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Raspberry ripple bag Free pattern

Please note photo's and instuction video's are available on my blog http://handmadewithlovebytwinkle.blogspot.com/
Yippee!!! The pattern is finally ready, Id like to appologise for taking so long, life has'nt been going as inspected but ive finally managed to get it sorted and here it is....Please email me if you have any problems at all madebytwinkle@btinternet.com as this is my first pattern i cannot guarantee that it will be perfect but i do hope that you find it easy to follow and enjoy making up the bag. I will be adding another version of the bag that with have knitted handle's instead. Materials- 7mm needles, Bamboo handle's i used measure 12cm wide/ 12 1/2 cm high, 100g Scarf yarn of your choice i:e Rico can can, Knitting fever flounce, Katia Ondas etc. Please remember that all these scarf yarn's are different width's when opened...the yarn i used measure's 2.1/2" (6cm) when opened up....for yarns that are not as wide as this you'll need to knit into it across the secong from top row of hole's while if its the same or simmilar to the one ive used you need to knit into the hole's 1/4 from the top so the ruffle's sit right. Again any problems and im happy to help. Abbreviations- K-Knit, R-Ruffle's, G.st-Garter stitch, St(s)-Stitche(s) Tension- The tension varies as you can make the bag to suit the size you need but on this pattern the first 6 g.st rows measure 6" (15cm) wide 1.1/2" (4cm) high. NOTE- The bag is created by knitting with the yarn using 2 different tecniques, 1st = the g.st rows are worked by holding the yarn as you would hold any normal chunky yarn, 2nd = the ruffles are created by opening up the yarn to reveal the mesh and then knitting into the hole's of the mesh. (see picture's below) There's also video's to the side with video's to show you how to knit the ruffle's for those who dont already know...Hope this is helpful. The bag is worked as one piece starting and ending with the 6 rows of G.st using technique 1. Pattern Using 7 mm needles cast on 15 St(s) Row's 1-6 - (WS)..Working with the yarn held as technique 1, work in G.st for the 6 rows. Row's 7-10- Working with the yarn as tecnique 2, Work the next 4 rows as the R. 9 Try to keep your ruffle sts taught but not to tight. Row's 11-12- Working with yarn as technique 1, work 2 row's in G.st

Row's 13-24- Repeat the last 6 row's twice more, This complete's the front of the bag and the last 2 row's form part of the base along with the next 2 row's of the back. Row's 25-26- Repeat row's 11-12 Row's 27-30- Repeat row's 7-10 Row's 31-42- Repeat the last 6 row's twice more Row's 43-48- Repeat row's 1-6 ( This now complete's the bag panel) Cast off. Making up With the bag right side's back to back using a dk yarn of same or similar colour sew up the side seams of the bag, turn right side out and attach chosen handle's. Complete....As the ruffle's are on both side's then you shouldnt need to line the bag but it's entirely you'r preference.

2011 Made by Twinkle @ Handmadewithlove All rights reserved. Please don't copy my orginial designs to sell yourself. They are protected by copyright law... If you wish to sell the items made using my patterns for charity or fundraising please ask permission first also if you feature my patterns on your website then please link back to my site as the designer. Thanks so much, any other questions queries please dont hessitate to ask me im always happy to help. Happy knitting/Crocheting marie (Twinkle27)

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