningún contexto English: under no circumstances

Spanish: bajo ningún contexto English: under any circumstances

Spanish: bajo protesta de decir verdad English: under penalty of perjury

Spanish: balbucear English: babble

Spanish: bases English: terms and conditions

Spanish: Benemérito de las Américas English: Worthy of the Americas

Spanish: Bielorrusia English: Byelorussia

Spanish: bienes English: property

Spanish: bienes de capital English: capital assets

Spanish: bienes muebles English: personal property

Spanish: bienes muebles English: real property

Spanish: bienestar English: well-being

Spanish: BOE English: Official Gazette

Spanish: buena fe English: good faith

Spanish: burlón English: joker, jester

Spanish: cabalmente English: exactly

Spanish: caducar English: expire

Spanish: calendario laboral English: work schedule

Spanish: cambiado English: changed

Spanish: cambio English: changed

Spanish: camino English: path, route, way, course

Spanish: cancelado

English: canceled

Spanish: cancelar English: cancel

Spanish: canjeable English: exchangeable

Spanish: canon de arrendamiento English: rent payment

Spanish: cantón English: canton

Spanish: capacidad financiera English: financial status

Spanish: capacidad para contratar y obligarse English: competence to enter into contracts and assume obligations

Spanish: capacitado English: competent

Spanish: capacitado English: qualified

Spanish: capitulaciones English: marriage settlement

Spanish: capitulaciones matrimoniales English: marriage articles

Spanish: carencia sobrevenida de objeto English: later disappearance of purpose

Spanish: careo English: confrontation

Spanish: careo de testigos English: confrontation of witnesses

Spanish: carga de la prueba English: burden of proof, onus probandi

Spanish: carga familiar English: dependent

Spanish: cariño English: affection, love, tenderness, fondness, care, attachment, caring

Spanish: Carolina del Norte English: North Carolina

Spanish: Carolina del Sur English: Sourth Carolina

Spanish: carta

English: letter

Spanish: carta de compromiso English: letter of commitment

Spanish: carta de presentación English: letter of introduction

Spanish: carta poder English: power of attorney

Spanish: carta rogatoria English: letters rogatory

Spanish: casa habitación English: house

Spanish: caso

English: case

Spanish: caso fortuito English: act of God

Spanish: catastral English: cadastral

Spanish: causa English: case, lawsuit

Spanish: cedente English: grantor

Spanish: cédula de citación English: summons

Spanish: cédula de notificación English: summons

Spanish: cédula fiscal English: tax roll

Spanish: cedulación English: registration

Spanish: celebrado English: celebrated

Spanish: celo

English: zeal

Spanish: censo English: voter's list

Spanish: centro comercial English: shopping center

Spanish: certeza English: certainty

Spanish: certificación de reproducciones English: certification of copies

Spanish: certificado de autenticidad English: certificate of authenticity

Spanish: certificado de residencia English: certificate of residence

Spanish: certificado de título English: certificate of title

Spanish: certificado médico English: medical certificate

Spanish: cesación de los efectos civiles del matrimonio católico English: annulment

Spanish: cese English: cessation

Spanish: cese English: cessation

Spanish: cesión English: assignment

Spanish: cesionario English: assignee

Spanish: cheque cruzado English: crossed check

Spanish: CIF

English: TIN

Spanish: CIG

English: IGC

Spanish: CIQ

English: IBC

Spanish: citación

English: notice

Spanish: claramente English: clearly

Spanish: claro

English: clearly

Spanish: cláusula abusiva English: oppressive clause

Spanish: cláusula de estilo English: formal clause

Spanish: cláusula de subrogación English: subrogation clause

Spanish: cláusula penal English: penalty clause

Spanish: cláusula suspensiva English: automatic suspension clause

Spanish: CLC

English: CLC

Spanish: CNC English: National Competition Commission

Spanish: CNE Comisión Nacional de Energía English: CNE (National Energy Commission)

Spanish: coacción English: coercion

Spanish: coadyuvante English: additional party

Spanish: coadyuvar English: contribute

Spanish: codeudor English: joint debtor

Spanish: Código Civil de Puerto Rico English: Puerto Rico Civil Code

Spanish: código de procedimientos civiles English: code of civil procedure


Spanish: Código Internacional de Gestión de la Seguridad Operacional del buque y la Prevención de la Contaminación English: International Safety Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention





Spanish: código postal English: zip code

Spanish: Código Procesal Penal English: Procedural Penal Code

Spanish: código sustantivo English: substantive code

Spanish: colegiatura English: tuition

Spanish: colegio de abogados English: bar association

Spanish: colegio electoral English: electoral college

Spanish: colegio electoral English: polling station

Spanish: comarca English: region

Spanish: comarca English: area

Spanish: comarcal English: regional

Spanish: comarcal English: local

Spanish: comenzar

English: begin

Spanish: comerciante English: merchant

Spanish: comisión English: committee

Spanish: Comisión de Pesca English: Committee on Fisheries

Spanish: Comisión Europea English: European Commission

Spanish: Comisión Federal de Electricidad English: Federal Electricity Commission

Spanish: Comisión Nacional de Seguros y Fianzas English: National Commission of Insurance and Surety

Spanish: comisionar English: delegate

Spanish: comité ético English: ethics committee

Spanish: Comité Permanente de Investigación y Estadísticas English: Standing Committee on Research and Statistics

Spanish: comitente English: principal

Spanish: cómo

English: how

Spanish: como quiera que English: inasmuch as

Spanish: como tal English: as such

Spanish: comodatario English: bailee

Spanish: comodato English: commodatum

Spanish: comparecencia English: appearance

Spanish: compareciente English: appearer

Spanish: compatriota English: fellow countryman

Spanish: competencia English: responsibility

Spanish: competer English: to be incumbent upon

Spanish: complejo English: complex

Spanish: comportar English: entail

Spanish: comportar English: involve

Spanish: comprender English: include

Spanish: comprendido English: included

Spanish: comprensivo de English: comprising

Spanish: comprobación English: verification

Spanish: comprobante English: receipt

Spanish: comprobar English: confirm

Spanish: comprometido English: bound

Spanish: comunicado English: official notice

Spanish: comunicarse con English: contact

Spanish: Comunidad de Madrid English: Autonomous Community of Madrid

Spanish: comunidad económica europea English: European Economic Community

Spanish: Comunidad Valenciana English: Autonomous Community of Valencia

Spanish: con

English: with

Spanish: con arreglo a English: subject to

Spanish: con arreglo a English: in accordance with

Spanish: con base en English: on the basis of

Spanish: con el debido respeto English: with all due respect

Spanish: con el fin de English: with the purpose of

Spanish: con motivo de English: because of

Spanish: con posteridad a English: after

Spanish: con renuncia expresa al fuero propio English: expressly waiving their own jurisdiction

Spanish: concerniente English: concerning

Spanish: concerniente English: regarding

Spanish: concertación English: concensus

Spanish: concesión English: granting

Spanish: concesionado English: granted under concession

Spanish: concesionar English: grant a concession

Spanish: conciencia English: conscience

Spanish: conciliación English: conciliation

Spanish: conciudadano

English: fellow citizen

Spanish: conclusiones de derecho English: findings of law

Spanish: concordante English: consistent

Spanish: concordar English: agree

Spanish: concretamente English: specifically

Spanish: concretar English: specify

Spanish: concurso mercantil English: bankrupcy proceedings

Spanish: condado English: county

Spanish: condición suspensiva English: suspensive condition

Spanish: condicionante English: determinant

Spanish: condómino English: condominium owner

Spanish: conducente English: pertinent

Spanish: conexo English: related


Spanish: confiar English: entrust

Spanish: conforme a derecho English: according to law

Spanish: conformidad English: agreement

Spanish: conformidad

English: consent

Spanish: confrontar English: compare

Spanish: confusión English: confusion

Spanish: connotación English: connotation

Spanish: consagración English: establishment

Spanish: consagrar English: devote, dedicate

Spanish: consciente English: responsible

Spanish: Consejería de Sanidad y Consumo English: Department of Health and Consumer Affairs

Spanish: consejero English: director

Spanish: consejo English: advice, piece of advice, word of advice

Spanish: Consejo de Europa English: European Council

Spanish: Consejo de Gobierno de las Islas Baleares English: Government Council of the Balearic Islands

Spanish: consejo de ministros English: cabinet meeting

Spanish: consenso English: consensus

Spanish: consensuar English: agree on

Spanish: consentimiento English: consent

Spanish: consentir English: accept

Spanish: Conservador de Bienes Raíces English: Registrar of Real Property

Spanish: considerandos English: whereas clauses

Spanish: consignación English: deposit

Spanish: cónsono con English: in accordance with

Spanish: consorte English: spouse

Spanish: constancia English: attestation, certification

Spanish: constatación English: confirmation

Spanish: constatar English: confirm

Spanish: Conste. English: Be it hereby stated and recorded.

