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The New York Times
4 min read

The Paradox of Mexico's Mass Graves

IS THE VIOLENCE SIMPLY A HORRENDOUS CRIME PROBLEM, OR IS IT AN ACTUAL WAR? VERACRUZ, Mexico — The Colinas de Santa Fe neighborhood on the outskirts of this port city looks like hundreds of other residential housing developments built across Mexico in recent decades. Streets are lined with identical brick homes — bungalows with two bedrooms, painted pink, blue or green and advertised as being close to a shopping mall. Yards are cluttered with children’s bikes, basketball hoops and satellite dishes. But on the edge of the estate, investigators announced in March, fields for grazing cattle hid th
The Atlantic
2 min read

The Australian Woman Killed by Police in Minneapolis

Justine Damond called police just before midnight Saturday to report a possible assault in the alley behind her home. Two officers responded in a squad car and, the Star Tribune reported, Damond went to the driver’s door in her pajamas; the officer in the passenger seat fired, killing her. The death of the 40-year-old Australian woman who was due to be married next month prompted global outrage as well as questions on why the officers hadn’t turned on their body cameras in line with the department’s rules. Minneapolis Police officials say they’re looking into the shooting and released a short
The Atlantic
3 min read

The Burqini Debate's Irresolvable Tension

When I wrote a largely personal, impressionistic piece last week about the burqini, it elicited one of the most charged reactions I’ve seen about anything I’ve written. The piece—or at least one reaction to the piece—went viral. The subtitle (“Is there any right way to react to the burqini?”) bothered many readers, who felt that even posing the question left open the possibility that it might be answered incorrectly. In the piece itself, I defended the right of women to wear whatever they want wherever they want to, as I long have. But the burqini (along with the headscarf and the face veil) i