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Cisco Unified Communications 9.

0 Partner Beta Training Summary

PBT Presentations https://communities.cisco.com/community/partner/collaboration/uc/systemrelease?view=documents

Communications Manager 9.0 Updates

Native Call Queuing Enables Hunt Pilot to Queue Callers, agents log in via standard HLog softkey Calls routed to agents which are unanswered, will be pulled back into queue, and agent is logged out of hunt group Agents receive current Queue Status on Phone Display Upload Initial and Periodic Announcement Provides basic FIFO call queuing with no routing/dtmf input functions. Not intended to replace UCCX. Local Route Group Enhancement If a customer is using LRG, forwarding operations are based upon the calling partys LRG Address issues where the calling partys dialing rules do not always match the called partys dialing rules UCM Presence Enhancements All Presence End User Configuration has migrated to UCM. CUPS still required for Presence system requirements. Native Call Recording Provides user based call record using soft key, Programmable Line Key (PLK) or Feature Control Policy The record key is a toggle; First press starts recording, Second press stops recording Recording status displayed on the phone screen Recording can be started/stopped by any combination of phone or CTI control Still requires back end call recording suppository such as MediaSense or Zoom Pause in Speed Dials Allows user to enter additional digits (FAC/CMC/Conf PIN) as part of speed dial Does not get recorded in Call History LDAP Enhancements Supports LDAP users and Manual users (finally!), allowing you to add a user to UCM without it appearing in LDAP Can convert LDAP user to Manual user, cannot convert manual user to LDAP user LDAP agreements will allow 5 Custom User fields to import customer LDAP attributes unique to your customer Enterprise License Manager (ELM) Provides License Management across products and clusters (UCM,CUC,IM,CUP) No license blockage to install, upgrade, add, trial/demo The current 'License MAC" has been removed; License now tied to physical or virtual NIC MAC address Reduced sales cycle; license wizard presents you with the licenses you need to order Centralize and pool UC licenses Removes default license normally seen on UCM, after 60 days additions to cluster is blocked Single Number Reach Voicemail User Controlled requires the user to send a signal (DTMF) to accept the call This resolves issue where CUCM is unaware if a call extended to an SNR destination is answered via voicemail Trace Enhancements SDI (application output) trace files have been consolidated into SDL (process to process output) trace files Allows for better grouping of SDL signal to application output
Morgan Stepp CCIE #12603 | morganstepp@yahoo.com

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Allows for reduction of common/repeated information Improved CMUSER Interface Addresses two types of users: Users with one phone/line and Users with multiple phones/lines Through a single interface can manage multiple devices Endpoint Enhancements Call History Filter BLF for Call List Pause in Speed Dials Forward Call via Call History, Speed Dial, BLF Speed Dial, Redial Jabber 9.0 Enhancements Client support for Windows, MAC, iPad/iPhone, and some Android models Jabber Cloud (SaaS) Sales of UC Endpoints As of April 2012, Cisco has shipped over 50 million IP Phones

Unity Connection 9.0 Updates

Supports Enterprise License Manager; allowing administration across CUC clusters During upgrade to CUC 9.0, Cobras automatically re-hosts Unity license (no tac case!) E.164 formatted user extension support Intelligent notification via HTML to Mini-Inbox on computer or mobile device Store and forward to Gmail MCS EOS for Messaging; you can no longer order any MCS server for the Messaging product line Video messaging on roadmap for 2013-Q4/2014-Q1

Contact Center Express 9.0 Updates

Historical reports now available in current HRC App or new Web Interface with CUIC (Cisco Unified Intelligence Center) No longer supports CME UCCX 9.0 sync over WAN twice as fast as UCCX 8.5

HCS Updates
HCS Status and Roadmap 27 partners across 15 countries contracted in multiyear volume commitments Partner pipeline 4.2M+ users, Cisco Pipeline 6.6M+ users 8.6.2 now supports Cius 4G and Jabber Inbound contact center available to partners on HCS 9.0 Supports three models: SP DC, Customer DC, and Large Enterprise (On Premise) HCS 9.0 - Q3 2012, HCS 9.5 - Q1/Q2 2013 CUCDM (Cisco Branded VOSS) for HCS 8.6.2 Q1 2012, 9.0 Q3 2012, 9.5 2013 6 Tiered Provisioning Levels: SP, Reseller, Customer, Division, Location, End User Self Care Unique user id per customer - prior to 8.6.2, VOSS required globally unique User ID

Morgan Stepp CCIE #12603 | morganstepp@yahoo.com

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8.6.2 ESN1 extends the unique user id feature by dropping the appended user's email domain name Allows import of CUCM settings for devices Enhanced Dial Plan customization - more details to come on CCO Enhanced Provisioning - more details to come on CCO Supports multiple device pools - 8.6.1 limited in device pool/region assignment

Virtualization Updates

UC 9.0 Virtualization Enhancements UC virtualization support extended to HP and IBM hardware on VMware HCL vMotion support for UCM, CUC (maintenance mode), CUP (maintenance mode), UCCX (may impact calls) QoS for UC 9.0 on ESXi Virtualization Three virtual switch options; VMware vSwitch, VMware dvSwitch, and Cisco Nexus 1KV VMware Switches and UCS Fabric Interconnect (FI) do not interpret DSCP or map DSCP (L3) to CoS (L2) Nexus 1000v allows mapping of L3 QoS to L2 CoS With appropriate CoS, the FI can prioritize packets UC 9.0 on UCS C200 Series Best Practices Use 2 GE ports from Motherboard and 2 GB ports from PCIe card for the VM traffic. Configure with NIC teaming. Use 2 GB ports from PCIe card for ESXi mgmt traffic Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) Hosted Virtual Desktop delivered on Cisco Thin Client Single endpoint with minimum wiring and data flows Supports VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop VMware View has reduced PCoIP bandwidth requirements by 75% VXC 2111/2211 use PCoIP protocol, VXC2112/2212 use ICA/RDP protocol VXC 2XXX supported with 8961, 9951, or 9971. Phone SN must be FCH153681E0 or VID V05 and above. VXI before and after video: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps11295/Products_Sub_Category_Home.html

Video and Wireless Updates

UC 9.0 Video Delivery Tool Enhancements Dynamic Monitoring with Mediatrace - discovers L2 and L3 nodes along a flow's path Can consolidate system resource, interface, and flow stats onto single screen Current Tools are ManageEngine, MediaScope, and Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager IPSLA Embedded Traffic Simulator - used to stress test network Cisco Media Ready Wireless LAN New WLC features to provide improved Channel Utilization, Scaling, Bandwidth, and Quality New BandSelect and Load Balancing features allow better experience for wireless users Uses C-Location of AP's on different 5Ghz Channels to increase Call Capacity on a floor WLC statistics now provide VoIP stats such as total number and time of SIP calls WLC 7.2 MR1 supports Secure Fast Transition Roaming (802.11r)

Morgan Stepp CCIE #12603 | morganstepp@yahoo.com

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