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Tech Projects EEE (Simulation)

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S.No. 1. 2.

PROJECT TITLE A novel DFACTS device for the improvement of power quality of the supply

YEAR 2011

A practical technique for power quality improvement for single phase induction 2011 machines Active power filter based on cascaded transformer multilevel inverter (IJAEST) 2011

3. 4.

A Comparison of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Three-Phase H-Bridge 2011 Multilevel Inverter for DTC Induction Motor Drives A Dynamic Voltage Restorer Equipped With a High-Frequency Isolated DCDC 2011 Converter A Hybrid AC/DC Micro grid and Its Coordination Control 2011


6. 7.

A Minimum Power-Processing-Stage Fuel-Cell Energy System Based on a Boost- 2011 Inverter With a Bidirectional Backup Battery Storage A Modified C-Dump Converter for BLDC Machine Used in a Flywheel Energy 2011 Storage System A New Approach to Multifunctional Dynamic Voltage Restorer Implementation 2011 for Emergency Control in Distribution Systems A New Method for Islanding Detection of Inverter-Based Distributed Generation 2011 Using DC-Link Voltage Control A new method for power quality improvement in classical ac/ac voltage controllers 2011 using PWM technique A new multilevel inverter topology using less number of switches(IJEST) A novel approach in soft starting of large induction motors(AJBAS) 2011 2011





12. 13. 14.

A Novel BVC-RBF Neural Network Based System Simulation Model for 2011 Switched Reluctance Motor A Novel Duty Cycle Control Strategy to Reduce Both Torque and Flux Ripples for 2011 DTC of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives With Switching Frequency Reduction A novel induction motor speed estimation using neuro fuzzy(ICCSS) 2011


16. 17.

A Novel Power Quality Compensator for Negative sequence and Harmonic 2011 Currents in High-speed Electric Railway A Seven-Level Inverter Topology for Induction Motor Drive Using Two-Level 2011 Inverters and Floating Capacitor Fed H-Bridges A Shunt Active Power Filter With Enhanced Performance Using ANN-Based 2011 Predictive and Adaptive Controllers




A Simple Method to Reduce Torque Ripple in Direct Torque-Controlled 2011 Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor by Using Vectors With Variable Amplitude and Angle A single phase five level inverter for grid connected photovoltaic system by 2011 employing PID controller(AJSR) A Single-Stage Three-Phase Photovoltaic System With Enhanced Maximum 2011 Power Point Tracking Capability and Increased Power Rating A Three-Phase Current-Fed PushPull DCDC Converter With Active Clamp for 2011 Fuel Cell Applications A Transformer less Medium-Voltage STATCOM Topology Based on Extended 2011 Modular Multilevel Converters A Versatile Control Scheme for UPQC for Power Quality Improvement 2011





25. 26.

An Adaptive-Filter-Based Torque-Ripple Minimization of a Fuzzy-Logic 2011 Controller for Speed Control of IPM Motor Drives An Advanced Modulation Technique for the Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Used 2011 As A Shunt Active Power Filter An hybrid multi level inverter based DSTATCOM control(MJEE) 2011


28. 29.

An Improved Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Grid-Connected 2011 Inverter Based on Voltage-Oriented Control An SVPWM-Based Switching Pattern for Stand-Alone and Grid-Connected Three- 2011 Phase Single-Stage Boost Inverters Analysis and Simplification of Three-Dimensional Space Vector PWM for Three- 2011 Phase Four-Leg Inverters Analysis of the variation effect of induction machine parameters for VECTORIAL 2011 controls(CJEEE)





Analysis, Design, Modeling, and Implementation of an Active Clamp HF Link 2011 Converter Application of SMES Unit in Improving the Performance of an AC/DC Power 2011 System Assessment of Power Quality in Wind Power Systems 2011


35. 36.

Cascaded multilevel voltage source inverter based active power filter for 2011 harmonics and reactive power compensation(IJAER) Case study on power quality improvement of thirty bus system with UPFC 2011 (IJCEE)



Comparative study on carrier overlapping PWM strategies for five level diode 2011 clamped inverter(IJCEE) Comparison of 3-level and 9-level inverter-fed induction motor drives 2011

39. 40.

