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Pastors Letter...
But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be my witnesses. (Acts 1:8) Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! We shall soon be celebrating Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost is the celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit upon all believers. Jesus said that He was going away so that He could be withus at all times.by the power of the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit empowers us to be witnesses. Jesus makes quite clear to the believers that it is not really a choice whether or not we will become witnesses. Rather, it is a statement of factif you believe in me, then you shall be! Indeed, Jesus said, You shall be my witnesses. Every one of us needs to ask ourselves the question, In what way have I opened myself to the Holy Spirit and become a witness to the forgiving and redeeming love of Jesus Christ? The early church grew because men and women were endued with the Holy Spirit and were witnesses to the truth of Christ. Every member of Tremont Temple is really called to be a witness. There are so many different ways we can witness in everyday life: by the way we treat cashiers in the grocery store, by the way we smile at people, by loving children of young parents, by giving a helping hand, by cooking a meal for a sick person, by praying for one another, etc. I really believe that God is doing a wonderful thing amongst us. There is a new sense of unity. There is a new sense of people volunteering to teach, to serve, to help others. There are so many ways we can serve. Each of us needs to be involved in a ministry. Lets continue to make real our proposed theme for the year, Each one, Reach one! Who are you reaching for the Gospel? Who are you witnessing to? To whom do you give your loyalty? Are you tithing and giving regularly to spread the Word? There are so many new people coming to church every Sunday morning. We need to develop a better system of greeting the new people and making them feel at home. Please make an effort every Sunday to greet new people and welcome them to the Tremont Temple family. The Church Council has voted to hold our Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 3rd. Due to unforeseen circumstances the Annual Meeting had to be delayed a month. Also, since the weekend of May 27th is Memorial Day, it was felt that many people would be out of town. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend this very important annual event in the life of our Church! Remember these important dates: Mothers Day Coffee , after morning worship, on May 13th. The Womens Tea will be held on Sunday, May 20th. We are grateful that Jessica Smith is leading this in such a wonderful way. The Students and Young Adults (SYA) will be meeting on Friday, May 11th and discussing the question of Christians and hypocrisy. Be a witness for Christ! Bring a friend and tell the old, old story of Jesus and His love! Yours in Christ,

May 2012

Friday, May 11th STUDENTS & YOUNG ADULT FELLOWSHIP 6pm ~ Chipman Hall (6th floor )

Sunday, May 13th MOTHERS DAY COFFEE! 12:15 pm ~ NARTHEX (Lobby)

Sunday, May 20th LADIES TEA 12:30 pm ~ Chipman Hall (6th floor )

Denton Lotz, Pastor


Hospitality Room Ministry The Hospitality Room is located on the 2nd floor across the lobby from our main Sanctuary (Converse Hall). We welcome all members, friends, and visitors for coffee fellowship and goodies each Sunday morning and following Sunday worship service. Hospitality Room hours are 8:30 am to 9:30 am; 10:30am to 10:45am and 12:00(noon) to 12:45 pm. Outside visitors often stop in to view the Sanctuary and receive information about our Church. The Hospitality Room is furnished with comfortable sofas and chairs, providing a relaxing atmosphere to obtain information about TTBC and TTBC supported missionaries. We also encourage members and friends to sign up to bring in goodies to share in the Hospitality Room. A sign-up sheet is available on the center table. We want to thank everyone who has helped carry out this ministry. Please Join Us! Jean & Charlie Rogers, Hospitality leaders


Christian Education Report

Beginning a new program in the Childrens Department has taken most of my efforts this month. The response of volunteers has been most heartening and the spirit in the department is one of joyful activity. Sometimes a bit hectic, but we are getting things moving in a positive direction. I would like to take this opportunity to list the workers so that you can pray for them and even perhaps join them! Please let us know if this is your gift and you would like to participate. Two and Under Maryam Nok Preschool Beverly Ross Denny Pearl Gayle Grades 1-3 Jonathan Jordan Grades 4-6 Paula Nam Emily Costa David Hope Substitute Childrens Worship Leaders First Sundays Jean & Charlie Rogers Krista Bun Fourth Sundays Jacqueline Johnson Ashley Johnson Brianna Johnson Vanessa Johnson Fifth Sundays John & Cindy Shaughnessy Elcinha Costa Janice Lotz

Christian Education Report (cont.)

