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I am going to give an overview. I am not here to address any specific corner of information. It's going to sound a little rambling, and I mean it that way, because I'm going to cover a subject and move, then cover another subject and move. Basically, I am not at all interested in what is going on in any of the mechanics, but in 1965 I had a vision as to what is going to come in the future, and I was given the choice of whether I live or die by spirits. I elected to live; I went through a death, and I'm here today. I had lots of cooperation upstairs. I'm not speaking from a completely mechanistic point of view. I used some of this with the DuPont company as senior scientist. They gave me an office and let me close the door. I didn't use computers or slide rules. It worked. I took an early retirement to go on with this work, and until very recently there hasn't been a concrete "Now is the time; do something!". Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time to do something because 80 percent of the people on the face of this earth face death by 1998. I have seen this. I personally am convinced. I don't care where you sit. Just keep an open mind and start studying. A curve showing the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere from a station in the Hawaiian Islands tells a very strong story, because it shows the degradation of our atmosphere. If you extrapolate the curve, it points out doomsday. What the curve represents is the normal increase in CO2 that cyclically happens on about a 100,000 year basis. The proof of this is cores taken in the

deep glaciers of Iceland and Antarctica. We are in the throes of passing the last point of recovery. We're into the point of no return. CO2 is built up as a natural process. Man has added to this CO2 and advanced the process an estimated 500 years. I give Don Weaver and his coworkers credit for assimilating a tremendous amount of data and, to me, statistically proving this thing. Then, what happens is that the atmosphere causes a greenhouse effect, which means that the equatorial waters get heated, the equator area gets hot, moisture is evaporated, and we have a travel of moisture north and south and clouds screening the sun north and south. We have a drop in temperature; we get irregular weather patterns; we get irregular rainfall; growing seasons get progressively shorter and we go into starvation. This started to be positively visible in about 1975. The point I'm bringing up is that if we develop electrical free energy and it's plentiful in its use, we can artificially grow all the food we need, and in the areas where this is in process we can reduce the loss of life very greatly. We can't stop it, but we can greatly reduce it. The reason we can't stop it, there's always some hardheads that would rather stay with the given situation than change, and they're going to die. That's a cruel prediction, but there it is. The next area I want to go into is that I had a vision, and I didn't understand the vision for IS years, and I finally have. We are souls. Our consciousness has been shifted. I don't want to get into religious background of where or consciousness is, but it's not soul-oriented. The person who has a souloriented consciousness is probably not going to waste time sitting in this room. I wish they would. The trick is that our body is the center point of this consciousness. Our soul intermixes with our body. Our body/brain function is the mechanical device of consciousness. We can work consciousness into the body and body to the soul. So we can go soul, body, consciousness, or consciousness, body, soul. Hopefully, we all someday can accomplish the mission of merging this into a single unit of consciousness. The interesting thing is that the body, being a pure device in function, can't lie. It only tells the truth. If we get the right soul connections, we can only get the truth from soul. Consciousness is where we go wrong, and we go wrong because of emotion. So I talked to Tom Bearden here a couple of years ago and said, "Wouldn't it be nice if we could connect through soul to the universal mind? It's all there; all we do is pick it up." Well, this past year we found out you could do that. Not directly, but indirectly. And we find out

that the whole human race has evolved to the point that everybody can do it, so I expect everybody in this room to go home and start doing this. You don't need to calculate things; it's all there done for you. You just need to be able to grab it out of the cosmos. This is a very important start. What I'm going to do is to demonstrate a little of this, and then I'm going to get on with some of the things that we've involved this with in our interdimensional science fellowship. This technique is one that is not a mediumship type of thing, because it's strictly soul-related. If you have people of the right polarity and of the right vibratory mode, two things happen. One is that you can get direct answers: Yes, No, Maybe, and, if you're sensitive, pictures and data will begin to come in and you take it down. So what we do is we have a team of people, a couple recording, hopefully taking a tape recording, we go through an altered state of consciousness and then we proceed with this. The first thing you do is you ask the question, "Do you have permission to do this?". You're relating to the souls of the individuals that are involved. We're not relating to your souls; we're relating to ours. So the question is, do we have permission to do this? The answer is yes. When the body is strong it's affirmative. When the body is weak it's negative. Maybe is in between somewhere. [At this point, the speaker is joined by an assistant, Dianah. She holds up her arm while the speaker attempts to push the arm down to her side. - ed.] Now the question is, are we working soul to universal soul and back to soul? This is the way we must operate. If you don't set up this regime, then you're working with spirit. You're getting into spirit guides and all that mediumistic garbage that is no good because it's not accurate. So the question is, are we working soul to soul to soul? The answer is yes. She's strong and the answer is yes. Now I'm going to put some questions to the universal mind about magnetism. The question was: Was the magnetic charge that spreads the molecules of gasoline, a weakening of magnetic bonds, or was it tachyon addition to energy? Now we're going to find the answer, which of these it is, or a combination of these. Is this an addition of charge effect? The answer is no, so it's not addition of charge. Is this the loosening up the bonding of the gasoline molecules? The answer is yes. I'm getting the answers to these things myself, so this is a confirmation. It's good to have double confirmation. You can work with radionics and other things and double and

