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Brand Building & Personal Selling Activities of Kingfisher PDW & SODA

A Study Project Submitted to Sinhgad Institute of Management &computer Application Narhe Pune in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Post graduate diploma in management

2008 2010


Sinhgad Institute of Management & Computer Application

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INTRODUCTION Executive summary

The project entitled to me was Brand Building Activities & personal Selling Activities for Kingfisher packaged drinking water & soda. For designing any marketing strategy you should know about your product, your market and your customer but what makes the strategy works better is the knowledge of your consumers buying behaviour. To understand the behaviour of consumer we should know the factor which influence the consumer behaviour, so that I made a model of consumer behaviour. The model shows the whole scenario of the consumer behaviour. . The main objective of this project is 1. To do comparative analysis of the different players exist in the market. 2. Visibility Market share of all the players. 3. To make aware the retailer of Sales Promotion activities. 4. To study about complain of the retailers regarding to kingfisher products . 5. To study the impact on sale when offer is given to Retailers by the Kingfisher.

The analyzed data was later converted into form of graphs such as pie chart, bar diagram, histograms etc. this was to make result easy by going through the report. This also made it easy to draw conclusion from this research and provide presentable format of the report.

Need for the study

As we know there are various brands in the market and the level of competitive is very high so it is necessary to study on various facts these are such as-

1. Evaluate the performance of products and comparative study of products. 2. Demand analysis of various products. 3. TO know the market share of various products. 4. To know the customers problems and find out the solutions. 5. To improve brand awareness.

Statement of the Problem

Analyses market of kingfisher package drinking water and soda in Jaipur city & identify the problem faced by retail outlet.
1. Delivery problem faced by the existing retailer. 2. Many retailer faced problem regarding to bottle material and design of product is not attractive. 3. Relationship problem with the dealer & distributer. 4. Offer and margin related problem with the retailer. It is given or not properly.

Objective of the project

The main objective of the project is to study consumer behavior and designing & implementing new marketing strategies and studying the impact of strategic plan for different schemes, which is given to retailers and end-users or customers of Kingfisher to increase the sale of its Products. 1. To do comparative analysis of the different players exist in the market. 2. Visibility Market share of all the players. 3. To make aware the retailer of Sales Promotion activities. 4. To study about complain of the retailers regarding to kingfisher products. 5. To study the impact on sale when offer is given to Retailers by the Kingfisher.

Scope of the project

1. To help in make awareness of the brand and know about company position in competitive market. 2. To help in create product demand in the market. 3. To help in improve supply and sale of products of kingfisher. 4. To help in improve product design and offer or margin of product against its competitors.

5. To help in improve relation with the retailers.

Company Profile

United Breweries Group or UB Group, based in Bangalore, is a conglomerate of different companies with a major focus on the brewery (beer) and alcoholic beverages industry. The company markets most of its beer under the Kingfisher brand and has also launched Kingfisher Airlines, a domestic airline service in India. The group is headed by Dr.Vijay Mallya who is also a member of the Indian Parliament. United Breweries now has a near-monopoly over the Indian brewing market, thanks to its recent takeover of the rival Shaw-Wallace company. The group owns the Mendocino Brewing Company in the United States.

The UB Group was founded by a Scotsman, Thomas Leishman in 1857. The Group took its initial lessons in manufacturing beer from South Indian based British breweries. At the age of 22, Vittal Mallya was elected as the company's first Indian director in 1947. After a year, he replaced R G N Price as the chairman of the company. UB Group's headquarters in Bangalore, IndiaUnited Breweries made its initial impact by manufacturing bulk beer for the British troops, which was transported in huge barrels or "Hogsheads". Kingfisher, the Group's most visible and profitable brand, made a modest entry in the sixties.During the 1950's and 60's, the company expanded greatly by acquiring other breweries. First was the addition of McDowell as one of the Group subsidiaries, a move which helped United Breweries to extend its portfolio to wines and spirits business. Strategically, the Group moved into agro-based industries and medicines when Mallya acquired Kissan Products and formed a long-term relationship with Hoechst AG of Germany to create the Indian pharmaceutical company now known as Aventis Pharma , the Indian subsidiary of the global pharma major Sanofi-Aventis.