Comparison of SSSC and d-q control scheme based UPFC for power flow 2011 control(IJCA) Comparison of z-source inverter fed induction motor with traditional source 2011 inverter systems(RJASET) Comparison performance of induction motor using SVPWM and hysteresis current 2011 controller(JTAIT) Composite Energy Storage System Involving Battery and Ultra capacitor With 2011 Dynamic Energy Management in Micro grid Applications Constant Frequency-Unified Power Quality Conditioner 2011




44. 45.

Constant Power Control of DFIG Wind Turbines With Super capacitor Energy 2011 Storage Control and Analysis of the Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter Based on 2011 Double-Star Chopper-Cells (MMCC-DSCC) Control of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator via an Indirect Matrix Converter 2011 With Changing DC Voltage Control Strategy for Harmonic Elimination in Stand-Alone DFIG Applications 2011 With Nonlinear Loads Coordinated Voltage Control Scheme for SEIG-Based Wind Park Utilizing 2011 Substation STATCOM and ULTC Transformer






Damping of Low Frequency Oscillations in Power Systems with Neuro-Fuzzy 2011 UPFC Controller Damping Power System Oscillations Using a Hybrid Series Capacitive 2011 Compensation Scheme DC/DC Boost Converter Functionality in a Three-Phase Indirect Matrix Converter 2011


52. 53.

Design and effective operation of double winding synchronous reluctance 2011 motor(IJCEE) Design and Implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy Vector Control for Wind-Driven 2011 Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Design and simulation of UPQC to improve power quality and transfer power of 2011 photovoltaic array to grid(AJBAS)



56. 57.

Design Strategy for Optimum Rating Selection of Interline DVR


Design, implementation and construction of a multilevel inverter for robot arm 2011 drive, by means of a brushless motor(CJEEE) Development of a Nonlinear Control Strategy for the DC Power Transferring 2011 System (ICMS)



Direct electromagnetic torque control of induction motors powered by high power 2011 PWM inverters for two levels or three levels(PIERS) Direct electromagnetic torque control of induction motors powered by high power 2011 PWM inverters for two levels or three levels(PIERS) Direct Torque and Indirect Flux Control of Brushless DC Motor 2011


61. 62.

Direct Voltage Control for a Stand-Alone Wind-Driven Self-Excited Induction 2011 Generator With Improved Power Quality Dynamic Modeling and Improved Control of DFIG Under Distorted Grid Voltage 2011 Conditions Dynamic Modeling and Performance Analysis of a Grid-Connected Current- 2011 Source Inverter-Based Photovoltaic System Dynamic Stability Improvement of an Integrated Grid-Connected Offshore Wind 2011 Farm and Marine-Current Farm Using a STATCOM Energy Management and Power Control of a Hybrid Active Wind Generator for 2011 Distributed Power Generation and Grid Integration Energy optimization of field oriented six-phase induction motor drive 2011





67. 68.

Enhanced Power Quality Control Strategy for Single-Phase Inverters in Distributed 2011 Generation Systems Fault Detection and Mitigation in Multilevel Converter STATCOMs 2011

69. 70.

Fault Ride-Through of a DFIG Wind Turbine Using a Dynamic Voltage Restorer 2011 During Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Grid Faults Feasibility Analysis of the Positioning of Superconducting Fault Current Limiters 2011 for the Smart Grid Application Using Simulink and SimPowerSystem Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Based Shunt Active Power Filter with 2011 Trifling Susceptibility to Divisional Voltages Deregulation Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Sources at the Distribution Level With 2011 Power-Quality Improvement Features




74. 75.

