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aeneus bronze, copper colored aeruginosus bluish-green, like verdigris albus white albidus white albicans whitish amethystinus

violet-colored argenteus silvery argyraeus silvery atamasco stained or streaked with red ater, atra, atrum black atomarius speckled atratus blackened atropureus dark purple atrosanguineus dark blood red atroviolacens dark violet atrovirens dark green aurantiacus orange-red aureolus golden aureus gold auricomus gold-haired azureus azure, skyblue bruneus deep brown caeruleus cerulean, dark blue caesius bluish grey, light grey canarius canary yellow candidus pure white, shining canus off white, ash colored cardinalis cardinal red carminatus carmine red carneus flesh colored castaneus chestnut brown cerasinus cherry red cerinus wax colored, waxy cervinus fawn colored cheiri red flowered chloranthus green flowered chryseus golden yellow chrysoleucus gold and white chrystostomus golden mouthed cineraceus ashy, covered with grey hair cinereus ash grey cinnabarinus cinnabar red, vermilion cinnamomeus cinnamon brown citrinus citron colored coelestinus sky blue, celestial coracinus raven black corallinus coral red crocatus saffron yellow croceus saffron yellow, yellow cruentus bloody, blood red cupreatus copper colored cyaneus dark blue cypreus copper-like ebenus ebony black

eburneus ivory white erubescens blushing, turning red erythraeus red erythrocephalus red headed estriatus beautiful green color euchromus rust colored ferrugineus rust colored flammeus flame red flavescens yellowish, pale yellow flavidus yellow, yellowish flavovirens greenish yellow, yellow-green flavus yellow florealbo with white flowers fucatus painted, dyed fulgens shining, glistening fulgidus shining, glistening fulvidus slightly tawny fulvus tawny, brownish orange to reddish brown fumidus smoky grey fuscus brown, dusky, swarthy galanthus white colored, milky galbinus yellowish green griseus grey guttatus spotted, speckled haemanthus with blood red flowers hibernus green in winter holochrysus wholly golden hyacinthinus deep purplish blue hyalinus transparent, colorless ictericus yellowed, jaundiced ignescens fiery red immaculatus spotless, unblemished incanus light grey incarnatus pink, flesh colored isabellinus dirty yellow, tawny inquinans blemished, dirty, polluted laetesvirens bright or vivid green laetus bright, vivid lateritus dark brick red leucanthus white flowers leucophaeus dusky white leucoxylon white wood lilacinus lilac color limpidus clear, transparent (often used to describe water) lividus lead colored, bluish grey lucidus glittering, shining, clear maculatus spotted, blotched malvinus mauve margaritaceus pearl melanocentris black at the center mesoleucus with a white central stripe micans sparkling, shiny, shining miniatus cinnabar red, vermilion niger, nigra, nigrum black

nitens, nitidus shiny, glossy, polished nivalis, niveus white, snowy ochraceus reddish yellow ochroleucus yellowish white, buff palliflaveus pale yellow pavoninus peacock blue phaeus dusky, dark, brown phoenicus Tyrian red, purple red piceus dark as pitch, black plumbeus lead colored porphyreus purple prasinus grass green pullus dark, raven black puniceus crimson ravus tawny grey refulgens shining, reflecting light rubens, ruber red rubicundus, rubicund red rufescens light red, almost red rufus red, reddish russatus reddish, russet rutilans red, becoming red sanguineus bloody, blood red scariosus not green, shriveled sempervirens evergreen, always green senilis white haired smaragdinus emerald stramineus straw colored subcaerulus slightly blue sulphureus sulfur colored testaceus light brown, brick colored tinctus dyed vernus of spring, therefore green violaceus violet violacens light violet virens green virescens light green viridescens pale green viridifuscus green brown viridis green viridulus greenish xanthinus yellow