NSCA’s Coaching Podcast, Episode 43: Greg Haff

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NSCA’s Coaching Podcast, Episode 43: Greg Haff

De NSCA’s Coaching Podcast

Longueur: 20 mins=


Greg Haff, former President of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), current course coordinator for post graduate studies in strength and conditioning at Edith Cowan University, and Senior Associate Editor for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, talks to the NSCA’s Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Scott Caulfield, about his journey through strength and conditioning and his efforts to progress the field during his time as president of the NSCA. Topics under discussion include: his years being NSCA Board of Director President, the future of the profession, how he got involved in the NSCA, key traits of icons in the field, traits for potential incoming students, and how to get into sports science.Show Notes “To be great sport scientists, we have be great sport coaches.” 3:28
“Accreditation of schools, I think, is a game changer for the profession.” 4:25
“Blending the feeling, the coaching, the science, is what this change is designed to do.” 6:45
“That challenge will make them better.” 6:56
“Do good work and everything else falls in line.” 13:29
“I think of sports science as a relationship with coaches.” 14:06
“I’m not looking for the smartest guy or gal in the room, I’m looking for passion and work ethic.” 17:29
“For me, the weight room has always been the microcosm of life. It really reveals character.” 17:54
“Coaching is communication.” 22:18
“Choose mentors who you truly want to be the people to guide you.” 23:45
“That’s the amazing thing about the NSCA and the professionals here is that they’re so approachable.” 24:36
“We’ve got to keep evolving the training of strength coaches.” 26:38
“It’s a lot tougher now with all the noise from social media to really know which information is correct.” 27:05
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