Present Status
Sales of the United Spirits Ltd. are expected to exceed 60 million cases during the fiscal year 2005-06 making the Group the third largest manufacturer of Spirits products in the world, only after Diageo PLC and Pernod Ricard. In addition, UBL is one of only three in the world to own seven millionaire brands and at least five brands rated by Drinks International, UK, to be amongst the ten fastest growing brands in the world in their respective categories. The market share of the Spirits Division in India is currently 60% and exports to the Middle East, Africa and Asian countries are growing rapidly. The UB Groups Brewing Enity - called United Breweries Limited (UBL) - has also assumed undisputed market leadership with a national market share in excess of 50%. Through a process of aggressive acquisition and market penetration, The UB Group today controls 60% of the total manufacturing capacity for Beer in India. The flagship brand, Kingfisher is now sold in over 52 countries worldwide having received many accolades for its quality. With plans to becoming a global player United Spirits Ltd. (USL), the flagship of the UB group, purchased the Scottish distiller Whyte and Mackay in May 2007 for 595 million (Rs. 4,800 crore). This would bring the brands of W&M like The Dalmore, Isle of Jura, Glayva, Fettercairn, Vladivar Vodka, and Whyte & Mackay Scotch under its portfolio. The UB group is also into manufacture of Fertilizers. The group company Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers ( MCF ) has factory at Panambur in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. The group entrance to the IT sector had also been marked by the formation of UBICS, Inc. The company provides IT consulting, services and professional IT products to business companies. In August 2007, the group made a first-of-its-kind media alliance for the promotion of NDTV Good Times, a lifestyle television channel run by NDTV. United spirits limited has 144 brands under its umbrella.

To be the recognized leader in our target markets. To be the preferred employer wherever we operate To recognize the value of our human assets. To become the partner of customers, suppliers. 9


Company name:Country/ territory:Address

Iceberg Foods Pvt. Ltd India 1006, Raheja Centre,Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Product or services:-







performed in28 pco neck in 24,27.7,42 & 48GM processed on husky injection molding system Business Type Industry focus:Manufacturer Packaging product stocks, packing related machinery Geographic market:No. of employee:Annual sales range(USD):Year established:Legal representative C.E.O world wide 11-50 USD 10million-25 million 1998 Bharat Shah

Iceberg Foods Ltd. is a 10 years old company in this industry and we are one of the leading company having all India rights for manufacturing & marketing packaged Drinking water with a brand name Kingfisher trademark owned by famous UBgroup & RC Cola trademark owned by Royal Crown Cola which third largest selling soft drink brand in the world with a presence in almost all the countries of the world. Our clients are spread all over the country. We are one of those few brands that have got ISI certification in Rajasthan and we are committed to supply pure and hygienic water. Our


packaged drinking water is manufactured under perfect hygienic conditions as per ISI Standards and we have been consistent in supplying Quality product to all our customers. We have one of the best distribution infrastructures in the business to provide timely services to all our vendors. We have around 110 distributors all over the Rajasthan who are further supplying our stocks to thousands of retailers than to our end users.

Purity and safety are two major factors taken care in sourcing and processing of Kingfisher water. Underground spring is carefully selected based on its portability and pathogen free water. Great care goes in tapping this source. Only water below 25 meters is tapped. This is to avoid any surface contamination to percolate and mix with underground water source. Area surrounding the water collection tube at the surface is protected and kept clean.