Spanish: constitución English: constitution

Spanish: Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos English: Political Constitution of the United Mexican States

Spanish: constitucionalmente English: constitutionally

Spanish: cónsul general English: consul general

Spanish: contactar English: contact

Spanish: contados a partir de English: as of

Spanish: contemplar English: provide for

Spanish: contestar English: answer

Spanish: contra

English: against

Spanish: contractualmente English: contractually

Spanish: contradecir English: contradict

Spanish: contraer matrimonio English: enter into marriage

Spanish: contraparte English: adversary

Spanish: contrapartida English: consideration

Spanish: contraprueba English: counter-evidence

Spanish: contrata English: contract

Spanish: contrata English: agreement

Spanish: contratación mercantil English: commercial agreements

Spanish: contratante English: contracting party

Spanish: contrato de agencia English: agency agreement

Spanish: contrato de arrendamiento English: lease

Spanish: contrato de compras English: purchasing contract

Spanish: contrato de compraventa English: contract of bargain and sale

Spanish: contrato de crédito English: loan agreement

Spanish: CONTRATO DE MANDATO English: Contract of mandate

Spanish: contrato de representación English: agency contract

Spanish: contrato de suministro English: supply contract

Spanish: contrato de trabajo

English: employment contract

Spanish: contrato marco English: framework contract

Spanish: contravenir English: infringe

Spanish: control policial English: roadblock

Spanish: controvertir English: contest

Spanish: convalidar English: legalize

Spanish: Convención contra la Tortura y Otros Tratos o Penas Crueles, Inhumanos o Degradantes English: Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Spanish: Convención de Naciones Unidas sobre los Contratos de Compraventa Internacional de Mercaderías English: United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

Spanish: Convención Internacional sobre la Eliminación de Todas las Formas de Discriminación Racial English: International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

Spanish: Convención sobre la eliminación de todas las formas de discriminación contra la mujer. Nueva York, 18 de diciembre de 1979 la mujer English: Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

Spanish: Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño English: Convention on the Rights of the Child

Spanish: conveniencia English: advantage

Spanish: convenio English: agreement

Spanish: convenio English: arrangement

Spanish: convenio bilateral English: bilateral agreement

Spanish: convenio colectivo English: collective agreement



Spanish: Convenio Internacional Para La Seguridad de la Vida Humana en el Mar English: International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea





Spanish: convenio laboral English: collective agreement


Spanish: convivencia English: cohabitation

Spanish: convivencia English: harmonious relations

Spanish: convivir English: live together

Spanish: convivir English: coexist

Spanish: cónyuge English: spouse

Spanish: copia

English: copy

Spanish: copia autorizada

English: certified copy

Spanish: copia de estilo English: true copy

Spanish: copia simple English: unnotarized copy

Spanish: correcto English: polite, formal, well-mannered, well-bred

Spanish: corregimiento English: jurisdiction

Spanish: correlativamente English: correlatively

Spanish: correo certificado English: registered mail

Spanish: corresponder English: appertain

Spanish: correspondiente English: corresponding

Spanish: corrido English: consecutive

Spanish: corriente English: current

Spanish: corroborar English: corroborate

Spanish: Corte de Apelación English: Court of Appeals

Spanish: cosa común English: common property

Spanish: cosa juzgada English: res judicata

Spanish: costas English: legal costs

Spanish: credencial de elector English: voter ID

Spanish: credibilidad English: credibility

Spanish: creíble English: credible

Spanish: crematorio English: crematorium

Spanish: CRIP English: Mexican Individual ID

Spanish: Cruz Roja English: Red Cross

Spanish: CSC

English: CSC

Spanish: cuando English: when

Spanish: cuando sea preciso English: whenever required

Spanish: cuantía English: amount

Spanish: cuanto antes English: as soon as possible

Spanish: cuello de botella English: bottleneck

Spanish: cuenta clave English: key account

Spanish: cuerpo de leyes English: body of laws

Spanish: cuestionar English: question

Spanish: cuidado English: care

Spanish: culpabilidad English: culpability

Spanish: culpabilidad English: guilt

Spanish: Cúmplase. English: It is ordered that this be fulfilled.

Spanish: cumplimentar English: carry out

Spanish: cumplimentar English: execute

Spanish: cumplimiento English: fulfillment

Spanish: cuñado English: brother in law

Spanish: cuño

English: stamp

Spanish: cupón de pago English: payment coupon

Spanish: CURP English: Mexican Identification Code

Spanish: cursar

English: send

Spanish: custodia English: safekeeping

Spanish: dado

English: given

Spanish: DANE English: National Department of Statistics

Spanish: daño emergente English: accidental damage

Spanish: dar

English: grant

Spanish: dar cuenta English: give an explanation of

Spanish: dar parte a English: report to, inform, notify, apprise

Spanish: dar testimonio English: give evidence

Spanish: dar testimonio English: bear witness

Spanish: dar vista English: give notice

Spanish: darse

English: occur

Spanish: darse

English: happen

Spanish: darse por terminado English: come to a close

Spanish: datos English: information

Spanish: datos

English: data

Spanish: de acuerdo con English: in accordance with

Spanish: de antemano English: in advance

Spanish: de común acuerdo English: by mutual agreement

Spanish: de común acuerdo English: by common consent

Spanish: de conformidad con English: pursuant to

Spanish: de conformidad con English: in accordance with

Spanish: de corazón English: from one's heart

Spanish: de esta forma English: thus

Spanish: de este domicilio English: of this jurisdiction

Spanish: de forma y fondo English: formal and substantial

Spanish: de hecho English: de facto

Spanish: de inmediato English: immediately

Spanish: de marras English: above-mentioned

Spanish: de marras English: aforementioned

Spanish: de otra manera English: on the other hand

Spanish: de por sí English: in itself

Spanish: de primer orden English: first rate

Spanish: de rigor English: de rigueur

Spanish: de ser así English: if so, if that is the case

Spanish: de su puño y letra English: in one's own handwriting

Spanish: de tanto en tanto English: from time to time

Spanish: de todas formas English: in any case

Spanish: de tránsito English: in transit

Spanish: debidamente English: duly

Spanish: debido

English: proper

Spanish: decepción English: disappointment

Spanish: decir

English: tell

Spanish: Declaración de Helsinki English: Declaration of Helsinki

Spanish: declaración judicial English: court order

Spanish: declaración jurada English: affidavit, sworn declaration

Spanish: declaración oficial English: official statement

Spanish: declaración preparatoria English: accuser's statement

Spanish: Declaración Universal de la UNESCO English: UNESCO Universal Declaration

Spanish: declarar English: state

Spanish: declarativo English: declarative

Spanish: declaratoria de herederos English: declaration of heirs

Spanish: decoro English: dignity

Spanish: decoroso English: decorous

Spanish: decreto-ley English: decree-law

Spanish: deducir English: infer

Spanish: defecto English: defect

Spanish: defectuosamente English: defectively

Spanish: defensor de oficio English: counsel appointed by the Court

Spanish: defensor del pueblo English: ombudsman

Spanish: defunción English: death

Spanish: dejar sin efecto English: annul

Spanish: delimitación English: demarcation

Spanish: delimitar English: define

Spanish: delincuencia

English: delinquency

Spanish: delito

English: offense

Spanish: demanda English: lawsuit

Spanish: demanda judicial English: lawsuit

Spanish: demandada English: defendant

Spanish: demandante English: plaintiff

Spanish: demandar English: sue, request, demand, claim

Spanish: denominación comercial English: trade name

Spanish: denotar English: denote

Spanish: denotar English: indicate

Spanish: denotar English: show

Spanish: densidad de población English: population density

Spanish: denuncia English: report

Spanish: denunciante English: informer

Spanish: Departamento de Servicios Sociales English: Department of Social Services

Spanish: dependencia administrativa English: administrative unit

Spanish: deponente English: deponent

Spanish: deponer English: declare

Spanish: deportar English: deport

Spanish: depósito en garantía English: guarantee deposit

Spanish: derecho aplicable English: applicable law

Spanish: derecho canónico English: canon law

Spanish: derecho civil English: civil law

Spanish: derecho comunitario English: community law

Spanish: derecho de acceso English: acess right

Spanish: derecho de acceso English: easement right

Spanish: derecho de la competencia English: competition law

Spanish: derecho de paso English: right of way

Spanish: derecho de propiedad English: proprietorship

Spanish: derecho de usufructo English: usufructuary right

Spanish: derecho de usufructo English: beneficial interest

Spanish: derecho de vía English: right of way

Spanish: derecho natural English: natural law

Spanish: derecho privado English: private law

Spanish: derechohabiente English: legitimate claimant

Spanish: derechohabiente English: beneficiary

Spanish: derechos English: fees

Spanish: derechos civiles English: civil rights

Spanish: derechos del autor English: copyright

Spanish: derechos humanos English: human rights

Spanish: derechos reales English: in rem rights

Spanish: derivado de English: arising from

Spanish: derivado de English: arising out of

Spanish: derogar English: abolish

Spanish: desacuerdo English: disagreement, conflict

Spanish: desahogar una vista English: have a hearing

Spanish: desahogo English: presentation

Spanish: desahucio English: eviction

Spanish: desalojar English: evict

Spanish: desalojo English: eviction

Spanish: desavenencia English: disagreement

Spanish: descalificación English: damaging remark

Spanish: descendencia English: offspring, issue, descendants, descent

Spanish: descendiente

English: descendant

Spanish: desconfiar de English: distrust, mistrust

Spanish: descuido English: negligence

Spanish: descuido English: neglect

Spanish: desdeñar English: disdain, despise, look down on

Spanish: desenmascarar English: expose

Spanish: desestimación English: rejection

Spanish: desestimar English: dismiss

Spanish: desfalco English: embezzlement

Spanish: desgaste English: wear

Spanish: desierto English: void

Spanish: designación English: designation

Spanish: desinteresadamente English: unselfishly

Spanish: desistimiento English: waiver

Spanish: desistir English: desist

Spanish: desleal English: disloyal

Spanish: deslealtad English: disloyalty

Spanish: desmedido English: excessive

Spanish: despacho English: chambers

Spanish: despacho English: message

Spanish: desperfecto English: damage

Spanish: desposeer English: dispossess

Spanish: despreciar English: disdain, look down on, sneer at, scorn

Spanish: desprenderse de English: be inferred from, be implied by, be clear from, be evident from, be a consequence of

