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working filmmakers series

Bill Birch, an Oregon alum, has

appeared in dozens of shows
such as Greys Anatomy and
CSI: Miami. He has moved into
screenwriting and has several
scripts in development, one
being One Finger Salute, with
Ryan Reynolds and Bradley
Cooper attached to star.
Greg Snyder graduated from the
University in 1992 with a degree
in Telecommunications and Film.
He has worked with Pixar
Animation Studios since 2001
when he joined as an assistant
editor on Monsters, Inc. He
contributed to last years Toy
Story 3 and edited the
accompanying short,
Day & Night.


David Armstrong
has an MFA in
from the American
Film Institute and
has been a member of the International Cinematographers Guild for more than 20
years. He was the cinematographer and key visual designer for all six films in the
SAW franchise and is currently trying his hand at directing.
an annual pro gram of informal talks
Stephanie Strahan, Arielle Sherman, Aimee Jankovec,
Richard Herskowitz, Montana Cavarra, and Larissa Ennis

cinema pacific
Cinema Pacific is an annual five-day film
festival in Eugene that exhibits the talent of
filmmakers from all over the Pacific Rim and
the U.S. West Coast. Each year centers on
a different nation. This crowd-drawing event
features everything from screenings and live
multimedia performances to symposiums
and art exhibitions.
Sponsored by:
UO Arts and
UO Academic
Supported by:
University Relations
Cinema Studies!
Festival Director Richard Herskowitz
launched Cinema Pacific at the
University of Oregon in 2010. Its
second year added yet another taste
of Hollywood glitz to Eugene!
adrenaline film project
Filmmaking is a chance
to live many lifetimes.
- Robert Altman

The Adrenaline Film Project

is only for the brave. In an
intense, high-pressure film
production workshop,
University students and
local filmmakers write,
shoot, and edit short films
in just 72 hours. Industry
professionals mentored
teams through the hectic
process, which culiminated
in a glorious screening,
awards ceremony, and after
party on the last night of
Cinema Pacific.
Jury Award
The Things You Do For Love
Lance Alton Troxel,
Konrad Wojcik,
Kyle Wallace
Viewers Choice
Cover Me
Dylan Sylwester,
Jonathan Wood,
Zach Shivers

Mentors Award
Last Night
Emma Salo, Krista Messer,
Brad Green

memorable collaborations
Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics & Ethnic
Studies: Esther Figueroa, Director, Jamaica for Sale
German and Scandinavian: Jorg Foth, Director
Romance Languages: Cine-Lit Conference
Romance Languages & Latin American Studies:
Roberto Brodsky, Writer, Machuca

Cinema Pacific Festival

Cinema Pacific: Sam Green,
Alex Gibney, Helen de Michiel,
Documentary filmmakers
English: Hollywoods Golden Age
Journalism and Communication:
Peter Snowdon, Documentarian

Cinema Pacific & Cultural Forum: Miguel Coyula
Comparative Literature & Russian and East
European Studies Center: Dawn Seckler, Asst.
Professor of Russian at Williams College
Honors College: Jon Else, four-time Emmy
Award winner and series producer and
cinematographer, Eyes on the Prize: Americas
Civil Rights Years
Folklore & Center for the Study of Women in
Society: Lisa Gilman, Grounds of Resistance
Education Studies: Eren McGinnis & Ari Luis
Palo, Producer and Director, Precious Knowledge