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Mr. DOUGLASS nskcd !cave to make a report li which wereordered; and, beingtaken, were, yeas
from the Committee on the Territories. , 1 62, nays 72.
Objected to. '1 So the vote was not reconsidered.
Mr. PETTIT, on lea ve given, offered the follow- The SPEAKE!R, by laid before the
ino- resolution: ' House the followmg letter:
. Resolved, Th;tt the committee charg.;'d with the , "Hon. J. W. D.HIS:
mvest1gauon of the chm;ges m a de by C J INoER- "S m : I am confined to m y bed, and attended by
soi.L ngmnst the. late ::-ccretary of 'Dr. Hall, of this city. There is not the slightest
vVd1ster, be, and are .hcreby, authonzed to stt 1 'probability ofmy being able. to be out for ma.ny
durmg the sees1on of tlus House; and that the com- 1 'days, and it may be weeks. I must therefo:e ask
m1ttee ha ve power lo employ a clerk. i'l 'of the House, you, to be excused from
Mr. HAMLIN moved to strike out the last 'serving on the specml committee t investigate
clause of thc resolution-i. e., so muchas related against Daniel vVebster. .
to the employment ot' a clerk. i " Yery respectfully, your obedient servant,
1 ".llfay 9, 1846." "D. vVlLMOT.
out tt clcrk. l On motion of lVlr. BOYD, Mr. WILMOT was
Mr. HAMLIN. Then Jet the House appoint exensed.
.iVIr. PETTIT. Very well. . , , d
Mr. SCHENCK moved to ame
d the resolution 1 M1. A: D. SIMS ID? \e to dJseharge the Com
b Jrovidin"' that a clerk should be ullowcd to the 1 m1ttee ol thc 'Vhole trom the C011SJdernttonof the
Y 1. "' f h' ,
. ! , blll to mwrpomtc the Orphan Asylum nnd F'emale
select commlttee
" IC
IC \\as e wuman, ap- il Free School of Alexaudria iu the District of Co-
pmnted on arwther b1aneh or. the resolutJon .. He IIJumbift. '
d not, he smd, as k Jea Y e to s1t dnrmg the sess1ons ; \ Mr. RA THBUN hoped Cono-ress would not
of the House,, because thut pn nlege was not desued i llegislatc un y more at present t'or ltexanclria.
by commJttce. . 1\ Nlr. ilRlNKELUIOFl<'. Let Virginia do it.
'l he qucst1on was then tuken on the motwn of ' l\1 l' \.'l'Ll "U N W d b'll l d
LI d 1 d d tl tr t' 1 t. " u e passc a 1 y es er ay
r. A'
LIK, an 'ecJ e m

lve. , '! to retrocede Alexandria to the State ofVit.,inia

So that portian of the resnlntJOn prov1ded llletus wuit and see what the fate of the bill is be:
for the empl<;>ymeJ1t of a ele. rk was stncken out. 111 Mr. ::llMS said a few words not heard by the
The 9..uest1on was then taken.on the amendment i reporter.
of Mr. ScHENCK, and Jt was Te;eeted. 1 A nwtion was made that the House adjourn.
And then the resolutwn, as amcnded, was adopt- , '!'he yeas and nays were taken and were-yeas
ed-:-thnt 1s to the comnuttee have lea ve to Sit .
8, nays 98. '
dunng of the House. i So the House refused to adjourn.
Nlr. E r'll r now r;,se, and asked .
be ex- i The question then recurrcd 011 the motion of Mr.
cu,cd from.f\JrLiter seJ;VlcC on the comnuttee. No' Sms, to discharge the Committce of the Whole
men:bcr of Jt, he satd, could do the necessary 1 from the further considerntion of the above-men
wrHmg. , , 1 tioned bill.
1\11. l. J ..... HOLNIES moved dJschmge the i But the SPEAKERdecidedthatthe billrequired,
w c?m;mttce nnd let thcm go [e e. , 1 by the rules, to be considered in committee.
'I he SPbAKEll put the qnestwn on the motlon / O . f M WENTWORT"'I , H
of Mr. PE-r
T, nmotwn? , . r: , ttte ouse
And the House, without a division, decided that then n:solved Hself mto Commlttee ofthe Whole on
he should not be excused. . the pr1vate calendar.. .
. The SPEAKER mv!ted Mr. Manm, of Ver-
THE PRIVA TE CALENDAR. mont, to the chair.