Harmonic orientation of pulse width modulation technique in multilevel inverters


Hexagram-Converter-Based STATCOM for Voltage Support in Fixed-Speed Wind 2011 Turbine Generation Systems High-Efficiency Regulation Method for a Zero-Current and Zero-Voltage Current- 2011 Fed PushPull Converter Hybrid Flying-Capacitor-Based Active-Neutral-Point-Clamped Converter Operated With SHE-PWM Hysteresis Modulation of Multilevel Inverters Five-Level 2011



78. 79.


Implementation of Neural-Network-Controlled Three-Leg VSC and a Transformer 2011 as Three-Phase Four-Wire DSTATCOM Improvements in power quality and efficiency with a new ac/dc high current 2011 converter(WSEAS transactions on circuits and systems) Improving grid power quality with facts device on integration of wind energy 2011 system (SPAJ) Induction machine DTC optimization using artificial intelligence for EVs 2011 applications Induction Motor Drive Using Seven Level Multilevel Inverter for Energy Saving 2011 in Variable Torque Load Application






Interconnection of Two Very Weak AC Systems by VSC-HVDC Links Using 2011 Power-Synchronization Control Investigation of SSR characteristics of hybrid series compensated power system 2011 with SSSC(HINDAWI PUBLISHING) Isolated BuckBoost DC/DC Converters Suitable for Wide Input-Voltage Range 2011


86. 87.

Load Compensation for Diesel Generator-Based Isolated Generation System 2011 Employing DSTATCOM Load compensation for single phase system using series active filter(IJEST) 2011

88. 89.

Loading Balance of Distribution Feeders With Loop Power Controllers 2011 Considering Photovoltaic Generation Low Frequency Oscillations Damping by Static Synchronous Series Compensator 2011 Equipped with an Auxiliary Fuzzy Logic Controller Matrix Converter-Based Unified Power-Flow Controllers: Advanced Direct Power 2011 Control Method




Modeling and analysis of cascaded h-bridge inverter for wind driven Isolated self 2011 excited induction generators(IJEEF) Modeling and Control of VSC-HVDC Links Connected to Island Systems 2011

93. 94.

Modulation for Three-Phase Transformer less Z-Source Inverter to Reduce 2011 Leakage Currents in Photovoltaic Systems Modulation index effect on the inverter(SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH) 5-level she-PWM voltage source 2011



Monovariable and Multivariable Voltage Regulator Design for a Synchronous 2011 Generator Modeled With Fixed and Variable Loads Multidimensional Two-Level Multiphase Space Vector PWM Algorithm and Its 2011 Comparison With Multi frequency Space Vector PWM Method Multilevel inverter to reduce common mode voltage in ac motor drives using 2011 SPWM technique(JPE) Multilevel inverter, based on multi-stage connection of three-level converters, 2011 scaled in power of three. Neural-Network-Based Integrated Electronic Load Controller for Isolated 2011 Asynchronous Generators in Small Hydro Generation






Neutral-Point Potential Balancing of Three-Level Inverters in Direct-Driven Wind 2011 Energy Conversion System Nine-level inverter system for an open-end winding(IJEST) On chip implementation if z-source inverter fed induction motor drive(IJAST) Online Efficiency Optimization of a Fuzzy-Logic-Controller-Based IPMSM Drive Online Optimal Reactive Power Control Strategy of PV Inverters 2011 2011 2011 2011

102. 103. 104. 105. 106.

Parallel Operation of DFIGs in Three-Phase Four-Wire Autonomous Wind Energy 2011 Conversion System Performance Comparison of VSC-Based Shunt and Series Compensators Used for 2011 Load Voltage Control in Distribution Systems performance of voltage source multilevel inverter - fed induction motor drive 2011 using SIMULINK(ARPN JOURNAL) Performance Investigation of Neural-Network-Based Unified Power-Quality 2011 Conditioner Power Quality Conditioner with Series-Parallel Compensation Applied to Single- 2011 Phase Systems






Power quality improvement for electrical system feeding metro subway in 2011 EGYPT(MEPCON) Power quality improvement in dc drives using MATLAB/SIMULINK(IJWBC) 2011

112. 113.

