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A. LISTENING ACTIVITY I. Lead in Activity 1. Have you ever hear about in or

corruption television radio?


Material Crime activity in the cities


Student worksheet

Task I - Listen to the recording. Fill in the blanks then answer the question!

o you know what is the meaning of (1)is? what is the relation between corruption? Well corruption is


common everywhere in the world, (3) in the

U.S. Its just a (4) of the (5). However, it is quite shocking when one (6)survey claims Jakarta as the most (7)place in Indonesia The survey has made me sad, (8), because I stay and (9) a living here in the capital. As most people know, Tanjung Priok Port (10)is not a new thing at all. (11)who want to minimize their tax (12)tend to do such a thing more often. They even (13)the officials. Well, I think the (14) takes so far to overcome the problem by (15)the

corruptions is still not far enough. We have to (16)the younger generations from

getting a bad (17) caused by corruption. I believe we should start at the earliest (18) in school and I think everyone should

be (19)in the effort to (20) corruption. We must not make any (21)
(adapted from: The Jakarta Post, February 2005)


Matter Reliable Smuggling Entrepreneurs Bribe Prevent Eradicate Involved Effort

: persoalan : jujur, dapat dipercaya : perdagangan gelap : pengusaha : menyogok : mencegah : membasmi : melibatkan :upaya

Task II - Find out the answer related with the monologue text! 1) Where is the most corrupt place in Indonesia? 2) What the writers advice to overcome corruption in Indonesia? 3) What the purpose of the writer in this text? 4) What kind of genre does this text belong to?

Task III - Say true or false based on the text above! No 1. Statement The survey claims Jakarta as the most corrupt place in Indonesia. 2. The writer very happy when knew Jakarta is most corrupt place in Indonesia True False


Most people know, Tanjung Priok Port smuggling is a new thing in corruption.






punishing the corruptors is still not far enough. 5 We have to not prevent the younger generation to do corruption. 6. We must not make any distinction for corruptors.

B. SPEAKING ACTIVITY I. Lead in Activity - THINK ABOUT IT. 1) What do you think about

that picture? 2) Indonesia is most corrupt place ASEAN. Does this in

statement belong to many people or to one persons idea? How do you know that?


Material - The big problem in Indonesia like corruption can change people from good to bad


Student worksheet

Task I WORK IN GROUPS. Try to express your attitudes and completed the sentences below with

what do you thinking and your own suggestion. Then share your ideas in front of the class with your partner!
Corruption?? It has become a common

issue. We can find it at any place in this Indonesia, even in Java. It is not a big problem at all. It is just a matter of the intensity. Anyway, doing corruption is so human because everyone does it.

a. Im against this idea. I think corruption creates a bad mentality. . . . . . . . ..................... ....

c. I dont think so. I know it is difficult to eliminate corruption but everyone . . . . . . . . ...................

b. I agree. I think . . . . . . . ...........

d. I cant agree to that. I realize that it is not easy but . . . . . . . . . . . . . .....................

Consider the following guidelines to help you report the result of your group discussion to the class. Opening Greet and introduce your group. Attract the listeners attention. Tell the purpose (purpose of your


Reporting the result: State the issue. State your arguments and support it with some details/evidence. State your recommendations.

Closing Say thanks Leave taking

C. READING ACTIVITY I. Lead in Activity Observe that picture then answer the question based on your own knowledge! 1. Have ever you seen

something similar to the picture? 2. How do you feel when

you see a picture like this? 3. What do you think the government should do to solve this problem? II. Material Criminal activity in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. III. Student worksheet Task I Work Individual. Please answer the question related with the dialog above!

Crime in Jakarta
John : Did you read the Bali Post last Tuesday? Anis : What happen, John? John : In Jakarta is getting worse every years. This police departments around the country said that in their report, every subways and streets are more dangerous? Anis : Really? Yes many problems seem to make so dangerous from time and time John : Exactly, one more of problems because of money. Anis : Beside that, I hear that the big problem is drugs. Crime studies have shown that many criminals use and sell drugs. After that starting taking drug, they want to have more. However, drugs are expensive. So these people have to sell drugs to other people to


make money or they may steal money to get more drugs. John : Exactly, another problem is there is cities have rich and poor neighborhoods. In the poor neighborhoods, jobs are hard to find. Many young people dont have much hope for a better life. They only know one way to make better living for them like sell drugs or steal. So, some of these young people have become criminals. Anis : So what is your suggestion of that problem? John : I think we must first change many of laws about drugs. We must change the way cities spend their money. I believe the crime problem will not go away and we will live our lives in fear.


Vocabularies List:

Subways : kereta kereta bawah tanah /sb.we/ Safe /sef/ Crime /kram/ Steal /sti:l/ Neighborhood :lingkungan /ne.b.hd/ Law /l;/ Go away:keluar /gwe/ Fear /fr/ : kekhawatiran :aturan / hukuman :mencuri :kejahatan : aman, sejahtera


1) Why money is part of the crime problems? 2) What do young people in poor neighborhoods do to earn money? 3) How many reasons did their mention to support their arguments? Can you mention it? 4) What is the relationship between drug and crime? 5) Are their arguments support by fact and example? 6) Which part of the text contains the advice of writer to do something better? Can you explain it!


Task II Complete the following crossword by finding the antonym of each word!

1) 2) 2)


3) 4) 5) 6) 8) 5)





1. Effect 2. Easy 3. Little 4. Receiving

5. Sell 6. Poor 7. Cheap

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Decide Safe Many Old Village Insert Buy Better


D. I.

WRITING ACTIVITY Lead in Activity - Pay attention to the following picture then answer the question based on your own knowledge. 1. 2. Do you have any money in your pocket? Why money is so important in modern life? 3. Can you find some reason why money can change people from good to bad habit?


Material Gap text about corruption in Indonesia


Student worksheet Read the following issue and follow the instructions!

orruption is common everywhere in the world. However, it is quite shocking when

one reliable survey claims Jakarta as the most corrupt place in Indonesia


1. Create at least two (2) arguments about the issue! 2. Find evidence or example to support your arguments! 3. Make recommendation based on your

arguments! 4. Make the Hortatory Exposition based on your answer no.2 and no.3!

Generic structure of Hortatory Exposition Thesis means that writers though to present as thesis which several

arguments. Arguments means that the text

paragraphs show the writer arguments in supporting the writer thesis. Recommendation means that after stating the thesis and proving with


various arguments, the next text is completed with the writers suggestion or recommendation. Language Features. Use of words that qualify statements (e.g: every years, now) Use of words that link arguments (e.g: firstly, secondly, last, however,

therefore) Use of modal (e.g: can, may, must, should) Use of subjective opinions using pronouns (I, we)