Substitutes: Judy MacLaren Jane Crump, Dawn Young. Please remember to pray for these workers and for our precious children: Joshua, Daniel, Esi, Ryan, Mona, Kyle, Colin, Eki, Katrina, Leigha, & Anthony Next Month: we will highlight the rest of the classes: Youth, Arise, Men and Adult!

Janice Lotz, Interim Christian Education Dir.

TTBC Ladies Tea Women of all ages ! are cordially invited to attend the Womens Tea held on Sunday, May 20th in Chipman Hall, 6th floor, beginning at 12:30 pm. Please

Second Sundays Kathy Hicks Wesley Meeks Amy Doherty Third Sundays Vangie Jimenez Janice Amihan

RSVP to the Church Office by Friday, May 11th, to let us know your plans to attend. Dr. Mobolaji Olurinde will be the

speaker for the afternoon and will share insights of her faith journey. Invite a friend, your sister, your Mom, a neighbor or co - worker to enjoy an afternoon of a cupful of blessings!






May 3rd - Keith Harris May 4th - Joy Williams May 20th - Jessica Japhet Timothy Elderkin May 8th - Grace Cornish Willie Laws, Jr. May 12th - Hurvin Stewart May 13th - Joan MacDonald May 28th - Yvonne Baxter May 30th - John Holm May 14th - Palmera Williams Norman Crump




Womens Round-table Report~ Missionary Letters

This will be Capsule Report # 9 from our Missionary Letters.. Are you interested in reading their full letters? Please let me know if you are. The purpose of our making a capsule report is to pique your interest! As it happens, I have only two reportsone from Rev. Paul (Pantelis & Roula) Sideropoulos, (a cousin to our Rev. Dr. Eleftheria Sidiropoulou) and the second letter from Rich and Sally Johnson. Paul ( Pantelis ) Sideropoulou sent a letter with a return address of Danville, CA, but the letter reported on his work in Volos, central Greece. As the world economy has stumbled all over the globe, Greece, too, suffered greatly as we know from our daily news. Paul attended their Annual Couples Conference, where Bishop Ignatius was the key-note speaker; - his topic: Spiritual Crisis saying, We, as a church, are also responsible for this crisis because we have not taught our people to walk in godliness. Other visits were made in many cities and towns in Greece and Albania, where he provided counseling and preaching. He has discussed family issues on radio talk shows and via internet. He requests prayer in this period of economic hardship, that people will turn to the Lord to find hope and guidance. He also requests prayer that the efforts in the ministry will be fruitful in the lives of those they touch with the Gospel message. (This is our message also!) The second letter is from Rich and Sally Johnson who minister in Hong Kong. I include this letter even after reporting from them last month. This months letter is full of praise and thankfulness for our supporting them in Hong Kong and saying they understand the economic times are hard and are ever more grateful for our continuing support. The numbers on an accounting sheet may change, but God never will. Please be at ease, we shall follow the Lord wherever and however He leads. They ask for prayer for Ms. Li, who has returned to the mainland to start a home church. The spiritual attacks from the enemy are many and they ask for spiritual wisdom, knowledge and discernment to submit to the Lord and withstand the enemy. Remember to pray for our missionariesas listed on the back of the weekly bulletin.! God bless our missionaries throughout the world and Tremont Temples missionary outreach! Lois Crosby, Missions Letter Writing leader

Mens Ministry News Invitation for all Men of TTBC, Every FIRST Saturday of each month, the Mens Bible Study group has been hosting a Prayer Breakfast for the men of the Church. We would really like YOU to join us on the first Saturday of May (May 5th), beginning at 9 am on the 7th floor. Come and bring your bible and your appetite to fellowship with other brothers in faith.! God bless you,

CHOIR MINISTRY THANK YOU! A very special THANK YOU to ALL those who participated in this years TABCOM Annual Gathering in So. Hadley, MA! Our FIRST Regional Choir was comprised of more than fifty singers from a variety of churches throughout the state, including our own TTBC Choirs. We sang three songs for the Saturday morning Worship Service on April 28th at the Second Baptist Church who hosted the event.

Rev Geoffrey Hicks

Rev Geoffrey Hicks