Power Quality Improvement of 1- Grid-connected PWM Inverter using Fuzzy 2011 with Hysteresis Current Controller Power quality improvement of wind turbines using doubly-fed induction machines 2011

114. 115.

Power quality improvement using a fuzzy logic control of a series active 2011 filter(JTAIT) Power Quality Improvement Using Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner Power System Voltage Regulation via STATCOM Internal Nonlinear Control 2011 2011

116. 117. 118.

Predictive Current Control Implementation in the Sensor less Induction Motor 2011 Drive Primary-Side-Converter-Assisted Soft-Switching Scheme for an AC/AC Converter 2011 in a Cyclo converter-Type High-Frequency-Link Inverter Quasi-Z-Source-Based Isolated DC/DC Converters for Distributed Power 2011 Generation Reliable, effective and efficient operation of dg source for power flow control in 2011 coordination with main utility network at common load bus using static device(WSEAS) Real-Time Coordination of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging in Smart Grids to 2011 Minimize Power Losses and Improve Voltage Profile Reducing THD in hybrid multilevel inverter with varying voltage steps under 2011 space vector modulation(EJSR) Reversing the Power Flow in the Looped Electrical Distribution Network by Using 2011 a Cascaded H-bridge D-SSSC Simple Low-Cost Hysteretic Controller for Multiphase Synchronous Buck 2011 Converters Simplified fuzzy control for flux-weakening speed control of IPMSM 2011 drive(HINDAWI PUBLISHING CORPORATION) Simulation and analysis of a multilevel converter topology for solar PV-based grid 2011 connected inverter(SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH) Simulation Single Phase Shunt Active Filter Based on p-q technique using 2011 MATLAB/Simulink Development Tools Environment Single-Phase Seven-Level Grid-Connected Inverter for Photovoltaic System 2011












130. 131.

Smart Park as a Virtual STATCOM


Space vector PWM scheme for three level inverters based on two-level space 2011 vector PWM(IJPSOEM) Speed control of switched reluctance motor using fuzzy sliding mode Synchronous-Reference-Frame-Based Control Unbalanced and Distorted Load Conditions Method for UPQC 2011 Under 2011

132. 133.


TCSC Damping controller design based on Self learning fuzzy controller 2011 Techniques THD Reduction in Performance of Multi-Level Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive Three-Arm AC Automatic Voltage Regulator Transient Response of a Wind Energy Conversion System Used as Active Filter 2011 2011 2011

135. 136. 137. 138.

Transient Stability Enhancement in Power System with Distributed Static Series 2011 Compensator (DSSC) transmission line stability improvement using TCSC ( IJAEST) Two-Stage MPPT Power Regulator for Satellite Electrical Propulsion System 2011 2011

139. 140. 141.

Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) Control using Feed Forward (FF)/ 2011 Feed Back (FB) Controller UPQC-S: A Novel Concept of Simultaneous Voltage Sag/Swell and Load Reactive 2011 Power Compensations Utilizing Series Inverter of UPQC Using active power filters to improve power quality Voltage stability improvement using series facts devices(AJBAS) 11-level inverter using less number of switches(IJEST) A 28-pulse ac-dc converter based SMPS for telecom power supply (be press) A fuzzy rule-based approach for islanding detection in distributed generation A high performance induction motor drive system using fuzzy logic controller 2011 2011 2011 2010 2010 2010


143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149.

A high-power-factor single-stage single-switch electronic ballast for compact 2010 fluorescent lamps A hybrid system based approach to direct torque control (DTC) of induction 2010 motors



A new 84-pulse VSC configuration using multi-level dc voltage reinjection for 2010 especial applications A new adaptive fuzzy vector control for permanent magnet synchronous motor 2010 drive A novel three-phase to five-phase transformation using a special transformer 2010 connection A real time power system harmonic estimator considering fundamental frequency 2010 variations (BEPRESS) A three-phase interleaved dcdc converter with active clamp for fuel cells 2010




155. 156.

A voltage controlled adjustable speed PMBLDCM drive using a single-stage PFC 2010 half-bridge converter An efficient acdc step-up converter for low-voltage energy harvesting 2010

157. 158.