Thereupon the House resumed the consideration Mr. MARSH desired on this, and 011 all other
of thc privnte calendar. occasio11s, to be excused, because (he said) his
Thc l!ill for the relief of the owners and crew of sight was so impcrfect, that he wus unable to dis-
the s<hoone "Success" coming up on tite question tinguish membcrs in thc places.
of engrossment, The :SPEAKER invitetl Mr. CuEB B. SMITH,
Mr. MORRlS moved tlUJ.t thc bill be laid on tite of Indiana, who acceptcd the invitation.
table. The committee took up the bill for the relief of
The yeas ami nays were nskcd, nnd ordered; Larkin Smith.
and, being taJen, wcre-yeas 71, uays 85. Mr. CLARKE moved that it be rcported to the
So thc bill was not laid on thc table. House, with a recommendation that it do not
Thc bill was then ordered to u third rcading pass.
now. The report, on a call, was read; as also, on the
And hnving becn rend a third time by its title, suggestion of Mr. GROVER, an adverse' report
Ancl the question being, "S hall this biJJ pass!''- mae ata former sesswn.
Mr. GltDON askcd the and nays, whieh After a fe'lv remarks from Messrs. JOHNSON,
wereortlercd;andbei>Jgtakcn,wereyeas80,nays of Virginia, RATH!3UN, BIUNKERHOFF,
So the hill was passed. 'f'he biJJ was laid asid to be rcported to the
Thc bill for thc rclicf of Nathaniel Bird coming Honse, with a recommcndation that lt do not pass,
up on its final passage, '!'he bill for thc relief of the owncrs and crew of
It was oprosed by ,vlessrs. CLARKE nnd GOR- the fishing schooner Tancrcd next came before the
DON, anJ. advocated by lVlessrs. D. P. lCING, committec. Thisbill makesanallowanceofbounty
LEWIS, and ADAMS. on a fishing vcsscllost at sea.
Mr. DANIEL asked the and nays, which , Mr. COIJB moved that the bill be reported to
were ordered; and beiug tuken, were yeas 76, uays the House with a recommendatio11 that it do not
So the bill was passed. Nlr. GRINNELL moved to amend the motion
The Senate Lill for the relief of George vVently so tllllt the recommendation be that the bill do
was read a third time, and pctsscd. pass.
Mr. BA YLY calJed up the motion heretorore The CHAIRMAN said, if the first motion was
made by him, to reconsider the vote by which the ', rejectcd the bill would be rcportcd to the House as
bill to authorize thc paymcnt of se ven years' half- a matter of course.
pay of a lieutenant, due on account of the death of Mr. ROCKWELL, of Connecticut, moved to
Lieutenant Jonathan Dyc, had been rejected. amend Mr. CoBB's motion, by striking out the
The report, on the request of lVIr. B. was read. word " no t."
Mr. BAYLY advocated the motion to reconsid- The CHAIRMAN ruled the motionout o' or-
er, and spoke in favor of the bill, (yiclding for der, for thc reason given on the motio11 mude by
explanation to Messrs. BRINKERHOFF, CLARKE, Mr. GRINNELL.
and GoRDON.) Mr. GORDON opposed the bill, and moved
Mr. HAMLIN oppose<l the motion. that the eommittee rise. Lost.
Mr. BAYLY demanded the previous question, Mr. D. P. KING answered Mr. GonnoN, and
which was seconded; and the main questioh (on spoke to the bill with much zeal and animation.
the reconsidcration) was ordeted to be now taken. 'l'he House had, this da y, in two votes, by yeas
Mr. HUNGERFORD asked the yeas and 11ays, and nays, decided in favor of a bill precise! y sim-
ilat; he had no fear t,hey w.(>uld reverse it on 'this
bill. . . . .
]\>fr. GORDON rejoined, and 'Wa.'ted warmer in
bis opposition. .
Mr:DILLINGHAM an eft'ective a:nd t'or-
cible speech in of the lill and in answer t
Mr. GoanoN. I'o wh1ch that gentlemart'"1nade
another rejoinder. e
M1. I-IAMLIN tok the tloor, and in a speech
of much feeling and warrnth, advocated the bill,
and apoke in warm terms of the institu-
tions, the charities, the habits, manners, customs,
and business of New England, which had been,
he thought,, somewhat disparaged m the debate.
The ,questio11 w:as taken on th m?tion tha! the
bill be reported wtth a recornmendat1on tha.t 1t do
not pass, and it was Jost-41 to 7L '
The Committee of the Whole then rose and re
ported the bill, and the House adjourmid.
MoNnAY, .May 11, 1846.
The J ournal having been red,-
A Message was received from the Presid.ent o(
the U nited S tates, by Mr. Walkqr, hisJ'rivate Sec-
retary, which was read by the Secretary of the
Sena te, as i'ollows:
7\> th.e Scnate and Honse oj J:'l,eytesent<1l:i:pes' . , . .
