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info Increases the Limits Granted for Payday Loans Online

Houston, TX, July 11, 2012 --(PR.com)-- In a bid to meet customers' needs more and keep them happy during emergencies, Payday-Online.info has raised the cap on the amounts that can be granted as payday loans online to some qualifying customers, especially those that have been customers for a long time. Generally, payday loans online range from $800 to $1,500 and $2,000 in some situations. However, Payday-Online.info has noticed that there are quite a number of people that need much larger amounts during cogent emergencies. The company is out to ensure that consumers in this category are not left out in the cold. To qualify for these larger amounts, customers must either be existing clients of Payday-Online.info or apply for their payday loans online. Existing customers without any previous case of default can be granted 50% to 70% of their monthly salary amount, regardless of how much it is. Though, this category of customers might be required to either present a post-dated cheque or a means of commitment from the Human Resource function at their work place. This is important as Payday-Online.info is deciding to grant a huge amount as an unsecured loan, so the company has to have some form of protection also. New customers that wish to apply for payday loans above the regular cap can only get 30% to 50% of their monthly salary when these amounts are above the limit. The will be required to provide a post-dated cheque in addition to all the other requirements for accessing payday loans online. Consumers are urged to try out these new offerings from Payday-Online.info when in real need for emergency cash. The company would like to advise that all relevant documentation that can support applications for these amounts be uploaded during the online application as this will make it easier to get approvals for loans in good time. Payday-Online.info is one of the leading providers of payday loans to consumers across America. The company tries to ensure that its loans are not only a source of profit but also a means of providing positive social impact to those in need. Need fast cash loans? Welcome to the website: http://payday-online.info

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