An inrush mitigation technique of load transformers for the series voltage sag 2010 compensator An online simplified rotor resistance estimator for induction motors Ann-based svc switching at distribution level for minimal-injected harmonics APF for harmonic voltage resonance suppression in distribution system Comparison of modulation techniques for matrix converter (IACSIT) 2010 2010 2010 2010

159. 160. 161. 162. 163.

Control circuit for active power filter with an instantaneous reactive power control 2010 algorithm modification Control of active filter in 25kv ac traction systems 2010

164. 165.

Control scheme of cascaded h-bridge STATCOM using zero-sequence voltage and 2010 negative-sequence current Design and implementation of a current-source converter for use in industry 2010 applications of D-STATCOM Design of a 28 v-to-300 v/12 kw multi cell interleaved fly back converter using 2010 inter cell transformers Design of a hybrid PID plus fuzzy controller for speed control of induction motors 2010



168. 169.

Design of a mode decoupling STATCOM for voltage control of wind-driven 2010 induction generator systems Design of controller for PMSM 2010


171. 172.

Design on vector control system of ac motor for hybrid electric vehicles


Dynamic dc-bus voltage control strategies for a three-phase high power shunt 2010 active power filter Dynamic hysteresis current control to minimize switching for three-phase four-leg 2010 VSI topology to compensate nonlinear load Effects of switching asymmetry on an isolated full-bridge boost converter Enhancement of power quality in distribution system using D-STATCOM Estimation and mitigation of voltage and current harmonics in distribution systems Facts device: distributed power-flow controller (DPFC) Fault-location system for multi terminal transmission lines 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010


174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179.

Feasibility study on application of voltage source inductive filtering converter in 2010 HVDC-light systems Flexible power electronic transformer 2010

180. 181.

Harmonic elimination in single phase systems by means of a hybrid series active 2010 filter (HSAF) High-efficiency voltage regulator for rural networks 2010

182. 183.

Implementation and control of an hybrid multilevel converter with floating dc- 2010 links for current waveform improvement Implementation and performance evaluation of a fast dynamic control scheme for 2010 capacitor-supported interline DVR Input-output linearization and robust sliding-mode controller for the VSC-HVDC 2010 transmission link Instantaneous power control of D-STATCOM with consideration of power factor 2010 correction Modeling and simulation of an asynchronous generator with ac/dc/ac converter fed 2010 RLC series Multiband hysteresis modulation and switching characterization for sliding-mode- 2010 controlled cascaded multilevel inverter(IEEE) Non linear control of STATCOM 2010






189. 190.

Novel direct torque control based on space vector modulation with adaptive stator 2010 flux observer for induction motors

191. 192.

Optimized modulation for acdc harmonic immunity in VSC HVDC transmission Performance conditioner investigation of neural-network-based unified


power-quality 2010

193. 194. 195. 196.

Power-management strategies for a grid-connected PV-FC hybrid system Reference current computation for active power filters by running DFT techniques Research on three-level static synchronous compensator

2010 2010 2010

Ripple current reduction of a fuel cell for a single-phase isolated converter using a 2010 dc active filter with a center tap Simulation of four quadrant operation & speed control of BLDC motor on 2010 MATLAB / Simulink Single-phase acac converter based on quasi-z-source topology(PEDS) 2010


198. 199.

Single-phase hybrid active power filter using single switch parallel active filter and 2010 simple passive filter Single-phase to three-phase drive system using two parallel single-phase rectifiers 2010

200. 201.

Super capacitors and battery power management for hybrid vehicle Applications 2010 using multi boost and full bridge converters(CREEBEL) Torque ripple reduction in direct torque control of induction machines by use of all 2010 voltage vectors of matrix converters Vector controlled PMSM drive based on fuzzy speed controller 2010 2010 2010


203. 204. 205.

Voltage security analysis of power systems under deregulation Wind farm to weak-grid connection using UPQC custom power device

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