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The future is never written in stone.

Any future event is a possibility based on the thoughts, emotions, and actions happening at the moment. If you see a bleak future, know that you can change your behaviour and completely alter your cours e to create a positive outcome. That s why the message to stay positive and come fro m a place of love is so very important. You are creating your future in every mo ment. At the Ontario Hypnosis Centre this past weekend, I experienced a future life pr ogression where, in a relaxed theta or trance state, suggestions were given by T ariq Sattaur, Executive Director of the OHC, to move to, or beyond, 100 years in the future. When you are in a hypnotic state, you can choose to follow the instructions bein g given, or not. You are always in complete control of any hypnotic experience. Being very curious about the future, I paid close attention to the hypnotic sugg estions provided by Tariq and found myself in the future. Having already been th rough two days of study and multiple past life regressions, I was easily hypnoti zed. It s time for humans to wake-up to who they really are, spirits having a human exper ience. In the future life progression, my experience was similar to those mentioned by Robert Monroe, Founder of The Monroe Institute. I found myself in a beautiful no n-physical realm with an exquisite golden palace. An enormous lotus flower appea red and Shakyamuni Buddha was nearby. Beyond that realm, I noticed a second diff erent realm with a radiant palace filled with glowing blue and white pillars. Th e instant I wondered why I was there, I found myself transported to an enormous white dome. It reminded me of a giant igloo and I realized shortly thereafter th at it had been created with that intent when I found myself amongst a number of spiritual beings, guides, and masters who were all working on the problem of glo bal warming on the Earth. As things progressed, I found myself flying like Superman to Planet Earth. I arr ived in a non-physical form at what had once been the Arctic. Now, it was reduce d to fields of dead grass. There were no humans anywhere. Feeling grief-stricken , I sensed Mother Earth s pain. When I asked, Is there any hope? , instantly I was tra ted to a lush green area. Again, there were no humans to be seen. Continuing to explore the globe, I noticed just a few tiny pockets of green that had somehow s urvived the devastation of global warming. Based on what the human race was doing on March 11, 2012, in 100 years, the Eart h would be devastated to the point where Mother Earth would cease to sustain hum an life. Prophet, Edgar Cayce has warned about this many times. It s time to realize that global warming, and many other disasters on the Earth, are spiritual issue s. We are creators. Thoughts are things. Our emotions affect everyone and everyt hing in the cosmos because we are all connected. Wars, hatred, misery and the on going abuse of habitats, animals, and humans violates the laws of the universe a nd devastates the planet. As a sentient being, Mother Earth, like us, can only t ake so much punishment. Do unto others as you would do unto your creator and you will soon restore the paradise that is Earth. Wake-up to who you really are and heal yourself in this lifetime. It s time to be ha ppy. Meditate, experiment with hypnosis, and see for yourself. Soon, you will re alize just how amazing you are and how vitally important your unique mission is in this lifetime. It is also quite likely that you will discover your Guides, Ma sters and Angels and realize just how much love and guidance has been surroundin g you for your entire existence. You can do it! Light, Love and Joy Elizabeth