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Bucci Radio

Bucci Radio

Bucci Radio

238 épisodes de podcast


Welcome to a deep dive into Self-Discovery, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, and Spirituality with host, Amanda Bucci, and some of the top experts on these topics.

Épisodes 1 - 10 sur 238 épisodes


237: Pick Your Path Based On Your Core Nature and Skillset with Ashley Stahl

Can you get paid to be you? The foundation of your career path is figuring out how to h...

61 minutes
Jan 26, 2021

236: Becoming a Masterful Coach with Alyssa Nobriga

In the current state of the coaching industry, we are being called towards a new way of...

59 minutes
Dec 03, 2020

235: Behind the Scenes of the Entrepreneurial Archetype with Founders Josh Hamilton & Amanda Bucci

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs get stuck doing things they think they SHOULD be doing, when ...

82 minutes
Nov 24, 2020

234: Self-Sovereignty and Breaking Free from Generational Healing with Psychotherapist Nicole Nowparvar

If no one cared how you lived your life, how would you live it? In American culture, in...

58 minutes
Nov 10, 2020

233: The Embodied Launching Plan - Execute Calm, Grounded Launches Without The Emotional Rollercoaster

When launching a new course or program, what you’re really doing is birthing a new vers...

33 minutes
Nov 03, 2020

232: Self-Sovereignty, Conscious Relating, and the Feminine and Masculine with Sarinia Bryant

Every single person at the end of the day wants to feel truly loved. We all want to kno...

63 minutes
Oct 27, 2020

231: Embodied Leadership Through Healing & Spiritual Connection with Devi Brown

We are currently living in the age of the “Expert;” where everyone is an authority, but...

62 minutes
Oct 20, 2020

230: Is Racism a Mental Illness? with Psychotherapist April Harter

As the 2020 Anti-Racism movement has progressed, people across the world are awakening ...

72 minutes
Oct 13, 2020

229: Healing Your Archetypal Shadows

We don’t want to relate to darkness as bad or negative. As much as we want to be “high-...

44 minutes
Sep 29, 2020

228: Business Relationship Dynamics, Sex & Psychedelics with Erin Dimond & Jordan Dugger

Honesty and authenticity allows you to find your tribe, so long as you open yourself up...

73 minutes
Sep 22, 2020