Spanish: desprestigiar English: discredit

Spanish: después English: after

Spanish: destinatario English: recipient

Spanish: desvirtuar English: nullify

Spanish: desvirtuar English: invalidate

Spanish: detección English: detection

Spanish: detectar English: detect

Spanish: detentar English: hold

Spanish: determinación English: decision

Spanish: determinación de hecho English: finding of fact

Spanish: deuda

English: debt

Spanish: devenir

English: become

Spanish: día

English: day

Spanish: día festivo English: holiday

Spanish: día hábil English: business day

Spanish: día natural English: calendar day

Spanish: diarios English: newspaper

Spanish: dicha English: happiness

Spanish: dicho

English: said

Spanish: dictamen English: judgment

Spanish: dictamen English: opinion

Spanish: dictamen English: report

Spanish: dictaminar English: pass judgment

Spanish: dictar

English: decree

Spanish: dictar

English: order

Spanish: diferentes English: different

Spanish: difícil

English: difficult

Spanish: diligencia English: judicial proceeding

Spanish: diligencia English: diligence

Spanish: diligencia English: care

Spanish: diligenciar English: process

Spanish: diligenciario English: process server

Spanish: Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa English: Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa

Spanish: dirección English: address

Spanish: Dirección General de Armamento y Material (DGAM) del Ministerio de Defensa English: Spanish Department of Armaments and Material (DGAM) of the Ministry of Defense


Spanish: Dirección General de Policía English: Spanish National Police

Spanish: dirección postal English: mailing address

Spanish: directiva English: directive

Spanish: director nato English: director ex officio

Spanish: discrecionalmente English: at one's discretion

Spanish: discrepancia English: discrepancy

Spanish: discrepar English: disagree

Spanish: disentimiento English: dissent

Spanish: disentimiento English: disagreement

Spanish: disponer English: state

Spanish: disponer

English: stipulate

Spanish: disposición English: provision

Spanish: disposición transitoria English: transitional provision

Spanish: disposiciones legales English: statutory provisions

Spanish: distar mucho de English: be far from

Spanish: Distrito Federal English: Federal District

Spanish: diverso English: article

Spanish: divorcio English: divorce

Spanish: divorcio administrativo English: administrative divorce

Spanish: divorcio contencioso English: contested divorce

Spanish: divorcio necesario English: mandatory divorce

Spanish: divorcio voluntario English: uncontested divorce

Spanish: DNI English: National ID Number

Spanish: documentación English: documentation

Spanish: documentación English: documents

Spanish: documentación English: papers

Spanish: documentación English: identification

Spanish: documento English: document

Spanish: documento público English: notarized document

Spanish: dolo English: wrongdoing

Spanish: domiciliado en English: with principal place of business at

Spanish: domicilio English: legal residence

Spanish: domicilio convencional English: elected domicile

Spanish: domicilio convenido English: elected domicile

Spanish: domicilio conyugal English: conjugal domicile

Spanish: domicilio habitual English: usual address

Spanish: domicilio real English: domicile of choice

Spanish: domicilio social English: corporate domicile

Spanish: dominio English: ownership

Spanish: dominio English: ownership

Spanish: doy fe English: I attest

Spanish: edicto

English: edict

Spanish: efectivamente English: indeed

Spanish: eficacia English: effectiveness

Spanish: ejecutoria English: final judgment

Spanish: ejemplar English: exemplary

Spanish: ejemplar English: model

Spanish: ejemplificar English: illustrate

Spanish: ejercer English: perform

Spanish: ejercer English: exercise

Spanish: él

English: he

Spanish: elevación a escritura pública English: recording in a notarial instrument

Spanish: elevado a público English: recorded

Spanish: elevar

English: file

Spanish: elevar a escritura pública English: notarize

Spanish: elevar a público English: put on record

Spanish: ELEVESE los autos en consulta al Superior Jerárquico English: The case under consideration shall be submitted to the consideration of the higher authority.

Spanish: embajador English: ambassador

Spanish: embargo English: seizure

Spanish: emergente English: emerging

Spanish: emplazamiento English: service of summons

Spanish: emplazamiento English: location

Spanish: emplazar English: summon, subpoena

Spanish: en aras de English: for the sake of

Spanish: en atención a English: in light of, by reason of

Spanish: en breve English: shortly

Spanish: en breve English: soon

Spanish: en cada momento English: at any given time

Spanish: en calidad de English: in the capacity of

Spanish: en caso afirmativo English: if that is the case

Spanish: en caso contrario English: otherwise

Spanish: en consecuencia English: accordingly

Spanish: en consonancia con English: in harmony with

Spanish: en cuanto English: as soon as

Spanish: en cuestión English: in question

Spanish: en cumplimiento con lo dispuesto en English: in accordance with the provisions of

Spanish: en efecto English: in effect

Spanish: en el caso que nos ocupa English: in the case at hand

Spanish: en el entendido que English: with the understanding that

Spanish: en el entendido que English: subject to the proviso that

Spanish: en el sentido que English: to the effect that

Spanish: en el territorio nacional English: in Spain

Spanish: en el transcurso de English: in the course of

Spanish: en el transcurso de English: during

Spanish: en especie English: in kind

Spanish: en fe de lo cual English: in witness whereof

Spanish: en funciones English: acting

Spanish: en la actualidad English: at present

Spanish: en la especie English: in the case at hand

Spanish: en la inteligencia que English: on the understanding that

Spanish: en la persona de English: through

Spanish: en lo conducente English: the pertinent part

Spanish: en lo menester English: to the extent necessary

Spanish: en materia de English: with regard to

Spanish: en ningún caso English: under no circumstances

Spanish: en obvio de repeticiones English: to avoid repetition

Spanish: en primer término English: in the first place

Spanish: en promedio English: on average

Spanish: en prueba de

English: in proof of

Spanish: en razón de English: as concerns

Spanish: en síntesis English: in short

Spanish: en su caso English: if applicable

Spanish: en su caso English: where appropriate

Spanish: en su día English: in due course

Spanish: en su momento English: in due time

Spanish: en su oportunidad English: at the appropriate time

Spanish: en su totalidad English: free of charge

Spanish: en su virtud English: by virtue of his legal capacity

Spanish: en tiempo y forma English: in due time and proper form

Spanish: en todas sus partes English: in its entirety

Spanish: en todo caso English: in any event

Spanish: en tres tantos English: in triplicate

Spanish: en última instancia English: as a last resort

Spanish: en último término English: as a last resort

Spanish: en vigor English: in force

Spanish: en vista a English: in view of

Spanish: enajenación English: alienation

Spanish: encabezado English: led

Spanish: encabezar English: lead

Spanish: encargado English: person in charge

Spanish: encargar English: commission

Spanish: encargo English: responsibility

Spanish: encargo English: assignment

Spanish: encartado English: accused

Spanish: encontrarse en English: be in

Spanish: endoso English: endorsement

Spanish: enfrentar English: face

Spanish: engaño English: deception

Spanish: englobar English: include

Spanish: enjuiciamiento English: prosecution

Spanish: enjuiciamiento civil English: civil action

Spanish: enjuiciamiento civil English: civil procedure

Spanish: enseres English: household goods

Spanish: enseres de la casa English: household appliances

Spanish: entender English: understand

Spanish: entendiéndose English: being understood by such

Spanish: entidad federativa English: State

Spanish: entidad mercantil English: commercial entity

Spanish: entidad pública English: public authority

Spanish: entrante English: entrant

Spanish: entrar en vigor English: take effect

Spanish: entre otras cosas English: inter alia

Spanish: entregable English: deliverable

Spanish: entregar English: hand over

Spanish: entroncamiento English: relationship by marriage

Spanish: envite

English: wager

Spanish: envite

English: stake

Spanish: epígrafe English: heading

Spanish: equiparable English: comparable

Spanish: erario English: treasury

Spanish: erigir

English: erect

Spanish: erogar

English: distribute

Spanish: erogar

English: spend

Spanish: erogar English: disburse

Spanish: es conforme English: this certificate is in order

Spanish: escisión English: split

Spanish: escribano English: notary

Spanish: escrito English: written statement

Spanish: escrito de alegaciones English: pleadings

Spanish: escrito de contestación English: defendant's reply

Spanish: escrito de cuenta English: staff memorandum

Spanish: escrito de demanda English: declaration

Spanish: escrito inicial English: initial petition

Spanish: escritura constitucional English: articles of incorporation

Spanish: escritura de compraventa English: deed of sale

Spanish: escritura de constitución English: articles of incorporation

Spanish: escritura de propiedad English: deed

Spanish: escritura pública English: legal document

Spanish: escriturar English: notarize

Spanish: escrupuloso English: scrupulous

Spanish: esfuerzo English: effort

Spanish: español English: Spanish

Spanish: especificado English: specified

Spanish: estado civil English: marital status

Spanish: estado legal English: legal status

Spanish: Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico English: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Spanish: estado parte English: party state

Spanish: Estados Unidos Mexicanos English: United Mexican States

Spanish: estándar English: standard

Spanish: estimación English: estimation

Spanish: estipulación English: stipulation

Spanish: estrado English: courtrooms

Spanish: estupefaciente English: drug

Spanish: ético

English: ethical

Spanish: evacuar English: issue

Spanish: Examinador de Pensiones Alimentarias English: Child Support Examiner

Spanish: exceder English: exceed

Spanish: exceder English: surpass

Spanish: excesivamente English: excessively

Spanish: excluido English: excluded

Spanish: exclusividad English: exclusiveness

Spanish: excluyente English: sole

Spanish: excluyente English: exclusive

Spanish: excusión English: excussion

Spanish: exhibir English: produce

Spanish: exhortar English: urge

Spanish: exhorto English: letter rogatory

Spanish: exigencia English: demand

Spanish: exigible English: enforceable

Spanish: ex-oficio English: ex-officio

Spanish: expediente English: file

Spanish: expediente administrativo English: administrative enquiry

Spanish: expedir English: issue

Spanish: experimentar English: undergo

Spanish: exponen

English: both parties hereby declare

Spanish: exponendo English: recitals clause

Spanish: exponente English: declarant

Spanish: expositivo English: statement

Spanish: expresar English: state

Spanish: expropiación English: expropriation

Spanish: extensivamente English: at length

Spanish: extralimitarse English: overstep the mark

Spanish: extraviado English: lost

Spanish: extremo English: point

Spanish: facilidad English: facility

Spanish: facilitar English: furnish, provide

Spanish: factible English: feasible

Spanish: fáctico

English: actual

Spanish: facultar English: authorize

Spanish: facultativo English: optional

Spanish: FAL

English: FAL

Spanish: fallo

English: ruling

Spanish: familiar English: relative

Spanish: familiar English: family

Spanish: famoso English: famous

Spanish: Fdo.

