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The Byzantine Empire, 1025-1204 A political history Second Edition Michael Angold an ly nu id ec a i ea! Conan tape wold Ciara ih 1 ee et oe pei a sree el poral Bete i awe ne ‘A calpr rh bak w o h ey ‘i gC ae a sei het ie Contents Ei 9 Roy Pots et Eton rfc Send Editon 1 Note the Tenn ofthe Grek Tnwodueson: The Soures Past 1 1025-1 Tnoduction: Recent Work (1025-1118) asl and is Legacy Byzsoam’s Place nthe Weeld, 1025-1071 so te Wee Byzantium 1041-1071: the Search for & New Palieal Oxér Ezonomy and Soy in Eleventh ceatury Byzantium ‘The Bye Bape, 1204 6. Intec Currents in Elevenh-centcyByzanium 8. Alias 1 Comments and the Restaton of the Enpiee Jobs ilo ‘tan oa prion 9. Alexas 1 Coamenas and the West Pare 1118-1206 1. teoduction: Recene Work 1118-1204) 1, Joba Coren (11 12, The Foctign Ply of Manvel 1 Coments thecti80) ‘rem and the mer aes mtu nd he Sage Mansel Comnenas andthe Latins 14, The Government of Manuel I Cones (1148-1180) Cou, Church, and Police 15. Capital and Provinces 16, Byransam 1180-1203 the Fare ofthe Conoesian Stn lane Anon 185-185 ‘ef dein pe 17, The Fall of Constantinople ad the Fourth Cus Append: amily Tres ices nee