Control Limit Parameter Ph level Hardness Calcium Alkalinity T.D.S. Chloride Resi chloride Ozone Standered 6.5-8.5 -75 200 500 200 0.2 --P.D.W. limit 7.0-7.5 30-40 15-25 20-40 90-110 30-40 Nil 0.3-0.5

Type of test done in lab:11


SAND FILTER:- it check hard particles in water. Particles of size 10mm-1mm. it

consists of different type of sands used as filters.

CARBON FILTER:- following things are checked by this filter-chlorine of

Antisclant dosing tank MEMBERANE:- it contain different types of filter size -0.011mm,the main work

of this filter is to make water totally clean of solid particles.



The casing tube itself is protected with stainless steel mesh to give a preliminary filtration to the water. Ultra filtration gives water reduction in turbidity and adds sparkle activated carbon purifier to remove color and odour in water. Reverse osmosis membrane has porosity of less than 0.01 micron the process renders water free o micro-organisms and also reduces dissolved solids. 12

To ensure Kingfisher packaged drinking water is held safe free from contaminations, ultraviolet treatment and ozonisation process is carried out. Ozone is unstable trivalent oxygen, a very powerful bactericide with no side effect, as it disintegrates into oxygen within couple of hours. Sterilization effect of ozonised water continues even after water is packaged, thereby ensuring safety of Kingfisher up to its final packing. To ensure high quality of packing materials, components like caps and bottles are manufactured in-house from resins of quality suppliers.

To make sure that the product that reaches the consumer is always high quality and also meets international standards; Kingfisher has always been involved in improving its product packaging. One such recent development is the tamper proof break away seal. Kingfisher also recognizes the need to produce environment friendly products and is working on the PET project.

To ensure purity of the bottled water, the bottles that are used are blown and filled at the factory itself, to avoid contamination.


Kingfisher is extremely conscious of environmental issues, since PET bottles are not biodegradable and not easy to dispose. The company is currently working on the PET recycling project, where they will collect bottles from various places, crush and shred them. This shredded material will then be made into ropes, PET containers for the non-food industry and other PET items like polyester fiber, flower vase, gift items etc. Production: 60,000 to 70,000 bottles per day.


Our product comes in a wide range of packages like 200ml, 250ml, 500 ml, 1ltr, 2 ltr, 5 ltrs, 20 ltrs & 600ml & 1.5 ltr Soda. Our packaged drinking water is bottled in fully automatic plant with reverse osmosis, ozonization & ultra filtration process. Along with latest pesticides removal system through activated carbon filtration process as per EU norms. It is understood that throughout India 90% of the stress related diseases are caused due to consumption of contaminated food & water. We process water at our plant with the most modern, high tech equipment sodium filtration resulting in not only healthy but also sweeter packaged drinking water. Our packaged drinking water is processed and packed in a sophisticated and chemical free plant to maintain highest level of hygiene. Our packaged drinking water is manufactured under a very strict in house quality control system, ensuring that what you drink is what nature intended.


Distribution network
We have a distribution network consisting of three levels between the company to C&F and then to the consumers, i.e. Distributors and retailers. Plant supplies directly to the C&f and then to the distributors from where it generated its primary sales. We have 108 Distributors that are scattered all over Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is divided into 5 zones:





In each zone all cities of that area are covered. In each city at least one distributor is present.


Sales Department
We have following sales staff in Rajasthan Sales team: Regional Sales Manager Area Sales Manager Sales Coordinator Senior Sales Executives Sales Executives

One Two One Three Seven

Kingfisher Sales department along with the Names and Duties of each staff member is given below.


