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Plinth and Structural Construction Works 1. General It is to be noted that project site is an existing Substation.

The Contractor shall take all precautions necessary to protect workers and plat equipment against all injuries or damage. The contractor shall comply with the terms and conditions as stipulated with regard to the issuance of the Permit to Work 2. Personal Involve 1. Site Supervisor 2. Carpenter 3. Bar bender and bar cutter 4. General workers 5. Concreter 3. Machinery/Equipment/Material 1. Bar Bending and bar cutting machine 2. Ready mix concrete, lean concrete G15 and structure G30 3. Cement 4. Reinforcement 5. Timber and plywood 4. Methodology 1. The Project Manager will provide the site supervisor with detailed structural layout with proper briefing. He also will ensure that all plinth to be contracted according to construction drawings. 2. For each plinth construction will be done as follow: a. Formwork erection according to details: i. ii. iii. iv. Formwork are made by timber and plywood Formwork shall be of their correct size and exact shapes required. Before concreting, all formworks shall be clean out, free from dust and debris. Wood formworks should be moistened before placing concrete otherwise the wood will absorb water from concrete and swell.


Formworks also should be made for removal with minimum damage to concrete.

b. Lay lean concrete on the well-compacted earth base. i. Lean concrete shall compose of cement, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate in the nominal ration by volume 1:3:6 c. Rebar cutting and bending. i. ii. iii. i. Steel reinforcement shall be stored in clean and dry conditions. Bars shall be of their correct length and bent to exact shapes required before fixed into the formwork. The bar bending schedule is as per stated in drawing. Reinforcement is laid out correctly in every respect and temporarily suspended by annealed wire or supported in spacers in the form to prevent displacement during the placing and compacting of concrete. ii. iii. Laps and joints including lapping bars, sleeving, threading and other mechanical connections shall be made as per stated in drawing. Foundation bolts should be installed according to construction drawings. Site supervisor should make sure that the size, quantity, spacing and the 90 degrees vertical standing of foundation bolt are done correctly. e. Concreting works i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. f. Concrete batching will be done at concrete plan Concrete sampling is done at site while the testing will be at plant. Slump test will be done on site to check the concrete workability. Concrete shall be compacted using vibrator. Adequate protection from sun and curing will be provided. Concrete should be deposited continuously as near as possible to its final position using crane. Formwork striking i. The contractor shall inform the S.O and obtain his approval before striking any formwork. d. Rebar and foundation bolts installation into formwork.

5. Safety precautions 1. The contractor shall inspect and examine the site and its surroundings, and field check all details in the drawings prior to commencement of work defined in the scope of work. The Contractor shall satisfy himself as the nature of the ground and sub-soil, the form and nature of the site, the quantities and nature of the works and means of access to the site, and accommodation it may require. 2. To brief all workers regarding safety requirement at site and to work only at confined area. All workers must strictly follow the safety rules and regulation as outlined in the Safety and Health manual. 3. Plan and maintain a tidy site and work area. 4. Prevent workers from unnecessary risk. 5. Proper inspection on the condition of the crane before lifting. 6. Proper supervision during lifting operation. Be aware of electrical clearance of overhead power lines: 7. Always maintain all equipment e.g Vibrator, bar bending and cutting machine so that it is in good order.