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Suicide Bomber Strikes Damascus' Main Judicial Building, Killing Dozens

Editor's Note: The following images contain graphic content. Suicide bombers attacked a judicial building and a restaurant in Damascus on Wednesday, killing more than two dozen people as the country marked the sixth anniversary of its civil war. In one attack, a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside the main judicial building in the capital city. The Associated Press reports that a man arrived at the gates of the Palace of Justice with grenades and a shotgun. Guards stopped him and seized those weapons, but when they attempted to search him, the man threw himself inside the building and
The Atlantic
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The Denationalization of American Muslims

On March 6, the zoning board in Bayonne, New Jersey, turned down a request to convert an old warehouse into a mosque. Such denials are happening with increasing frequency in the United States. In the 10 years between 2000 and 2010, the Justice Department intervened seven times against local communities that prevented Muslims from building mosques or other religious institutions. In the six years between 2010 and 2016, that number jumped to 17. At the zoning board meeting, one woman called Islam a “so-called religion.” Residents claimed the Muslim Brotherhood would control the mosque. The Faceb
Popular Science
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How to Build a Steam-Powered Cannon Invented by Da Vinci

MIT Da Vinci’s Architronito A selection from Paris Manuscript B, in which Da Vinci sketched his plans for the Architronito Leonardo da Vinci, best known to modern audiences as an artist and Renaissance man, actually made his living as a military engineer. Da Vinci designed a number of highly original weapons, filling his notebooks with drawings and sketches for devices such as the first flintlock rifle, a 135-foot-wide rock-throwing catapult, and a rapid-firing repeater crossbow. One of his most interesting concepts was a steam-powered cannon. Da Vinci called this invention the Architronito (w
The Glass Castle
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A triumphant exposé…

With millions of copies sold and a film on the way, reporter Walls’s memoir is a triumphant exposé on the one subject she knows best: her dysfunctional family.