English: Signed

Spanish: fe notarial English: notarial certification

Spanish: fe pública notarial English: presumption of accuracy based on the notary’s certification

Spanish: fecha de efectividad English: effective date

Spanish: fecha de entrada en vigor English: effective date

Spanish: fecha de expedición English: date of issue

Spanish: fecha de inicio English: starting date

Spanish: fecha de terminación English: termination date

Spanish: fecha límite English: deadline

Spanish: fehaciente English: authentic

Spanish: fehacientemente English: properly

Spanish: fenecer English: end

Spanish: fianza English: guarantee

Spanish: ficto

English: implied

Spanish: fiel cumplimiento English: faithful compliance

Spanish: filiación English: filiation

Spanish: fin English: purpose

Spanish: fin

English: aim

Spanish: finado English: deceased

Spanish: finca registral English: registered property

Spanish: fines de lugar English: relevant purposes

Spanish: finiquitar English: settle

Spanish: finiquito English: final discharge

Spanish: finlandés English: Finnish, Finn, Finnic

Spanish: firma English: signature

Spanish: firma

English: signing

Spanish: firmado y rubricado English: signed and sealed

Spanish: firmante English: signatory

Spanish: fiscal English: legal advisor

Spanish: foja English: page, sheet, folio

Spanish: fojas útiles English: sheets of notarial paper

Spanish: foliar

English: foliate

Spanish: fondo

English: merits

Spanish: formalmente English: formally

Spanish: formular English: file

Spanish: fortuna English: fortune

Spanish: forzoso English: compulsory

Spanish: fracción English: subsection

Spanish: fraccionamiento English: subdivision

Spanish: fraude bancario English: bank fraud

Spanish: fraudulento English: fraudulent

Spanish: fronterizo English: border

Spanish: fuente de ingresos English: source of income

Spanish: fuera

English: abroad

Spanish: fuero English: immunity against prosecution or claim

Spanish: fuerza legal English: validity

Spanish: Fuerzas Armadas English: Armed Forces

Spanish: función pública English: civil service

Spanish: funcionario English: public official

Spanish: funcionario público English: public official

Spanish: funcionario público English: civil servant

Spanish: fundamentación English: grounds, argument

Spanish: fundamentar English: base

Spanish: fundamento English: grounds

Spanish: fundamento de derecho English: whereas clause

Spanish: fundamentos de derecho English: legal grounds

Spanish: fundamentos de hecho English: matters of fact

Spanish: fundido English: cast

Spanish: fungir

English: act

Spanish: galeno English: medical doctor

Spanish: ganador English: winner

Spanish: garante English: guarantor

Spanish: garantía de pago English: payment guarantee

Spanish: gasto extraordinario English: nonrecurrent expense

Spanish: generales English: particulars

Spanish: gente de bien English: honest people

Spanish: gestión pública English: public administration

Spanish: giro English: money order

Spanish: giro bancario English: bank money order, bank draft

Spanish: giro postal English: postal money order

Spanish: gobernador English: governor

Spanish: Gobierno de las Islas Baleares English: Government of the Balearic Islands

Spanish: GPA

English: MFAG

Spanish: gratuito English: free

Spanish: gravamen English: encumbrance

Spanish: gravedad English: severity

Spanish: Guatemalteco English: Guatemalan


Spanish: gustosamente English: gladly, willingly, with pleasure

Spanish: hábil English: skillful, adroit, deft

Spanish: hábil English: qualified

Spanish: habilitar English: equip

Spanish: hacer caso omiso de English: disregard

Spanish: hacer constar English: evidence

Spanish: hacer constar English: state

Spanish: hacer de mérito English: to mention, allude to, refer to

Spanish: hacer efectivo English: carry out

Spanish: hacer público English: announce

Spanish: hacer referencia a English: make reference to

Spanish: hecho constitutivo English: fact constituting

Spanish: heredero testamentario English: heir testamentary

Spanish: herencia English: inheritance

Spanish: hija English: daughter, descendant, child, girl

Spanish: hija English: daughter

Spanish: hijo menor English: minor child

Spanish: hispano English: Hispanic

Spanish: HNOS S/M English: fees according to bill

Spanish: hoja de trabajo English: worksheet

Spanish: hombre bueno English: arbitrator

Spanish: homologación English: official approval

Spanish: honorarios de abogado English: legal fees

Spanish: honradez English: honesty

Spanish: hostigar

English: harass

Spanish: hoy

English: today

Spanish: IAMSAR English: IAMSAR

Spanish: identificativos English: identificational

Spanish: IDS

English: LSA

Spanish: ilegalidad English: illegality

Spanish: imagen English: image

Spanish: imparcialidad English: impartiality

Spanish: impeditivo English: preventive

Spanish: imperante English: prevailing

Spanish: imperativo legal English: legal requirement

Spanish: impericia English: inexperience

Spanish: impetrante English: petitioner

Spanish: impetrar English: petition for

Spanish: implícitamente English: implicitly

Spanish: importancia English: importance

Spanish: imprecisión English: imprecision

Spanish: impresos English: printed matter

Spanish: imprevisto English: unforeseen

Spanish: imprevistos English: unforeseen expenses

Spanish: impugnación English: objection

Spanish: impugnar English: contest

Spanish: imputación English: imputation, charge

Spanish: inadmisible English: inadmissible

Spanish: inapelable English: unappealable

Spanish: incapacidad English: incapacity

Spanish: incidir en English: have an effect on

Spanish: inciso English: subparagraph

Spanish: incluso English: even

Spanish: incoar

English: initiate

Spanish: incomparecencia English: incomparecencia

Spanish: incompatibilidad English: incompatibility

Spanish: incompetente English: incompetent

Spanish: incompetente English: unfit

Spanish: incompetente English: unqualified

Spanish: incompleto English: incomplete

Spanish: incomprensible English: unintelligible

Spanish: inconsistente English: inconsistent

Spanish: incontestable English: indisputable

Spanish: incontinenti English: immediately

Spanish: inconveniente English: objection

Spanish: incorrecto English: improper

Spanish: inculpado English: accused

Spanish: inculpado English: defendant

Spanish: incumplir English: fail to fulfill

Spanish: incurrir English: commit

Spanish: incursar English: challenge

Spanish: indagación English: inquiry

Spanish: indagar English: inquire

Spanish: indebidamente English: wrongfully

Spanish: indefinición English: vagueness

Spanish: indefinición English: ambiguity

Spanish: indefinido English: indefinite

Spanish: indemne

English: unharmed

Spanish: indemnidad English: indemnity

Spanish: indemnización English: indemnity

Spanish: indemnizatorio English: compensatory

Spanish: indicativo serial English: serial number

Spanish: indisoluble English: indissoluble

Spanish: indistintamente English: equally

Spanish: índole

English: nature

Spanish: inejecutable English: inexecutable

Spanish: inexactitud English: inaccuracy

Spanish: inexacto English: inexact

Spanish: inexacto English: inaccurate

Spanish: inexistencia English: nonexistence

Spanish: INFONAVIT English: INFONAVIT (Federal Housing Fund)

Spanish: información errónea English: misinformation

Spanish: información propietaria English: proprietary information

Spanish: informe anual English: annual report

Spanish: infortunio English: misfortune

Spanish: infractor English: violator

Spanish: infradeclaración English: underreporting

Spanish: infranqueable English: insurmountable

Spanish: infrecuente English: infrequent

Spanish: infructuoso English: unsuccessful

Spanish: infundado English: groundless

Spanish: infundado English: unfounded

Spanish: inherente English: inherent

Spanish: inhumación English: burial

Spanish: iniciativa English: initiative

Spanish: inijustamente English: unfairly

Spanish: initendente English: regional governor

Spanish: injurioso English: slanderous

Spanish: injustamente English: unjustly

Spanish: injustificadamente English: without reason

Spanish: injustificadamente English: unjustifiably


Spanish: inmigración English: immigration

Spanish: inmigrante English: immigrant

Spanish: inmueble English: building

Spanish: innegable English: undeniable

Spanish: inobservancia English: inobservance

Spanish: INPREABOGADO English: Venezuelan Bar Association

Spanish: insatisfacción English: dissatisfaction

Spanish: insatisfactorio English: unsatisfactory

Spanish: insatisfactorio English: inadequate

Spanish: inscribir English: register

Spanish: inscripción English: record entry

Spanish: inscrito English: registered

Spanish: inserto English: insertion

Spanish: insoluto English: outstanding

Spanish: instancia English: request

Spanish: instaurar English: establish

Spanish: instituir English: appoint

Spanish: Instituto de Desarrollo Agrario English: Agrarian Development Institute

Spanish: Instituto Federal Electoral

English: Federal Electoral Institute

Spanish: Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social English: Mexican Social Security Institute