R.S.M. Mr. Mayur Tiwari

A.S.M. Mr. R.S.Rathore

A.S.M. Mr. Surander

Se. Sales Exe. Mr. Kamal Jain

Sales Coordinator Miss Suniti Gupta

Se. Sales Exe. Mr. Arvind Sony

Sales Exe. Mr.Deppak

Se. Sales Exe. Mr. Anvar Bhati

Sales Exe. Mr. Vinod

Sales Exe. Mr.Kuldeep

Sales Exe. Mr.Hari

Sales Exe. Mr. Ratan

Sales Exe. Mr.Sandeep

Sales Exe. Mr. Bhagvan

Research Methodology
1. Steps in research design process:2. Research Design & Sample:3. Research instrument:4. Data source: - Primary data Secondary data 5. Research plan Area 17

Sample size Respondents Method of collection

1. research design Process

Define the research problem Research problem definition involves specifying the information needed by management. Type of Research & Design Descriptive research is characterized by a high degree of flexibility tends to rely on convenience sample. Select the data collection method (s) Survey research, information directly from respondents shops. Select the measurement technique Questionnaires, instrument for asking information directly from a respondents on the basis of question asked by interviewer. Select the sample (primary considerations) 18

Population, sample frame, sampling unit, sampling method (non-probability),Sample size, sample plan, and execution. Select the analytical approach Data analysis involves converting a series of recorded observations into descriptive statement and/ or inferences about relationships. Evaluate the ethics of research Ethically sound research considers the interests of the general public, the respondents, the clients, and the research profession as well as those of the researcher. Estimate time and financial cost Time refers to the time needed to complete the project. The financial requirement is the monetary representation of personal time, computer time, and material requirements.

2.Research Design & Sample:Descriptive research is characterized by a high degree of flexibility tends to rely on convenience sample.

3. Research Instruments:A questionnaire consists of a set of questions presented to respondent for their answers. Because of its flexibility, the questionnaire by far the most common instrument used to collect the primary data. Marketing researchers distinguish between open end and closed end questions. Closed end questions pre specify all the possible answers, and respondents make a choice among them. Open end questions allow respondents to answer in their own words. Open end questions often reveal more because they do not constrain respondents answers. RETAILERS QUESTIONNAIRE: This questionnaire was designed for various retailers, which pass on these types of items to the ultimate customer.

4.Data Source:19

The plan calls for gathering both the secondary and primary data. Secondary data already exists, having been collected for some other purpose, while primary data consists of original information collected for the specific purpose. Primary data: In order to have first hand information to know the perception, preference and liking of the customers/consumers visiting various retail shops. All these persons are also interviewed to know their feelings and attitudes about the facilities (margins, discount) and the services (promotional and other benefits) that the company people provide them. Secondary data: for the project were collected from: Various publications on related subject. Various publications on the area of work. Newspapers, journals & Business Magazines.

5. Research Plan: Area: Since my research was pertaining to package drinking water and soda in retail counters of Jaipur markets. Therefore all the composite shops were included in the area of my research. Sample Size: There are about 30 composite shops in the different areas. On an average per area consumption is about 150-250 Carats of water and soda respectively. There were 10 areas we have visited in jaipur city. My sample size was about 300 composite shops. Respondents: I visited at least 25 counters of the respective areas. My respondents were the owner of the shops, salesman and Purchase or Food and Beverage Managers of different hotels. Method of collection: For the collection of the data I adopted questionnaire method. For that purpose I had prepared a questionnaire and went to the respondents with that. My research was related to " Brand Building Activities & personal Selling Activities for Kingfisher packaged drinking water & soda, so that at some places I faced a lot of problems in collection of data, therefore instead of questionnaire I adopted interview method so that I could make my


respondents feel easy. For appointment I used telephone and in case of shops I have taken special permission from the contractor to visit his shops.

Limitations of the study:

Though the detailed investigation is made in the present study, has got the following limitations.
1. This study is only for the jaipur city. So, the results may not be applicable to other areas.


This study is based on the prevailing brand building Activiyies with concern to retailers. But offers & margin change time to time. So flexibility is in the mind of retailers.

3. As per the population of the study is huge, the researcher has taken only 300 sample as retailer from whole jaipur city.

4. Research period is very less. It is only two months. 5. Retailers behavior change according offers, margin, delivery, payments and consumer demand. So retailers psychology is not certain.