double and be surer and surer. The third thing is, was a magnetic addition of energy? The answer is no. So now, if you're doing research, you have one direction to go in. I believe in science. I made my living by science for a number of years. If I were in charge of a project, I would then initiate a project to pick up the changing in bonding. I have a friend who's done this with water, and we know that the infrared spectrum of water changes under certain magnetic conditions. You can see the light I-R change effect of water, so let's say, in the water case was this loosening up the magnetic bonding in water? The answer is maybe. Now, when you get a maybe, you have to ask questions to satisfy the maybe. The first question you ask, ask the same question over again of the reverse question. Let's reverse it. Let's say this is not loosening up of the magnetic bonds of water. The answer is yes. So we've put that one to bed. Now the question is, what is it? Is this changing the charge orientation of the water molecules? Yes. But it's a weak yes. A weak yes says, well, maybe we can ask another question. Is there some preferential space geometry relationship of the water molecule in addition to the charge on the thing? The answer is yes. See, I got that answer through in the interval and I'm just confirming it. If you just try to sit there and read these things out of the cosmos, you can get emotionally involved and get screwy answers. So you need confirmation. Now, Dianah is not technically trained, so she's very neutral with respect to these things. So, she is not ping to pick and choose. Her body is only reacting to the universal soul, which is making her either strong or weak and reversing so that we are out of phase to strengthen its effect. About this magnet bit. One of our group is very sold on caduceus coils. He remembers back in ancient Egypt when caduceus was used for certain specific purposes and he wants to repeat that and bring it up now because very good things can be done with caduceus coils. He believes in mythology. He says it's all in the right mythology. All we have to do is decode it Only he couldn't. So we've decoded it. We've designed caduceus coils and what we find is that the stronger the magnet the greater the effect. You use a magnetic core, and these things have to be very precisely built. Incidentally, George Hathaway has brought one here and I'm sure he's ready to talk to people about it. It's a multi-wound one and we find from the universal mind that there's two or three ways of multiwinding them for some uses, but if they have to be absolutely specific you can't do it. You can do some. This is a spiral wound coil system, and George will be very happy to

talk more about it, and these are not cored in the sense of what I'm talking about. If you core a caduceus you can generate fantastic powers with them which can be very destructive. There is a body frequency of 43.5 megahertz. At that body frequency a samarium magnet system in the right iron combination is good. Is this true? The answer is yes. And we sit there and we've picked up the geometry for the samarium magnet system and we ask the question, is there anybody around that knows how to fabricate these things? The answer came out yes. So can we guess the name? No. I'm not good at words; I don't see and hear words. Will we run into somebody that knows about samarium systems? The answer came out yes. Have we met the gentleman today, Adams? And the answer is yes. Where there's a synergism, if you get into the flow all these things seem to fit together, and it's beautiful. We've got this right brain, left brain, middle brain bit that they all have to work together. You've got to get soul-related and everything in the cosmos is open to you. It doesn't take long to know how to do these. I've run a number of workshops on doing it. I'm very happy to participate with anybody that is interested. I don't have time to do it one at a time. In groups, yes. What we propose is that if there are any questions that people have in here about their devices that they want to pinpoint information or direct it, Dianah and I will be glad to work with you on that. Thank you, Dianah. Let's go on to some other things. Mobius coils can be wound in a number of different kinds of ways. I think I can list 20 different ways of making Mobius coils. There are different effects from all of them. Just wrapping some wire together isn't the answer. The proportions of the coil, the length over diameter ratio, the wire gauge, whether it's bifiliar, trifiliar, quadrifiliar wound are all important (we've wound them up to twelve). Here we have a level-wound Mobius coil. You notice it comes up and around underneath the twist. Our heart is Mobius-organized muscles. Our brains are Mobiusorganized neurons. The cosmos is a Mobius system; that's why you'll never find the end of it, because you go around in a Mobius system the outside becomes the inside and the inside becomes the outside. And so the cosmos is just chock full of Mobius systems. I became fascinated some years ago with Mobius, and I thought we should build some and look at them. So I started asking people, how do you make these things? And I got answers that I considered to be pretty silly. You wrap a piece of sticky tape