Spanish: instrucción English: pre-trial period of examination of accused

Spanish: instructivo English: court order

Spanish: instrumentalidad English: division

Spanish: instrumento público English: authentic instrument

Spanish: íntegramente English: entirely

Spanish: intención English: intention

Spanish: intencionado English: intentional

Spanish: interinamente English: in the meantime

Spanish: interino English: acting

Spanish: interlocutor English: representative

Spanish: internación de mercancía English: entry of goods

Spanish: interno English: prisoner

Spanish: interponer English: give notice of appeal

Spanish: interpretar English: interpret

Spanish: intérprete English: interpreter

Spanish: intersecretarial English: intersecretarial

Spanish: intervienen English: acting herein

Spanish: intimación English: demand

Spanish: intimación English: notification

Spanish: intransferible English: nontransferable

Spanish: invalidar English: void

Spanish: invocar English: invoke

Spanish: involucrar English: engage

Spanish: IPC

English: CPI

Spanish: irreflexión English: recklessness

Spanish: irrelevante English: irrelevant

Spanish: irresponsible English: irresponsable

Spanish: irrevocabilidad English: irrevocability

Spanish: islote English: small unhinhabited island

Spanish: Italia

English: Italy

Spanish: jamás

English: never

Spanish: jefe civil English: registrar

Spanish: judicialmente English: judicially

Spanish: judicialmente English: judicially

Spanish: juez

English: judge

Spanish: juez administrativo English: administrative law judge

Spanish: juez de familia suplente English: acting family court judge

Spanish: juez de letras English: professionaly qualified judge

Spanish: juez mixto English: judge who tries both civil and criminal cases

Spanish: Juez Superior English: Superior Court Judge

Spanish: juez titular English: circuit judge

Spanish: juicio de novo English: new trial

Spanish: Junta Central Electoral English: Central Electoral Commission

Spanish: junta de aveniencia English: conciliation hearing

Spanish: junta militar English: military junta

Spanish: jurídico English: legal

Spanish: jurisdicción competente English: competent jurisdiction

Spanish: jurisdicción competente English: competent jurisdiction

Spanish: jurisdicción voluntaria English: non-contentious jurisdiction

Spanish: jurisprudencia English: jurisprudence

Spanish: justicia English: justice

Spanish: justificativo

English: supporting

Spanish: justipreciar English: evaluate

Spanish: juzgado English: court, tribunal, tribunal court of law

Spanish: Juzgado Central de lo Contencioso-Administrativo Madrid English: Central Court for Contentious Administrative Proceedings, Madrid

Spanish: juzgado de guardia English: police court

Spanish: juzgado de letras English: trial court

Spanish: juzgado de paz English: magistrate's court

Spanish: juzgado menor English: lower court

Spanish: kinegrama English: kinegram

Spanish: lamentablemente English: regretfully

Spanish: laudo

English: award

Spanish: le protesto mis respetos English: respectfully submitted

Spanish: leal

English: loyal

Spanish: legajo

English: docket

Spanish: legalización English: legalization

Spanish: legalmente English: legally

Spanish: legalmente English: lawfully

Spanish: legatario English: legatee

Spanish: Legislación Aduanera English: Customs Law

Spanish: legislativo English: legislative

Spanish: legitimación English: legitimation

Spanish: legítimamente English: legitimately

Spanish: legitimar English: entitle

Spanish: legitimidad English: legitimacy

Spanish: lesivo English: harmful

Spanish: Letonia English: Latvia

Spanish: letra de cambio English: bill of exchange

Spanish: letrado English: attorney

Spanish: ley adjetiva English: adjective law

Spanish: Ley de Concursos Mercantiles English: Commercial Insolvency Law

Spanish: Ley de Contratación Pública English: Public Contracting Law

Spanish: ley de quiebras English: bankruptcy law

Spanish: Ley Federal de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información English:

Spanish: Ley General de Instituciones y Sociedades Mutualistas de Seguros English: General Law of Insurance Institutions and Mutual Societies

Spanish: Ley General de Títulos y Operaciones de Crédito English: Law of Credit Instruments and Transactions

Spanish: Ley Orgánica de la Administración Pública Federal English: Organic Law on Federal Public Administration

Spanish: ley reglamentaria English: statutory law

Spanish: Ley Reguladora de la Jurisdicción Contenciosa Administrativa English: Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction Regulatory Law

Spanish: Ley Uniforme de Sentencias Declaratorias English: Uniform Declaratory Judgment Law

Spanish: leyes

English: laws

Spanish: liberado English: released

Spanish: Libia

English: Lybia

Spanish: libramiento English: order of payment

Spanish: libre de derechos English: duty-free, tax-free, tax exempt

Spanish: libremente English: freely

Spanish: libro

English: book

Spanish: libro de actas English: minute book

Spanish: libro de familia English: family register

Spanish: libro de gobierno English: docket book

Spanish: licencia English: license

Spanish: Licenciado en Derecho English: bachelor of laws

Spanish: Licenciado en Derecho English: BL

Spanish: lícito

English: legal

Spanish: linde

English: boundary

Spanish: línea de acción English: course of action

Spanish: listado en su fecha English: entered on this date

Spanish: litigante English: litigant

Spanish: litigioso English: litigious

Spanish: litis

English: lawsuit

Spanish: llevar adelante English: carry out

Spanish: lo conducente English: pertinent parts


Spanish: local comercial English: business premises

Spanish: localidad English: place

Spanish: lógico

English: normal

Spanish: lógico English: to be expected

Spanish: logotipo English: logo

Spanish: lucro cesante English: loss of profits

Spanish: madre

English: mother

Spanish: magistratura English: magistracy

Spanish: mala fe

English: bad faith

Spanish: Mallorca English: Majorca

Spanish: malos tratos English: physical violence

Spanish: maltratado English: abused

Spanish: mancomún English: jointly

Spanish: mancomún English: together

Spanish: mandar English: send

Spanish: mandatario English: agent

Spanish: mandatario judicial English: attorney

Spanish: mandato English: order

Spanish: mandato judicial English: writ



Spanish: manuscrito English: manuscript

Spanish: manutención English: support

Spanish: marcha English: progress

Spanish: margen English: margin

Spanish: marginar English: exclude

Spanish: marginar English: to write notes in the margin of

Spanish: MARPOL English: MARPOL

Spanish: materia común English: local matters

Spanish: matrícula English: registration

Spanish: matrimonio civil English: civil marriage

Spanish: máxime English: especially

Spanish: mayúscula English: capital letter

Spanish: mediante English: by means of

Spanish: médico English: medical

Spanish: médico legista English: expert in medical jurisprudence

Spanish: medida cautelar English: precautionary measure

Spanish: medidas cautelares English: precautionary measures

Spanish: mediterráneo English: Mediterranean

Spanish: memorando de entendimiento English: memorandum of understanding

Spanish: memorial English: petition

Spanish: memorial English: request

Spanish: menaje English: houshold goods

Spanish: menaje de cocina English: kitchenware

Spanish: Menorca English: Minorca

Spanish: menoscabar English: discredit

Spanish: menospreciar English: disparage

Spanish: mensualidad English: monthly payment, monthly installment

Spanish: meridional English: southern

Spanish: mérito probatorio English: probative value

Spanish: mero

English: mere

Spanish: mientras tanto English: meanwhile

Spanish: ministerio English: ministry

Spanish: Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores English: State Department

Spanish: Ministerio de Fomento English: Ministry of Development

Spanish: Ministerio de Hacienda English: Ministry of the Treasury

Spanish: Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio English: Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade

Spanish: Ministerio de Obras Públicas English: Ministry of Public Works

Spanish: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores English: State Department

Spanish: Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo English: Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs

Spanish: Ministerio del Interior English: Home Office

Spanish: Ministerio Fiscal

English: Attorney General's Office

Spanish: ministerio público English: Office of the Attorney General

Spanish: Ministro de Finanzas English: Finance Minister

Spanish: minoría de edad English: nonage

Spanish: minuta English: minutes

Spanish: minutario English: minutes book

Spanish: mitigar English: mitigate

Spanish: modalidades English: method

Spanish: modificatorio English: modificatory

Spanish: molestia English: nuisance

Spanish: momento English: moment

Spanish: moneda de curso legal English: legal tender

Spanish: moneda nacional English: local currency

Spanish: monopolista English: monopolist

Spanish: montante English: total amount

Spanish: mora

English: delay

Spanish: moral

English: morals

Spanish: motivo English: reason

Spanish: motivo English: grounds

Spanish: MUFACE English: Society for Civil Servants

Spanish: multa

English: fine

Spanish: municipalidad English: municipality

Spanish: municipio English: township

Spanish: N.I.E. English: Foreigner I.D.