Data Presentation & Analysis

1. Which brands of packaged drinking water & soda you sale at outlet currently?


Respondents (300 sample size) 186 216 234 144 72 132 69 141

Kingfisher Bisleri Bailey Aquafina Himalya Shree Mc dowells Intimate


Yes Haywards 5000

117 63

a stock sale by retail outlet(1 lit water)


stock sale by retail outlet(1 lit water)

78% 48% 24% 44% 23% 47%





39% 21%

Interpretation:There are 78% retailer sale bailleys 1 lit. Packed drinking water from their outlets and second is bisleri and third kingfisher which is sold 62% from the retail outlets. It should give some extra benefit to the retailer like its competitors.


(a) stock sale by retail outlet(2 lit.water)


Respondents (300 sample size) 159 183 228 117 135 81

Kingfisher Bisleri Bailey kinley Yash Mc dowells

stock sale by retail outlet(2 lit.water)

Series3 53% 61% Series1 76% Series2


45% 27%



76% retailers sale bailleys packed drinking water and second bisleri, it is 61% and kingfisher is 3rd regarding to the sale of packed drinking water of 2 lit. it is losing market share in 2 lit to its competitors.

(b) stock in retail outlet(5 lit. water)


Respondents (300 sample size) 153




stock in retail outlet(5 lit. water)

bisleri 49%

kingfisher 51%

Interpretation:There are 51% retailer sale kingfishers 5 lit. Packed drinking water from their outlets and second is bisleri which is 49%. In 5 lit., Kingfisher have good demand in the market. 26

The market share of kingfisher is attractive in 5 lit. of packed drinking water.


stock in retail outlet (20 lit. water)


Respondents (300 sample size) 90 126 84

Kingfisher Bisleri Bailey


stock in retail outlet (20 lit. water)

bailley 28%

kingfisher 30%

bisleri 42%

Interpretation:There are 42% retailer sale bisleris packed drinking water and second is kingfisher about 30%. Bailey is little bit back to the kingfishers retail sales. It is about 28%.

(d) stoke sale by retail outlet(1 lit. soda)



Respondents (300 sample size) 186 207 69 81 63 147

Kingfisher Lehar Kinley Hayeards 5000 Bisleri jayanti

stoke sale by retail outlet(1 lit. soda)

Series1 69% 62% 49% 27% Series2






haywards 5000



Interpretation:Approximate 69% retailers sale lehar soda of 1 lit. And kingfisher soda is good competitor of lehar soda. It attracts 62% of sale in 1 lit. Third is jayanti. It is local competitor of kingfisher. Cost of local product is less to the branded one.


(e) stock in retail outlet(1.5 lit. soda)


Respondents (300 sample size) 156 144

Kingfisher lehar

stock in retail outlet(1.5 lit. soda)

lehar 48%

kingfisher 52%

Interpretation:There is only two competitor in 1.5 lit. of soda in proposed area. In 1,5 lit. Soda, the kingfisher have 52% sale from the retail outlet while lehar soda 48% compair to the kingfisher 1.5 lit. Soda.


2. What is the monthly consumption of Package Drinking Water & soda? Consumption (monthly) Respondents (300 sample size) 147 84 42 27

Below 800 lit. 800-1600 lit. 1600-2400 lit. More than 2400 lit.

Monthly consumption rate of Water

Series1 Series2


28% 14% 9% Series2 Series1 Below 800 lit. 800-1600 lit. 1600-2400 lit. more than 2400 lit.


Most of retailer is small outlets & panwala. So 49% of monthly consumption is below 800 lit. and those who have consumption above 1600 lit monthly have specific location like railway station, bus stand and near to the circles.

3. Which type of complain do you feel regarding kingfisher packaged drinking water & soda? Complain about Respondents (300 sample size) 27 147 18 108

Quality Supply Payment Packaging

Retailer complain to kingfisher product

quality supply
49% 36%










Interpretation:The retailers are facing problem regarding to the supply of product because of small network of dealer and their supplier. Second complain regarding to the packaging. Packaging is not attracting to the customer. Other quality and payment is not problem for the company at all.

