#24: Practicing Awareness to Live Your Best Life with Dr. Dan Siegel

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#24: Practicing Awareness to Live Your Best Life with Dr. Dan Siegel

De Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit

Longueur: 69 mins=


Host: Dhru PurohitGuest: Dr. Dan SiegelWhat kind of person would you be if you were calmer, more centered, kinder, and relaxed? Do you think you would feel better about yourself and your relationships with others...make different decisions...be more loving? The golden ticket to living your best life is within reach for every single human, and, best of all, it's free.Today, mindfulness expert, psychiatrist, and professor Dr. Dan Siegel and our host Dhru have a noteworthy conversation about the awareness the brain is capable of, including tips on implementing the Wheel of Awareness as a daily practice, and how that can impact our lives from day to day and also in the long-term.Starting with an awareness practice, this conversation is one you’ll want to be present for. Dr. Siegel also describes how the attention we give to certain thoughts can stimulate new neural connections, the science behind the changes in the brain when one is aware, and even gives you a glimpse into his daily awareness routine.In this episode, we dive into:-Opening awareness practice (2:40)-Is awareness more important today? (6:07)-What is the opposite of awareness? (8:38)-Creating new brain wiring (11:30)-Reducing reactions with awareness (16:20)-Science of awareness in our brains (18:35)-The Wheel of Awareness (21:57)-Why your morning routine matters (27:31)-Integrating practices into your life (33:12)-How did Dr. Siegel get here? (46:30)-Awareness leading to kindness, gratitude, and joy (53:15)-Movement - Dr. Siegel’s love of dance (1:06:43)-Where to find Dr. Siegel’s work (1:07:47)
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