Spanish: nacido

English: born

Spanish: nacionalización English: nationalization

Spanish: Naciones Unidas English: United Nations

Spanish: negación English: denial

Spanish: negación English: negation

Spanish: negativa English: denial

Spanish: negligencia English: negligence

Spanish: negociado English: department

Spanish: ni

English: neither

Spanish: ni

English: nor

Spanish: NIE English: alien ID number

Spanish: NIF

English: TIN

Spanish: no conformidad English: nonconformity

Spanish: no obstante English: nevertheless, notwithstanding

Spanish: nolición English: nolition

Spanish: nombramiento English: appointment

Spanish: nombre de soltera English: maiden name

Spanish: nos repetimos de ustedes English: once again, we remain very truly yours

Spanish: nosotras English: us

Spanish: notaría pública English: Notary Public Office

Spanish: noticia

English: news

Spanish: notificación English: notice

Spanish: notificador English: process server

Spanish: novación English: novation

Spanish: novar English: substitute by novation

Spanish: nulidad English: nullity

Spanish: nulo

English: void

Spanish: numerado English: numbered

Spanish: número de matrícula English: registration number

Spanish: número de orden

English: consecutive number

Spanish: o por él que haga sus veces English: or by the entity acting as such

Spanish: OACI

English: ICAO

Spanish: óbice English: obstacle

Spanish: objeción English: objection

Spanish: objetar English: contest

Spanish: obligado English: obligado

Spanish: obligante English: obligee

Spanish: obligatoriamente English: necessarily

Spanish: obrar English: act, run

Spanish: obstinadamente English: obstinately

Spanish: obtención English: procurement

Spanish: OCDE

English: OECD

Spanish: ocupante English: occupant

Spanish: ocursante English: petitioner

Spanish: ocurso English: petition

Spanish: ofendido English: victim of an offense

Spanish: ofertados English: offered

Spanish: Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic English: Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic

Spanish: oficial

English: clerk

Spanish: oficial mayor English: chief clerk

Spanish: Oficialía Mayor English: Chief Clerk's Office

Spanish: oficialmente English: officially

Spanish: oficina de corregimiento English: district office

Spanish: oficio English: official letter

Spanish: oficio transcriptorio English: official transcript

Spanish: OIT

English: ILO

Spanish: OIT (Organización Internacional del Trabajo) English: ILO (International Labor Organization)

Spanish: ONG

English: NGO

Spanish: oponer excepciones English: make objections

Spanish: oponerse a English: run counter to

Spanish: oportunamente English: at the appropriate time

Spanish: oportuno English: appropriate

Spanish: oposición English: opposition

Spanish: oralmente English: orally

Spanish: orden civil English: civil disorder

Spanish: orden de comparecer English: subpoena

Spanish: orden de retención de ingreso English: income withholding order

Spanish: orden del día English: agenda

Spanish: orden judicial English: court order

Spanish: orden ministerial English: ministerial order

Spanish: orden mostrar causa English: order to show cause

Spanish: orden público English: law and order

Spanish: ordenación English: arrangement

Spanish: ordenamiento English: rules

Spanish: ordenamiento English: ordinance

Spanish: ordenamiento jurídico English: set of laws

Spanish: ordenamiento jurídico English: legal system

Spanish: organismo English: organization

Spanish: Organización Internacional del Trabajo English: International Labor Organization

Spanish: Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económicos English: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Spanish: organizador English: organizing

Spanish: oriental English: Uruguayan

Spanish: originario

English: native

Spanish: originarse English: arise

Spanish: orilla

English: bank

Spanish: orilla

English: shore

Spanish: otorgar English: execute

Spanish: otorgar English: draw up

Spanish: otorgar English: grant

Spanish: otorgar English: execute

Spanish: otorgar English: draw up

Spanish: otrosí English: petition

Spanish: otrosí digo English: I further state

Spanish: P.D. de firma English: authorized signature

Spanish: P.P. English: on behalf of

Spanish: p.p. English: Signed on behalf of

Spanish: pacto English: covenant

Spanish: Pacto Internacional de Derechos Civiles y Políticos English: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Spanish: Pacto Internacional de Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales English: International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Spanish: pagador English: payor

Spanish: panteón English: cemetary

Spanish: papel timbrado de uso exclusivo notarial English: stamped notarial paper

Spanish: para con English: toward

Spanish: para los efectos legales a que haya lugar English: for all legal purposes

Spanish: para que conste English: for the record

Spanish: paradero English: whereabouts

Spanish: parcial

English: partial

Spanish: parentesco English: kinship

Spanish: parlamentario English: parliamentary

Spanish: Parlamento Europeo English: European Parliament

Spanish: paro

English: strike

Spanish: párroco English: parish priest

Spanish: parte considerativa English: whereas clauses

Spanish: parte demandada English: defendant

Spanish: parte integrante English: integral part

Spanish: partida English: item, record, entry

Spanish: partida de nacimiento English: birth certificate

Spanish: partido judicial English: judicial district

Spanish: pasaporte English: passport

Spanish: pasó ante mi English: presented before me

Spanish: paso del tiempo English: passage of time

Spanish: patria potestad English: parental authority

Spanish: patrimonio inmueble federal English: federal real estate property

Spanish: patrono English: employer

Spanish: pauta

English: rule

Spanish: paz social English: freedom from social unrest

Spanish: peculio English: one's own money

Spanish: pecuniario English: pecuniary

Spanish: pedáneo English: municipal

Spanish: pedimento English: petition

Spanish: pedir English: request

Spanish: pena convencional English: contractual penalty

Spanish: penal

English: penal

Spanish: penal English: criminal

Spanish: penalización English: penalty

Spanish: Península Ibérica

English: Iberian Peninsula

Spanish: percibir English: receive

Spanish: perecedero English: perishable, short-lived

Spanish: pericialmente English: expertly

Spanish: período de gracia English: grace period

Spanish: perito

English: expert

Spanish: perito oficial en grafoscopía English: official handwriting expert

Spanish: perjudicial English: prejudicial

Spanish: perjuicio English: damage

Spanish: permanecer English: remain

Spanish: perseguir English: prosecute

Spanish: persona física English: individual

Spanish: personalidad English: legal capacity

Spanish: personas English: people

Spanish: personería jurídica English: legal capacity

Spanish: pertinente English: relevant

Spanish: pesquisa English: inquiry

Spanish: petición English: petition

Spanish: piadoso English: pious

Spanish: PIPE English: Personal and Financial Information Form

Spanish: plan maestro English: master plan

Spanish: plantear English: raise

Spanish: plasmarse English: be incorporated in

Spanish: plasmarse in English: take the form of

Spanish: plaza English: position

Spanish: pleito

English: lawsuit

Spanish: plenamente English: fully

Spanish: pleno dominio English: fee simple

Spanish: pliego de condiciones English: specifications

Spanish: pliego de descargo English: evidence for the defense

Spanish: plusmarquista English: recordholder

Spanish: población English: town

Spanish: poblacional English: demographic

Spanish: poblador English: inhabitant

Spanish: poder English: power of attorney

Spanish: poder English: be able to

Spanish: poder ejecutivo English: executive branch

Spanish: poder especial English: special power of attorney

Spanish: poder notarial English: power of attorney

Spanish: poder notarial English: power of attorney

Spanish: poderdante English: grantor of power

Spanish: policía

English: police

Spanish: Policía Ministerial English: Ministerial Police

Spanish: política pública English: public policy

Spanish: ponente English: reporting judge

Spanish: poner de manifiesto English: make manifest

Spanish: por cabezas por estirpes English: per capita per stirpes

Spanish: por causa de English: due to

Spanish: por conducto de English: through

Spanish: por cualquier título English: in any manner

Spanish: por cuanto English: on the ground that

Spanish: por derecho propio English: in his/her/their own right

Spanish: por disposición de English: by arrangement of

Spanish: por efecto de la ley

English: by operation of the law

Spanish: por el contrario English: on the contrary

Spanish: por el momento English: for the time being

Spanish: por la presente English: hereby, hereunder, in this document, by these presents, by this means

Spanish: por ley English: by law

Spanish: por lo expuesto English: considering the aforesaid

Spanish: por ministerio de la ley English: by operation of the law

Spanish: por ningún concepto English: not on any terms

Spanish: por otro lado English: in addition

Spanish: por qué English: why

Spanish: por separado English: separately

Spanish: por separado English: individually

Spanish: por sus generales English: based on their/his/her personal information

Spanish: pornográfico English: pornographic

Spanish: poseedor English: owner

Spanish: poseer English: have

Spanish: poseer English: possess

Spanish: posible English: possible

Spanish: postulado ético English: ethical postulate

Spanish: potenciar English: maximize

Spanish: potestades English: powers

Spanish: practicar English: carry out

Spanish: preámbulo English: preamble, introduction

Spanish: precedente English: foregoing

Spanish: preceptivo English: compulsory

Spanish: precepto English: precept, rule

Spanish: precepto legal English: legal principle

Spanish: precisar English: specify

Spanish: preliminarmente English: initially

Spanish: preparatoria English: prevocational school

Spanish: prescindir English: dispense with

Spanish: preselección English: preselection

Spanish: presentante English: presenting party

Spanish: prestación English: benefit

Spanish: prestar atención a English: pay attention to

Spanish: presuncional legal y humana English: legal and human presumption

Spanish: presunto English: alleged

Spanish: presupuestos procesales English: prerequisites

Spanish: presupuestos procesales English: rules of procedure

Spanish: pretender English: attempt, seek, intend

Spanish: pretensión English: claim

Spanish: pretensión English: pretense

Spanish: prevención de riesgos English: risk management

Spanish: Previa juramentación de testigos English: The witnesses having been sworn in

Spanish: previo English: following

Spanish: previsible English: foreseeable

Spanish: primacía English: primacy

Spanish: Primera Autoridad Civil English: First Civil Authority

Spanish: primitivo English: original

Spanish: primitivo English: original

Spanish: Principiado de Asturias English: Principality of Asturias

Spanish: prioridad English: precedence, priority

Spanish: privar

English: deprive

Spanish: pro indiviso

English: undivided

Spanish: pro indiviso English: in common

Spanish: probanza English: proof, evidence

Spanish: probatorio English: probatory

Spanish: probatorio English: evidential

Spanish: problemático English: problematic

Spanish: procedencia English: source

Spanish: procedencia English: appropriateness

Spanish: procedente English: appropriate

Spanish: procedimiento civil English: civil proceedings

Spanish: procesar English: try

Spanish: proceso English: proceedings

Spanish: proceso English: trial

Spanish: proceso penal English: criminal trial

Spanish: proceso sumario English: summary process

Spanish: procurador English: attorney in fact

Spanish: procurador fiscal English: public prosecutor

Spanish: Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado English: State Attorney General's Office