4. Are you satisfied with the supply facility of C&F with regard to final delivery?

Satisfaction to Supply

Respondents (300 sample size) 123




Retailer satisfaction of kingfisher's supply

yes 41% No 59%


Interpretation:59% of retailers say that tey are not satisfy to the supply of kingfisher due to small network of suppliers and dealer. and 41% say that they are satisfy to the supply. So company should take care of its supply to its competitors.

5. How is the customer response? Customer Response Respondents (300 sample size) 204 36 60

Positive Negative Neutral


Customer response by retailer

neutral 20% negative 12% positive 68%

Interpretation:It is customer response by the retailer of the kingfishers product. Most of customer 68% is positive about the product and brand. Rest of 20% are neutral and 12% customers are negative regarding to product.

6. Are you satisfied with the offers margin? Satisfy with offer Respondents (300 sample size) 165 60

Yes No


No Answere


Retailer satisfaction with offers

No answer 25% yes 55%

No 20%

Interpretation:Approximate 55% of retailers are satisfied with the offer given by the kingfisher. 25% say that they dont have opinion regarding to offers & margin and 20% of retailers say that they are not satisfied to offer & margin to its competitors.

7. Which company provides batter schemes? Products Respondents (300 sample size)


Kingfisher Bisleri Bailey Aquafina Shree Yash Intimate Himalaya

48 45 54 36 45 30 21 21

Which company provides batter schemes?

kingfisher shree
16% 15%

bisleri yash

bailley intimate
15% 10%

aquafina Himalaya

18% 12%



Interpretation:Most of retailer says that bailley provide good schemes to the retailer to its competitors but kingfisher also provide good schemes. Some local competitors not provide better schemes but they provide lower product cost to its competitors.




variety Quality Returns Design Features Brand name Packaging Sizes Services Warranties

Price List Price

Promotion Sales Promotion

Allowances Payment Period Credit Terms

Advertiseme nt
Sales Force Public relation Direct mkt.

Place Channels Coverage

Locations Inventory Transport

4Ps Product Price Place Promotion

4Cs Customer needs and wants Cost to the customer Convenience Communication


SWOT Analysis of Kingfisher as per Market Analysis

STRENGTHS Established name as company is operating since 1857 successfully, so has got a very strong customer loyalty.

WEAKNESSES The high price of 20 litre jars

We are unable to provide chilled water Poor after sale services Promotion of product is rare No stress on massive advertisement of the product. The company is having a small sales force with low morale and professionalism. Packaging of the product is not attractive. Poor distribution channels & irregular visit in the market. High price of 1ltr. Water as compared to the local players.

Brand image is very high than its competitors, its sales officers has got easy access within the corporate. Its purification process is very high than its competitors. Bottling for U B GROUP Limited. Company is enjoying the advantage of latest technology of production. Company is serving in all Rajasthan. Kingfisher is having its own depot at indore Low rates as compared to the nearest competitors like Bisleri, Aquafina, and Lehar,Bailley.


OPPORTUNITIES Wide market still remains unexplored

People are getting more health conscious Municipalities are supplying impure water. Strong brand image of Kingfisher also become USP for shops, offices, & institutes Persistent water scarcity Can increase its market shares by advertisements and aggressive marketing. Company can use more of its production capacity. Company has license to serve package drinking water in all over India so company can easily go for other states in order to tap the large unrepresented market. New services could be attached e.g. after sales services. More emphasize should be given to 2 ltr. Bottle as there is less no. of competitors.

THREATS Bisleri, Aquafina and other companies are serving packaged drinking water in all over India. Competition from other companies and well-established brands operating in the market. Consumers are becoming more brand loyal rather than quality conscious. Attractive schemes are provided by the competitors for their brand promotion. Public Relation & Promotional activities are inadequate in indore city. Eureka Forbes and Aqua guard are trying to capture the market. Local players like Esseau, Health plush narmada are growing at a very fast rate especially at bus stands and railway station area.


