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The FujiCast: Photography Podcast

The FujiCast: Photography Podcast

The FujiCast: Photography Podcast

187 épisodes de podcast


Kevin Mullins and Neale James present The FujiCast Photography Show, a podcast for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Featuring special photographer guests, gear reviews, Fujifilm camera tips and your questions.

Épisodes 1 - 10 sur 187 épisodes


#186 Turn that video button on! And USED X-T3 or NEW X-T4?

Kev awaits his new monitor, but will it arrive? We talk about the affect others’ photog...

82 minutes
Jun 21, 2021

#185 Kev's getting wed! Photographer needed? And buy yourself an X100V!

The boys are back in town… cue the song! This week the astounding news that Kev is gett...

81 minutes
Jun 14, 2021

#184 Living a Photographic Story and What Makes Us Successful?

Neale is taking a well-earned break, so Gemma joins Kevin at the helm as they steer the...

65 minutes
Jun 07, 2021

#183 It’s time to MAKE YOUR BOOK! and tackling ‘Uncle Bob'

Kev considers how he no longer has time to be a photographer now his radio career is li...

73 minutes
May 31, 2021

#182 Swapping from Nikon and what is fine art photography?

Kev is luxuriating in Bunker Malmesbury, Neale is in the studio, though it’s business a...

72 minutes
May 24, 2021

#181 Deleting 100K Instagram subscribers! And naturist wedding shooters apply here!

Kev and Neale release a little more about their forthcoming July documentary photograph...

67 minutes
May 17, 2021

#180 No more corporate hamster wheel! & X100 heaven

Kev laments his first radio faux pas, we talk about sound being a vehicle for your pict...

73 minutes
May 10, 2021

#179 Calling FRIENDS OF THE SHOW and UFO capture?!

The most left field question for an entire season; what settings would you use to captu...

56 minutes
May 03, 2021

#178 Self publish YOUR stories and websites in an Instagram age

The boys are reunited after months of Skype separation, in the studio! This week, embra...

65 minutes
Apr 26, 2021

#177 Dangling off the Brooklyn Bridge and shhh, new camera rumours?

Kev’s Jedi training is almost complete as he starts his own Internet radio show, we tal...

65 minutes
Apr 19, 2021