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Size calculation of rain water pump sump


IL&FS Cuddalore Power Project IL&FS Tamil Nadu Power Company Limited

Owner Owners Engineer

Fichtner Consulting Engineers (India) Private Ltd. CHENNAI

SHANDONG TIEJUN Electric Power EngineeringCo.,Ltd

Contractors Engineer
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SHANDONG Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute CORP.,Ltd Rev. No .A

FICHTNER Consulting Engineers (India) Private Limited, (FI) Chennai. VENDOR DRAWING REVIEW STATUS

Action - 1 Action - 2 Action - 3 Action - 4 Action - 5

Approved Approved except as noted on drawing. Revise drawing and resubmit for records. Returned with Comments. Resubmit for approval. Not Approved. Resubmit for review Information noted. Retained for reference and records.

Date M ay.2012

This document has been reviewed as noted with regard to general conformity with the Contract specifications and requirements. The Vendor / Contractor is responsible for correctness of design calculation and details. Approval of this document does not relieve the Vendor / Contractor of his responsibility in carrying out the work correctly and fulfilling the complete requirements of the contract nor does it limit the purchasr's rights under the contract.


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CNT 1110233/EPC/1869/798



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1. Size calculation of rain water pump sump

Rain water pump sump

Si. No Description Symbol Unit C.W make up pump Design Flow 100% 6000 2.1 1.0 0.90 9.81 0.67 m m m m m m m m 2.5 1.45 1 2 3.40 -4.00 0.10 -7.5 (12)+-13 +(-7)+(-4) 0.75D 2D S+C 0.3 0.5D constant V/(gxD)0.5 D(1+2.3 FD) to Remarks

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Pump design Flow inlet bell design velocity Outside Diameter of bell Depth between the inlet bell and floor Gravitational Acceleration Froude Number Minimum submergence(at rated flow) Required minimum submergence by vendor Clearance from back wall Constructed Bay width near the pump inlet bell Minimum liquid depth Minimum Water Level in Sump Depth between L.W.L to minimum Submergence Rain water pump Design Flow Sump Invert level

Q V D C g FD S S B W H

m 3/h m/s m m m/s2

1.67 m3/s