Spanish: procurar English: try to, endeavor to, take pains to

Spanish: proemio English: initial statement

Spanish: profesionista English: professional

Spanish: Profr. English: Professor

Spanish: promesa de compraventa English: option contract

Spanish: promoción inmobiliaria English: real estate development

Spanish: promocional English: promotional

Spanish: promontorio English: promontory

Spanish: promover English: set in motion

Spanish: promulgar English: enact

Spanish: pronunciamiento English: pronouncement

Spanish: propiamente dicho English: strictly speaking

Spanish: propiciar English: cause

Spanish: propiciar English: contribute to

Spanish: propiedad industrial English: industrial property

Spanish: proponente English: bidder

Spanish: proporcionalmente English: proportionately

Spanish: proposición de prueba English: discovery

Spanish: propuesta de ley English: bill

Spanish: proratear English: prorate

Spanish: prórroga English: extension

Spanish: prorrogar English: extend

Spanish: protesto lo necesario English: I affirm that the foregoing is true and correct

Spanish: protocolización English: notarization

Spanish: Protocolo Facultativo de la Convención contra la tortura y otros tratos o penas crueles, inhumanos o degradantes English: Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Spanish: Protocolo Facultativo de la Convención sobre la eliminación de todas las formas de discriminación contra la mujer English: Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

Spanish: Protocolo Facultativo de la Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño relativo a la participación de niños en los conflictos armados English: Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict

Spanish: Protocolo Facultativo de la Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño relativo a la venta de niños, la prostitución infantily la utilización de ninos en la pornografia English: Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography

Spanish: Protocolo Facultativo del Pacto Internacional de Derechos Civiles y Políticos English: Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Spanish: proveer English: provide

Spanish: proveído English: writ

Spanish: proveído English: interlocutory judgment

Spanish: providencia

English: decision

Spanish: provisional English: temporary

Spanish: provisionalmente English: temporarily

Spanish: proyecto de ley English: bill, government bill, measure

Spanish: prueba English: evidence

Spanish: prueba documental English: documentary evidence

Spanish: prueba testimonial English: oral evidence

Spanish: Pública Gubernamental English: (Federal Law for Transparency

Spanish: publicado en la lista English: published on the docket list

Spanish: publicitario English: advertising

Spanish: puesta en práctica English: implementation

Spanish: punición English: punishment

Spanish: puntos petitorios de estilo English: pertinent items of the petition

Spanish: puntos resolutivos English: operative paragraphs

Spanish: puntual English: specific

Spanish: puntualmente English: promptly

Spanish: pupilo

English: ward

Spanish: que

English: that

Spanish: Que English: Whereas

Spanish: querella English: lawsuit

Spanish: raciocinio English: reasoning

Spanish: ratificado English: ratified

Spanish: ratificar English: ratify

Spanish: rayado English: crossed out

Spanish: razón English: reason, motive, explanation

Spanish: razonamiento English: argument, reasoning

Spanish: razonamientos jurídicos English: legal ruling

Spanish: RCL English: Chronological Legislative Digest

Spanish: reabrir English: reopen

Spanish: Real Decreto English: Royal Decree

Spanish: Real Decreto Legislativo English: Royal Legislative Decree

Spanish: realista English: realistic

Spanish: realizable English: attainable

Spanish: rebaja English: reduction

Spanish: recaudación de rentas English: tax collection agency

Spanish: recibido English: received

Spanish: recibir

English: receive

Spanish: recíprocamente English: in a reciprocal manner

Spanish: reclamación English: complaint

Spanish: reclamación English: claim

Spanish: reconvención English: counter-claim

Spanish: recopilación English: compilation

Spanish: rector English: governing

Spanish: recurrir English: appeal

Spanish: recurso English: appeal

Spanish: recurso de amparo English: appeal for legal protection

Spanish: recurso de apelación English: appeal

Spanish: recurso de reposición English: appeal for reversal

Spanish: recurso de revocación English: motion for reconsideration

Spanish: recusar English: challenge

Spanish: redargüir English: challenge

Spanish: reembolsar English: reimburse

Spanish: reforma English: amendment

Spanish: regidor

English: town councillor

Spanish: regimen de visitas English: visitation schedule

Spanish: regimen economico matrimonial English: marital property system

Spanish: régimen patrimonial de comunidad diferida English: deferred community property regime

Spanish: regir

English: govern

Spanish: registrador English: registrar

Spanish: registral English: registrational

Spanish: registro civil English: registry office

Spanish: Registro de Comercio English: Public Registry of Commerce

Spanish: Registro de la Propiedad English: Property Register

Spanish: Registro Demográfico de Puerto Rico English: Puerto Rico Demographic Registry

Spanish: Registro Federal de Electores English: Federal Registry of Voters

Spanish: Registro Público de la Propiedad English: Public Registry of Property

Spanish: Registro Público del Comercio English: Public Registry of Commerce

Spanish: regla

English: rule

Spanish: reglamentariamente English: in due form

Spanish: reglamentario English: regulatory

Spanish: reglamento interno English: internal rules

Spanish: regulación English: regulation

Spanish: regular English: regulate, control, adjust

Spanish: reincidencia English: second offense

Spanish: reincidencia English: recidivism

Spanish: reino English: kingdom

Spanish: reitero a Ud. las seguridades de mi atenta y distinguida consideración English: Please rest assured that I will give the matter my most careful consideration

Spanish: relacionarse English: interact

Spanish: relaciones laborales English: labor relations

Spanish: relato English: account, story

Spanish: remitirse a English: refer to

Spanish: RENFE English: Spanish national railway company

Spanish: renglón English: line

Spanish: renglón English: line

Spanish: renovable English: renewable

Spanish: reparo English: objection

Spanish: Repertorio Cronológico de Legislación English: Chronological Legislative Digest

Spanish: representación legal English: legal representation

Spanish: Representacion Social del Fuero Común English: Offices of the State Public Prosecutor

Spanish: representante legal English: true and lawful attorney

Spanish: representante legal English: right to recognition as a person before the law

Spanish: reputación English: reputation

Spanish: requerimiento English: request

Spanish: requerimiento English: injunction

Spanish: requisitado English: filled out

Spanish: requisitoria English: requisition

Spanish: resarcimiento English: compensation

Spanish: rescición English: severance

Spanish: rescindir English: rescind

Spanish: rescisión English: annulment

Spanish: reseñar English: describe

Spanish: reserva de dominio English: retention of title

Spanish: reservado English: classified

Spanish: residencia habitual English: habitual residence

Spanish: resolución English: annulment

Spanish: respectivo English: respective

Spanish: respecto a

English: in relation to

Spanish: responsabilidad civil English: civil liability

Spanish: responsabilidad fiscal English: accountability

Spanish: responsabilidad fiscal English: tax liability

Spanish: responsable English: responsible

Spanish: respuesta English: answer

Spanish: restituir English: restore

Spanish: restituir English: return

Spanish: resultandos English: statement of facts

Spanish: retención English: withholding, deduction

Spanish: retroactivo English: retroactive

Spanish: reunidos English: by and between

Spanish: REUNIDOS English: This agreement is made and entered into by and between

Spanish: revisión judicial English: judicial review

Spanish: revocar English: revoke

Spanish: revocatoria English: revocatory

Spanish: rigor

English: rigor

Spanish: RNC

English: TIN

Spanish: romper English: sever

Spanish: rotular English: label

Spanish: rúbrica English: paraph

Spanish: rubricar English: sign and seal

Spanish: rubro

English: title

Spanish: rubro English: heading

Spanish: ruina English: bankruptcy

Spanish: rumano English: Romanian

Spanish: sabiduría English: wisdom, knowledge, learning

Spanish: saca English: certified copy

Spanish: sacar a paz y a salvo English: hold harmless

Spanish: sacar adelante English: bring up well

Spanish: sala English: courtroom

Spanish: sala English: division

Spanish: Sala de lo Social English: Chamber for Social and Labor Matters

Spanish: Sala Superior de Carolina English: Carolina Superior Court

Spanish: salario caído English: back pay

Spanish: salto de altura English: high jump

Spanish: sana crítica English: fair comment

Spanish: sanción English: penalty

Spanish: sanción English: penalty

Spanish: saneamiento English: disencumbrance

Spanish: SAR English: SAR (Retirement Savings System)

Spanish: se entenderá English: shall be deemed

Spanish: Se reconocen mutuamente la capacidad legal suficiente English: Do hereby mutually acknowledge one another's proper legal capacity

Spanish: sección English: section

Spanish: Secretaría de Hacienda English: Treasury Department

Spanish: Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público English: Ministry of Finance and Public Credit

Spanish: Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores English: State Department

Spanish: Secretaría de Salud English: Secretariat of Health

Spanish: secretaría general English: registry

Spanish: secretario abogado English: legal secretary

Spanish: secuestro English: seizure

Spanish: secuestro English: kidnapping

Spanish: sede

English: seat

Spanish: según el caso

English: accordingly

Spanish: según enmendado English: as amended

Spanish: Segundo Protocolo Facultativo del Pacto Internacional de Derechos Civiles y Políticos, destinado a abolir la pena de muerte English: Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, aiming at the abolition of the death penalty

