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LSE: Public lectures and events

LSE: Public lectures and events

LSE: Public lectures and events

441 épisodes de podcast


The London School of Economics and Political Science public events podcast series is a platform for thought, ideas and lively debate where you can hear from some of the world's leading thinkers. Listen to more than 200 new episodes every year.

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How to Reform the WTO? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Ambassador Dr Jesus Seade, Sir Vince Cable, Dr Swati Dhingra, Piroska Nagy ...

93 minutes
Jul 20, 2020

Against the System: anger, belonging and the crisis of liberalism [Audio]

Speaker(s): Eric Lonergan, Martin Sandbu, Professor Lea Ypi | Recent elections in the a...

89 minutes
Jul 14, 2020

Prospects for the UK Economy and Public Spending After COVID-19: new austerity or a new economy? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Stephanie Flanders, Professor Stephen Machin, Dr Gemma Tetlow | The UK gove...

87 minutes
Jul 10, 2020

Debt Relief and Africa During COVID-19: the global response [Audio]

Speaker(s): Mma Amara Ekeruche, Professor Anna Gelpern, Eric LeCompte, Dr Shirley Yu, ...

91 minutes
Jul 09, 2020

Is big data good for our health? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Stephen L. Roberts, Dr Leeza Osipenko, Professor Barbara Prainsack, Dr J...

39 minutes
Jul 08, 2020

Policies to Fight the Pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean [Audio]

Speaker(s): Dr Eric Parrado Herrera, Dr Victoria Nuguer, Dr Andrew Powell, Professor An...

89 minutes
Jul 07, 2020

Impact: reshaping capitalism to drive real change [Audio]

Speaker(s): Sir Ronald Cohen | Envision a world that moves in only one direction: forwa...

58 minutes
Jul 06, 2020

Strategic Climate Litigation: insights from global experience [Audio]

Speaker(s): Irum Ahsan, Michael Burger, Lord Carnwath, Dr Joana Setzer, James Thornton ...

86 minutes
Jul 03, 2020

From Rulership to Leadership: Early lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic [Audio]

Speaker(s): María Antonieta Alva, Gordon Brown, Lindiwe Mazibuko, Zhu Min, Professor Va...

123 minutes
Jul 02, 2020

COVID-19: the impact on the UK's ethnic minority populations [Audio]

Speaker(s): Professor Kehinde Andrews, Dr Miqdad Asaria, Professor Lucinda Platt, Ross ...

86 minutes
Jul 01, 2020