#75 Heavy Metal Bulletproof with Mark Hunter

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#75 Heavy Metal Bulletproof with Mark Hunter

De Bulletproof Radio

Longueur: 55 mins=


What’s better than sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll? Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll and Bulletproof® coffee, perhaps?
On episode #75 of Bulletproof Radio heavy metal biohacker and front man of the band Chimaira, Mark Hunter, gives us an inside look at living like a rock star and being Bulletproof. It was great to get to hear about how Mark got turned on to the Bulletproof lifestyle and what he does to stay optimal as a performer. You’ll learn about Mark’s works to help people live a better life, how coffee affects his music, and why sexual abstinence can help you attract more women! This is a down to earth conversation with a hardcore fan and a crazy talented musician. Please enjoy!

Mark Hunter is the vocalist and founding member of Cleveland-based metal band Chimaira. Mark has been a professional musician for 15+ years with more than a million records sold. He is a producer, blogger, float tank enthusiast, biohacker, and newly found wellness coach. After losing over 40 pounds on the Bulletproof® Diet, Mark has helped his mother lose over 120 pounds and recover from type-2 diabetes. Links on where to find out more about Mark and Chimaira can be found in this episode's blog post at http://bulletproofexec.com. 
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