Spanish: seguro obligatorio English: compulsory insurance

Spanish: seguro social English: Social Security

Spanish: seguro social choferil English: social security for drivers

Spanish: sello English: seal, stamp

Spanish: sello en seco English: dry seal

Spanish: seminario English: seminar

Spanish: señaladamente English: notably

Spanish: señaladamente English: especially

Spanish: señaladamente English: remarkably

Spanish: señaladamente English: particularly

Spanish: sendos English: one for each

Spanish: sensiblemente English: noticeably

Spanish: sensiblemente English: considerably

Spanish: sentencia condenatoria English: verdict of guilty

Spanish: sentencia definitiva

English: final judgment

Spanish: sentencia ejecutoriada English: final and binding judgment

Spanish: sentimiento English: feeling

Spanish: separación de bienes English: separation of estates

Spanish: ser preciso English: be necessary

Spanish: serie

English: series

Spanish: servicio público English: public service

Spanish: Servicios Jurídicos English: Legal Counsel

Spanish: servidumbre de paso English: right of way

Spanish: siempre que English: provided

Spanish: siempre y cuando English: provided

Spanish: siempre y cuando English: as long as

Spanish: siendo así English: being this the case

Spanish: siendo el caso que English: being the case that

Spanish: siendo que English: being that, being the case that

Spanish: signar

English: mark

Spanish: signo

English: mark

Spanish: sinalagmático English: synallagmatic

Spanish: síndico municipal English: municipal comptroller


Spanish: SMSSM English: GMDSS

Spanish: sobrar English: be more than enough, be enough, be a lot of

Spanish: sobreponerse a English: overcome, triumph over

Spanish: sobreseimiento English: nonsuit

Spanish: sobrevenir English: follow

Spanish: sociedad conyugal English: community property

Spanish: sociedad de beneficencia English: benevolent association

Spanish: Sociedad Legal de Gananciales English: Community Property of Husband and Wife

Spanish: sociofamiliar English: sociofamily

Spanish: solapamiento English: overlapping

Spanish: SOLAS English: SOLAS

Spanish: solicitante English: applicant

Spanish: solidario English: joint

Spanish: solución English: solution

Spanish: solucionar English: solve

Spanish: solventar English: solve

Spanish: someter English: subject

Spanish: sometido English: subject

Spanish: sospechoso English: suspicious

Spanish: ss. English: following

Spanish: su despacho English: by hand

Spanish: Su Señoría English: Your Honor

Spanish: subarrendar English: sublease

Spanish: subarrendar English: sublet

Spanish: subarriendo English: sublease

Spanish: sublicenciar English: sublicense

Spanish: subordinar English: subject

Spanish: Subprocuraduria Fiscal Federal de Investigaciones English: Assistant Federal Investigative Fiscal Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Spanish: subrogar English: subrogate

Spanish: subrogar English: substitute

Spanish: subsanar English: correct

Spanish: sucesión English: inheritance

Spanish: suceso English: event

Spanish: suceso English: incident

Spanish: sucesor English: successor

Spanish: suelo

English: land

Spanish: suficientemente English: sufficiently

Spanish: sufragar English: defray

Spanish: sufrimiento English: suffering

Spanish: sumario English: summary proceedings

Spanish: supeditado a English: subject to

Spanish: superioridad English: superior officers

Spanish: superposición English: overlapping

Spanish: suponer English: suppose, imply, entail

Spanish: suponer English: mean

Spanish: suprimir English: remove

Spanish: supuesto English: statutory presumption

Spanish: surge de autos English: the record shows

Spanish: surtir efecto English: take effect

Spanish: sustancial English: substantial

Spanish: sustituto

English: replacement

Spanish: tablaje catastral English: cadastral records

Spanish: tablilla English: license plate

Spanish: tachadura English: erasure

Spanish: tácitamente English: tacitly

Spanish: tarea English: tarea (Dominican land measurement equaling 628 m2)

Spanish: tarjeta electoral English: voter registration card

Spanish: taxativamente English: precisely

Spanish: taxativamente English: categorically

Spanish: taxativamente English: specifically

Spanish: TDR

English: TOR

Spanish: telegrama English: telegram

Spanish: temeridad English: recklessness

Spanish: temporada English: season

Spanish: tener a bien English: see fit to

Spanish: tener conocimiento de English: know about

Spanish: tener trato con English: be acquainted with

Spanish: teniente de alcalde English: deputy mayor

Spanish: tercera persona English: third party

Spanish: tergiversado English: distorted

Spanish: terminantemente English: strictly

Spanish: término municipal English: municipal district

Spanish: términos de referencia English: terms of reference

Spanish: territorialidad English: territoriality

Spanish: tesis English: judicial precedent

Spanish: Tesoro Público English: Treasury

Spanish: testado English: crossed out

Spanish: testador English: testator

Spanish: testamento ológrafo English: holographic will

Spanish: testigo presencial English: attesting witness

Spanish: testimonio literal English: notarial certified copy

Spanish: Texto Refundido de la Ley de Contratos de las Administraciones Públicas English: Consolidated Text of the Law of Public Administration Contracts

Spanish: textualmente English: exactly

Spanish: textualmente English: literally

Spanish: textualmente English: verbatim

Spanish: tiempo hábil

English: time allowed to take action

Spanish: tipificar English: typify

Spanish: titular

English: holder

Spanish: titular de un juzgado de instrucción English: magistrate in charge of a district court

Spanish: titular de un juzgado de instrucción English: judge holding office in a court

Spanish: titularidad English: legal right of possession

Spanish: titularidad English: ownership

Spanish: titularidad English: ownership

Spanish: título de propiedad English: title deed

Spanish: título legal English: deed

Spanish: título legal English: legal title

Spanish: toca English: case file

Spanish: toda vez que English: insofar as

Spanish: todo ello English: all of the foregoing

Spanish: toma de razón English: recording in a register

Spanish: tomar posesión de English: take possession of

Spanish: tomar posesión de English: appropriate

Spanish: tomarle juramento a English: swear in

Spanish: tomo

English: volume

Spanish: torticero English: tortious

Spanish: traba English: obstacle

Spanish: trabajo English: job

Spanish: trabajo infantil English: child labor

Spanish: traducir English: translate

Spanish: tramitación English: proceedings

Spanish: trámite English: procedures

Spanish: trancazo English: blow with a club

Spanish: transcurrir English: elapse, pass

Spanish: transgredir English: break

Spanish: transigir English: compromise

Spanish: tras


Spanish: trascender English: become known

Spanish: traslado English: notification

Spanish: tratar English: deal with

Spanish: tribunal de apelación English: court of appeal

Spanish: tribunal de apelación English: appellate court

Spanish: tribunal de arbitraje English: arbitral tribunal

Spanish: Tribunal de Cuentas English: General Accounting Office

Spanish: Tribunal de Defensa de la Competencia English: Competition Court

Spanish: Tribunal de Primera Instancia English: Trial Court

Spanish: tribunal electoral English: board of elections

Spanish: Tribunal General de Justicia English: General Court of Justice

Spanish: Tribunal Supremo English: Supreme Court

Spanish: Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones English: Supreme Court of Elections

Spanish: Tribunal Supremo de Puerto Rico English: Supreme Court of Puerto Rico

Spanish: tutela English: guardianship

Spanish: tutelar English: govern

Spanish: tutor English: guardian

Spanish: una acta del tenor siguiente English: a record reading as follows

Spanish: Unidad de Dictaminación English: Auditing Unit

Spanish: unidades English: facilities

Spanish: unilateralmente English: unilaterally

Spanish: urgente English: urgent

Spanish: urna

English: ballot box

Spanish: urna electoral English: ballot box

Spanish: uruguayo English: Uruguayan

Spanish: ustedes English: you

Spanish: usufructo English: usufruct

Spanish: usufructuario English: usufructuary

Spanish: usurpar English: usurp

Spanish: utilidad English: usefulness

Spanish: vacío legal English: loophole

Spanish: vale English: I hereby attest

Spanish: validación English: validation

Spanish: validar English: validate

Spanish: validez English: validity

Spanish: valor probatorio English: probative value, value as evidence

Spanish: variar

English: change

Spanish: vda. de English: widow of

Spanish: veeduría English: overseer's office

Spanish: vejatorio English: humiliating

Spanish: venir

English: come

Spanish: ventaja English: advantage

Spanish: veracidad English: veracity

Spanish: verídico English: true, real

Spanish: verídico English: true

Spanish: verter English: express

Spanish: verter

English: state

Spanish: vía English: manner

Spanish: vía administrativa English: executive action

Spanish: vía incidental English: incidental proceeding

Spanish: via pública English: street

Spanish: via pública English: public thoroughfare

Spanish: viajar

English: travel

Spanish: vicaría English: vicarage

Spanish: viceversa English: vice versa

Spanish: vicio

English: defect

Spanish: vicio

English: flaw

Spanish: vicio

English: fault

Spanish: vicio de consentimiento English: mental mistake

Spanish: victimario English: offender

Spanish: vigencia English: validity

Spanish: vínculo matrimonial English: bond of matrimony

Spanish: violar

English: breach

Spanish: violencia intrafamiliar English: domestic violence

Spanish: visado

English: visa

Spanish: vistos English: whereas

Spanish: viuda de English: widow of

Spanish: vivir

English: live

Spanish: vocal English: board member

Spanish: vocal titular English: regular member

Spanish: voluntad English: wish

Spanish: voluntad English: intention

Spanish: voluntariamente English: voluntarily

Spanish: voto particular English: dissenting vote

Spanish: vuelta English: reverse side

Spanish: vuelto

English: verso

Spanish: vulnerar English: violate

Spanish: xerografía English: Xerox copy

Spanish: Y para que conste donde convenga English: And to serve as evidence whenever appropriate

Spanish: ya que English: since

Spanish: yo

English: I

Spanish: zanjar

English: settle