Recommendation & Suggestion

After sale services should be improved. Regular visit should be maintained for proper supply. Increase no. of distributors. More schemes should be launched by the company and organization. One week credit facility or one bill due system should be introduced. Sales promotion tools such as key chains, pens, banners, racks, note pads, stickers should be given to the retailers. Counters outside hospitals, cinema halls, at bus stands & at the tourists areas should be given special consideration. Packaging should be standardized & made attractive. Catering service providers should be taken care of.

We should focus on the costumer more than the retailer for that local advertisement would help us more like in local newspaper and magazines. We suggest you to organize some small camps like medical camps or some awareness camps to explain rural people that KINGFISHER is also a health caring stuff with mineral water under their belt.



While concluding this, I will agree that sales promotion activities help to increase the sales of the company. Kingfisher is carrying out different sales promotion activities like, special schemes to delight the customers, promotion through providing retailer POP etc. and they are getting positive response for their sales promotion activities. But these activities are not carrying for packaged drinking water, like Bisleri is doing . Kingfisher package drinking water is not present in all over India although Company has license to serve package drinking water in all over India, so, company can easily go for other states in order to tap the large unrepresented market. Kingfisher is not directly involved in production of package drinking water &soda , his frenchisee companys are doing this & using kingfisher logo. So,due to money they are not able to promote the product all over india as others are doing. Manufacturing is also not centralize From these studies it was found that there is an increase of sale. Kingfisher (PDW & SODA) customers and retailers are not fully satisfied with all the facilities provided by Kingfisher, except the brand name which is blinking in the mind of customers.



NAME OF THE OUTLET: Product variety


Quality ADDRESS -------------------------------------------------Returns Design -------------------------------------------------Features Brand name Packaging Sizes1. Which brands of packaged drinking water & soda you sale at outlet currently? Services Warranties

PACKAGED DRINKING WATER A. In 1 ltr: Kingfisher Bisleri Bailley Aquafina Shree Mcdowells Intimate Yash Himalaya Haywards 5000 B. In 2 ltr: Kingfisher Bailley Bisleri Kinley Yash Mcdowell's C. 5 ltr. Kingfisher Bisleri D. 20 ltr. Kingfisher Bisleri Bailley

PACKAGED DRINKING SODA A. In 500ml Kingfisher Lehar Kinley Haywards 5000 B. In 1.5 ltr. Lehar Kingfisher


Bisleri Jaynty

2. What is the monthly consumption of Package Drinking Water & soda? A. Water 1 2 3 4 below 800 lit. 800-1600 lit. 1600-2400 lit. more than 2400 lit. B. Soda 1 2 3 4 below 800 lit. 800-1600 lit. 1600-2400 lit. more than 2400 lit.

3. How much stock of each brand of packaged drinking water & soda you have currently?


4. What are the rates at which you are purchasing different brands of packaged drinking water & soda currently? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5. What are the different sales schemes given by the companies?



6. Which type of complain do you feel regarding kingfisher packaged drinking water & soda? 1) Packaging 2) quality 3) Supply 4) Payment

7. Are you satisfied with the supply facility of C&F with regard to final delivery? 1) Yes 2) No

8. How is the customer response about products? (1) Positive (2) Negative (3) Neutral

9. Are you satisfied with the offers margin? (1) Yes (2) No (3) No Answer

10. Which company provides batter schemes? 1) Kingfisher 5) Shree 2) Bisleri 6) Yash 3) Bailley 7) Intimate 4) Aquafina 8) Himalaya



Philip Kotler, Marketing Management, 11th Edition. www.kingfisherworld.com www.google.com Kothari C.R., Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques, 2nd Edition. Related Brochures, Promotion literatures, News papers and Magazines.



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