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Philosophy Bites

Philosophy Bites

Philosophy Bites

310 épisodes de podcast


top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics

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Steven Nadler on Spinoza on Free Speech

Spinoza was famously heretical in his views. No surprise then that he defended free exp...

18 minutes
May 18, 2021

Suki Finn on the Metaphysics of Nothing

What is the status of something that is an absence, like a hole? Suki Finn explores the...

19 minutes
Mar 08, 2021

Peter Salmon on Derrida on Deconstruction

Jacques Derrida was a controversial philosopher whose writing could be fiendishly diffi...

22 minutes
Feb 18, 2021

David Bather Woods on Schopenhauer on Compassion

Arthur Schopenhauer is best known for the deep pessimism of his book The World as Will ...

24 minutes
Jan 10, 2021

Samantha Rose Hill on Hannah Arendt on Pluralism

Hannah Arendt's experience of the Eichmann trial in 1961 led her to reflect on the natu...

20 minutes
Dec 06, 2020

David Edmonds on Undercover Robot

David Edmonds has co-authored a children's book, Undercover Robot. Here in this bonus e...

12 minutes
Nov 28, 2020

Steven Nadler on Spinoza on Death

Baruch Spinoza was perhaps most famous for his equation of God with Nature - a view tha...

19 minutes
Nov 12, 2020

Kate Manne on Misogyny and Male Entitlement

In this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast Cornell philosopher Kate Manne discusse...

21 minutes
Oct 04, 2020

Liam Bright on Verificationism

Verificationists believe that every meaningful statement is either true by definition o...

27 minutes
Sep 16, 2020

David Edmonds on Wittgenstein's Poker

For this special episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast (produced under lockdown) Nige...

17 minutes
Jul 07, 2020