Tl)e existing'.state of tbe relations iletwecn :tJmuid
Sta tes and Mexieo, render..it proper thnt I should bnng the
subject to the cQnsideratioil of Oongrese. In my Mcs::1age
nt the commencement of your prsett session, tbe state of
these relations, the cn\ses. Which led to tbe of
iutcrcottrse hetwecn the two in Marchz
1R45, nmt the long contin.ued and nnredressed anct
injmies committed by the Mexlcnn Govcrnment on cmzens
or the United States in their persons an.d property,
bricflv et forth.
As ihc fncts nnd opinions which were then laid befoe rou
wtwe cnrefully considered, I cannot hetter express my pres ..
ent conviclions ofthe condition of nilhirs up to thnt time,
thnn by referring you to that communicntion.
'rlw strong dcshe to ostn.blish pcat>e with Mexjco, on ltb
eral and honorable terms, aud tlle reudiness ofthi:s clovern-
mcnt to regulate and nrljust our boundflry, anrl other canses
of dil!'ererico with that Power, on such fair aJtd equtable
principies as would '""d to permanent relations of tlle most
frendly nat<ll'C
induced me in September Jast to tl'e
reopnlngofdiplomatic relations twocountries.
Every melSureadopted on our part l,lad for l!$ object lhe fur-
of tliese desird ,.resuJts. In to
Congre. n succinct of':tlte injuries Vl(hieb we llnd
suJl'oreil. from Me;dco, and wicb llave been aecumulating
duJing a perlod or more t\lan years, every expression
that cOuld tr.nd to in1h:une the people ofMexico,or d,nfeat or
delay a pacific result, was carefully avoided. An En voy of
the United States rcpaired to Mexico with full powers toad-
! existing difi.'erence. But though on thc
soil, hy agrcement hctween the two Go-vernn'e:"Its,
invcstcd with full powera, tttHl hearing evid(l.nce .oftl e most
fricndly bis mission has been unavrul:I g. The
Mexican Govemment not only refused to receive nim, or
listen to bis pro'positions, but after a lOfl!{COntinued seres
of menaces, have at la:;,t nvacled our territory and shed the
blood of our fcllow-citizcns on our own soil.
It now beco mes m y duty to statc more in detail the origin,
progress, ami of that In pursmmce of the
instructions given in Scptember last, an inquiry was marle,
on the 13th of Octolwr, in 1845, in the most friendly terms,
through our consul in Mexico, of the Mini> ter of Foreign
Affairs, whetller the Mexican Goverm:nent "would receive
'un en voy frm the Upited S tates intrusted witJ} full powers
'to adjust all the questions in dispute between the two
'Governments;" with the assuranee that "snould the an-
' swer be iu thc affirmative) such an envoywould imrne
'diatP-ly to Mexico." The Mexican
on the 15th of October, gave an affirmati ve answer to thi.3
inquiry, rcquesting at the same time that our naval force at
V <:m Cruz mio-ht be withdrawn, its presence
miO'ht assum tlle a)pearance of menace and
the negutiations. This force was immediately
withclrttwn. On the 10th of'November, 1.845, Mr. John SH-
llell, of Louisaml., was commissoned by me as Envoy
Extraordinary and Minister PJenipotentiary of the United
States to 1\Iexico, and WCl$ intrusted wlth full powers to ad-
just both tl.1e questions of the Texas b'qundary and of indem-
nification to our citizens. The redress of the wrong of
our citizens naturally and inseparably blended itslf with,
the qucston ofboundary. The ofthe obe.que3,-
t\on in any correct view of' the subject that of the
other. I could not. fo'r a moment, entertain the idea that
the claims of 'our m'uC'h-injured and Iong-sutfering
many of which had cxisted for m.ore than twenty years,
should be postponed, or separated from the settlement of the
boundary question.
Mr. Sldell arrived at Vera on th"e 30th9fNovember,
and waR eourteously rPcP.:ived hy the -authririties of that city.
But tlle Government of General Herrera was theil tottering
to its faiL Tbe revolutiouary party llad. seized upon the
Texas question to effect or basten its deter ..
mination to resto re frienctly relationswith the Unite.d Sta tes,
and to receive o m Minister, to negotiate for the settlement
of this question, assailed, and made the
great theme of denuneiation it. The ot'
,General Herrera, there is good reason to sin-
cerely desirous to receive our Minister; bunt yelded to
storm raised by its enemies, _and on 21st of xe ..
fnsed to accredit Mr. Slidell upon th nQStfnV:olbus
These are so ftlly and
dell of tlle 24th of DecembetliStj to fue Menean,