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Introduction to Business Strategy

Business Strategy I
SLGM 611
Contribut ions of leading management gurus & t hi nkers. Nat ure of St rat egy & St rat egic Decisions - Charact eristics of St rategic
Decisions - Levels of St rategy - Vocabulary of St rategy - St rategic Management - The St rat egic. Positi on - St rat egic Choices-
Strat egy i nto Act ion (2) (J & S 1)
2. Understanding Strategy Development
Strat egy Devel opment Process - Strategic Planning Systems - St rategic Leadership - Organizati onal Poli tics - Logical
Incrementalism - The Learni ng Organizat ion - Imposed St rat egy - Mult iple Processes of Strat egy Development - Intended &
Realized Strat egies- St rategic Dri ft - Strategic Management in Uncertain and Complex Condi tions ( 3) (J&S 11)
3. The Strategic Position
The Macro environment - PESTEL Framework- Struct ural Drivers of Change- Different ial Impact of Envi ronmental l nfl uences-
Scenari os. Industries & Structures - Sources of Compet it ion - 5 Forces Framework- Compet iti on and Hyper Competi tion -
Strat egic Groups & Organizat ional Fields- Markets: Market Segments, Customer Value- St rat egic Gaps- SWOT (JSW P 148)
4. Strategic Capability
Crit ical Success fact ors - Strat egic Importance of Resources: Avail able Resources. Threshold Resources. Unique Resources -
Competencies & Core Competencies - Importance of Linkages - Performing Better than competi tors - Indust ry Norms &
Standards- Benchmarking (JSW P 144) - Experience Learning Curve
5. Communicating Organizational Purpose
Vision, Missi on, Obj ect ives (Ch 4 JSW)
6. Strategy Choice
Coroorate bevel S!rategy- The Corporat e Portfoli o- Growth Share Mat ri x - BCG, GE, Arthur D. little
Business Leyel Strat egy - Forces Influencing Business St rat egy - Bases of Compet it ive Advantage- Price Based St rat egies -
Added Value or Differentiati on St rat egy - Hybri d St rategy - Focused Different iati on - Failure St rategies - Differenti ation Vs
Legit imacy
Competitive Adyantage Sustaining low Price Advantage- Sustaining Differentiation Based Advantage- The Delta
Model & Lock in.
Competi tion & Collaborat ion, Game Theory- Simultaneous Games, Sequent ial Games, Repeated games- Changing t he Rules of
the Game
Competi tive Strat egy in Hypercompetit ive Condit ions - Overcoming Tradit ional Bases of Compet iti ve Advantage- Escalat ing
Basis of Competi ti on - Successful Hypercompet it ive Strat egies
Value Chain Strategy (JSW page 136)
1. Exploring Corporate Strategy (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington) 7th Edition. Pearson
2. The Economics of St rat egy ( Besanko, Dranove. Sh al ey, Schaefer) 3" Editi on. Wiley