and then stick the wire to it and wrap it that way. There's one way of goings insane. Another way is to wrap a solenoid coil, cut it, reverse the wires, strip the insulation, twist the wires together and solder them. And I started that, and that's guaranteed insanity. So I figured, well, if the universal mind knows about Mobius coils, they know how to make them. So consult; find out. Then the answer came through, and here is the answer. This a scheme for making Mobius. You start with wire that you have measured and wind it on toilet paper rols when they get done; that's pretty convenient. You make a fixture up that is adjustable and this fixture consists of two pieces. One is adjustable. These pieces are formed and coated with a silicon rubber material: silicon rubber cement silicon marine cement, any of these work. I don't use bathtub caulk. And you wrap the wire on a shuttle and you literally weave the Mobius coil. Having wrapped the measured amount of wire on the spindle, you put the spindle through, always in the same direction, always levo (left-hand) wound - ed.], because if it's dextro (right-hand) would no matter how you use it, it's going to start screwing your brain up and doing other things. For a lot of people the effects are so faint that they don't realize it, but they're getting screwed up, and we're screwed up enough to start with; we don't need more. Again I repeat, at this point the wire goes under, out and around, then over and around There's a Mobius. Generally speaking, this would not be an ideal geometry for a Mobius, but one of our gals is a little bit of an artist and a writer and someday we're going to publish a book and there's going to be a lot of this good stuff in it, and we're starting to put material together for it. Here's a little baby Mobius right here. For a lot of purposes, you have to be careful what kind of composition and material you're going to expose yourself to in Mobius systems. But this is levo again and you get the idea of the size. It's about an inch. There is a considerable interest in Mobius developing in several quarters in jewelry, because the tachyon pattern is affected by the space geometry, which is set up by a Mobius system. So without even energizing smaller size Mobius and even if they're not insulated you get some affect, if they're insulated it can be a very strong effect. And if you power them they can be overpowering. This is the collection of different kinds of Mobius. This is a l8 gauge. This is 38 gauge. This is a 28 quadrifiliar wound power Mobius for research purposes. These Mobius are dextro and if we had more time I would have Dianah come up and out of those pictures there's radiation of energy which is negative which is negatively affecting everybody in this

room, and the Mobius aren't even here. You can make paper Mobius and they'll affect you. Space geometry - you set up the pattern for the tachyon flow and it propagates. The only way you can convince some people is to knock them over, so you take a dextro and you expose them to it, upset their apple cart, then reverse it, go levo and bring them out of it again. I won't do that kind of experience; the FDA may have a man in here. We can check, incidentally, and find out. But I feel that there isn't any baddie in this room at the present time. We could do it, but I won't. Magnetics, with respect to Mobius: there is in effect, it becomes a somewhat better tachyon pump. This is a quadrifiliar wound Mobius with a magnet and you can't see it but there's a little dip oscillator system with this and what we're trying to do is to find out whether there is a power source here. There isn't, but what you can do is generate a higher voltage effect than you put into this thing, but the amps aren't there, and so we've given up on Mobius as a power source at the moment, simply because the universal mind says there are a lot better ways of doing it. So we're doing those, which I'll show you later. This is another system. These are three banks of diodes. If you set up an electrical flow in a double, bifilar Mobius, what is in effect the secondary appears to have no current moving in it. But if you put three sets of diodes in the secondary and then you take the wires off the center one, you now get a high voltage flow of current, and this is frequency sensitive. I don't know whether we're setting the resonance pattern or whether it's inherent. But around 5200 Hz and below you get an affect out of this thing. Again, it's not a power source, but it's a very interesting curiosity that you can grab something . . . you can touch either side here and you get no potential across it, and yet in the center here you do get a potential. A very interesting effect. Maybe somebody will find a good use for it some day. This is a pair of Mobius that fit inside of each other. They're wound to the maximum effect that on. can carry, not the minimum like Pat Flanagan, of Tucson, Arizona. This is a maximum effect, driven by a thing we call a "Mighty Midget Pulsar", which I will go into a little bit further. At the present time, l am stabilizing the vibration in this wheels hotel, including all you people, entraining you and your brains somewhat in the direction of meditation and better thought process. I don't want to be overbearing. I don't want anybody to really realize what's going on. But it is a point. This is a compound Mobius. The crossover of the Mobius is here. You get

no magnetic effect out of this. It's a tachyon pump system. The tachyons are pumped through the gap and out the other side. This is a "Mighty Midget Pulsar". This is a 3909 dip. This is the auxiliary circuitry that goes around it. If any of you people are more interested in this I have a little mockup system that you can look at. It's tunable. We has a couple of potentiometers in there that we can tune. Incidentally, these are the Mobius out here and there are several ways of putting Mobius on this system. One way is to connect this directly end put the Mobius in the input and the input and tie it together. You can't put Mobius two different places because they're out of phase. The Mobius all have to be in phase. The maximum effect is putting twelve Mobius in this system as external plug ins, and putting the two Mobius inherent in the machine and have them operating, and sensitive people can feel the effects about two miles away. This will counter the Russian negative ELF system. Here's the assembly without the plug-in for an auxiliary battery charging system without the auxiliary Mobius. Here's a picture. As you can see, it's about two inches; it's about half the size of an old fashioned cigarette pack. It's half the size or smaller than the other 50 or 60 earth-resonant generators that are being built around the world. It will run on that battery about a month. It's rechargeable. It's wiser to charge it more often because there is a frequency drift as the battery runs down. I plug in a backup battery and run it. Here's the whole system. This is the auxiliary power Mobius. This is the backup battery. This is the little Mighty Midget. This gives you an idea of the whole thing. You can almost take the whole package in your pocket. I have one of these assemblies along; I have some of these other coils and other things along. This is a Radioclast. Borderland Sciences Journal published this, republished it, gave copies of it away. We have built a number of these; we're in our about third generation of these things. What this thing does is oscillate at 43.5 Hz, plus or minus. It has side bands which we have been able to eliminate some of. It vibrates at all the body cell organ frequencies, and tunes you. Your DNA and RNA ages, it unwinds, and when it gets to a certain point you're old and you're on your way to dying. With this, you can sort of tighten up a bit and I'm personally using it. We've seen a number of miraculous things happen with it. Of course, one can't sell these things. One can't merchandise them. You can barely talk about this kind of thing because

there's an organization called the FDA that doesn't believe in any of this nonsense. If you're to die, you're to die, and you're not to cure people. It's just a shame that our government is the way it is. I think you're going to hear a lot about our government the way it is before you get done today. This is the description of the antenna loop copper wire that is built for it. We have found that we can build a lot better antennas using quarter wave antennas. We are compound winding them. We are spacing the winding with thread so that we lose the capacitance effect. We open the power up. We build larger coils. This is a body coil. I sleep in one of these, and at an interesting rate I'm getting younger. It has a very good effect if carried on a regular basis. One of our gals has only one kidney. This kidney is affected with a form of cystitis. The doctor told her husband it's only a matter of time and she has to be on a kidney machine or she dies. With proper health maneuvering and the use of one of these body coils she is apparently just about recovered. Other problems she had have disappeared, and she's almost a brand new girl. One of these is a Mobius wound system. I have it here. It pumps tachyons. It doesn't affect the physical; we think it affects the etheric. I haven't really checked it out. There are so many things to do we don't have time to do it. The other unit is a small unit which I like to sit on and put a wave right up through my body. It's been corrective of some of my conditions. If I bang up a knee, I run in and put this around my knee and I give myself a treatment. I pulled a muscle in my left hip. In three days time it was healed. Healing is very much accelerated. I want to talk about Tesla, electrical free energy, resonance. We put this to the universal mind and Tesla was right and Einstein was wrong. I don't care about any of your mathematics. It just works that way, and the universal mind is right. What Tesla was saying was, if this is the universal resonance curve, that by designing the coil right from resonance of 0 to 10, let's say, that you can take it from 0 to IS, which simply means that you're going superluminal. You're going l times the speed of light. When you go 1 times the speed of light in the physical world, you're out of the physical world. In going out of the physical world, you dilate the physical world. When you come back into the physical world, you bring a little of the etheric world back with you. This is the story of free energy.